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Submitted by Wiiloveit 1107d ago | review Crashmo - 3DS Download Review

"As the pace of life can sometimes put a strain on our cognitive abilities, it's very compelling to settle in with a complex brain teaser at your leisure. Besides just the process of exercising your mental gears and wires like a gymnast, when you, after building your confidence levels, finally arrive at a solution without outside help, it serves as a positive reinforcement of your own intelligence. While demonstration of such growth may not always be firmly tangible, the purity of this development and the resulting jolt of satisfaction are. In discussing this matter of riddling methodologies, association if often made with mainstream channels, such as crosswords and the like. But this process isn't limited to these methods. No, even some groups of videogames acquire a similar magnetism. Those that are executed magnificently go beyond a base tier and reach to unparalleled heights in their composition. Crashmo is one such game." -- (3DS, Crashmo) 93/100

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