Dead Space 3 has a mid-game twist and “did not change the formula”: Interview with John Calhoun


"'Some people said, no I just couldn't take it, it's unrelenting, it was gory, it was just too much.'

Whilst it was an extremely intense session in a chilly room decked out with a fake-white snow carpet I had the chance to speak with John Calhoun producer on Dead Space 3.

In the 13 minute interview I got a better understanding of a developers point of view regarding backlash from consumers regarding the game's change of direction and a delved a little deeper in the thought process of including certain features in the 3rd installment of this popular franchise."

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BadCircuit2145d ago

A very enlightening interview actually. He addresses the controversy well.

Welshy2145d ago

Glad to hear his response regarding series fans concerns, but i seriously wish twists weren't revealed to you...

No matter how little, knowing a twist is coming makes you look for it and less surprised when it happens.

*Resistance 3 spoilers!* The Prison section in R3 would have been a wash out and had way less impact if i was told the whole game changes half way through practically.

Conzul2144d ago

I was a Resistance 3 Day 1, so I got there spoiler free and it actually *was* a great twist.

I love twists.

DeusExer2145d ago

Eager to see the final result for myself when I get my hands on the game.

gaminoz2145d ago

It's interesting how he said that at E3 they have to show a part of the game that isn't necessarily representative of the game as a whole.

It does give certain impressions.

The microtransactions explanation also makes sense. You can earn the gear in-game if you want for free. Makes sense to me.

Proeliator2145d ago

I'm looking forward to the coop...

skyrim2145d ago

Very well spoke hopefully that gets some people to not be so upset about the game i cant wait myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.