Sony, Microsoft Could Make Billions if Chinese Ban is Lifted

While Apple, Samsung and Google are free to ship their devices nearly anywhere, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been prevented from selling their most successful hardware items — video game consoles — in China. That could change in the near future.

According to China Daily USA, Chinese authorities are reconsidering their decision to ban game consoles in 2000.

The ban, which has prevented the legal sales of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and other game consoles, was implemented after seven Chinese ministries concluded that video games could potentially harm the physical and mental development of children.

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flankhim2122d ago

Nah. They will just re-manufacture counterfeit systems with worse quality.

PirateThom2122d ago

This isn't like the NES where they can mess about with a lock out chip.

2122d ago
flankhim2122d ago


Another chinese post!

blackbeld2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )


Finally they lift that crazy ban.

Chinese folks also deserve some entertainment not only hard labor. They work to much more then 10hours a day. Chill out please.

Daoshai2122d ago


Actually China only allows a maximum of 48hrs a week. The average is 44 hours I believe. I'm from Nippon where a lot of workers end up with many more hours, but I believe that is changing now.

The ban is more about keeping the public sheltered than depriving them of entertainment.

Bereaver2122d ago

Well, I live in Shanghai and I've said it many times before.

You can already buy 360's and PS3 anywhere you want pretty much. Just because it's "Illegal" doesn't mean you can't buy it. They don't really enforce the law. Take a look here.....

Or here

SolidStoner2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

the fun part is that 50 % of world consoles and equipment comes from China! Yup just checked.... everything about consoles in my house is made in China!!! :)

jony_dols2122d ago

I'd say that both Sony & Microsoft are waiting till they their next-gen consoles are better secured against piracy, before officially releasing in China.

Kurt Russell2122d ago


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Knight_Crawler2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Actually no they wont as I am pretty sure Chine will be in 100% control on which games will be allowed in China.

So No Halo, Killzone or Call Duty in China just good old fashion family game rated E for everyone.

Edit: at blackbeard - true plus the Asian community is not crazy over shooter like the west is and they enjoy RPG's more.

Would be interesting to see what Chinese people are into, Japan loves JRPG's and Korea loves dancing and strategic games like StarCraft so I wonder what Chinese people are into.

Edit#2: Also how will PSN and Xbox Live work in China? I know the government likes to keep tab on everything that goes through the internet so they would want full access to PSN and XBL and I do not see MS or Sony agreeing to this...Google has had a hard time in China and are thinking about pulling out since the Chinese Gov wants to control every thing that comes in and out of China through the web.

blackbeld2122d ago

No shooters, but they can life with that.

They still can enjoy Fighting games, RPG's, racing games, sports games, etc.

Wenis2122d ago

They aren't allowed to make/let games in their country that 'dishonor' the Chinese military as well, or games that dispute China's 'territorial integrity'. But I guess that probably goes for all forms of media/speech in China at the moment..

Oschino19072122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

They have a F2P PC version of COD in china that's basically a mash up of Modern Warfare games.

Also you can get PS3s and such in China, they openly sell them in backstreet stores and local shops. I even have a few online British friends who live in China (Beijing area) and anyone playing COD can see most major Chinese cities have some lit up areas on the world map.

I think the deal with Chinese Government is they don't want other countries making money off of their people without getting a nice slice of the pie for themselves.

Bereaver2122d ago

Most people will just use the Hong Kong servers. Yes, even though Hong Kong is in China, it's still kind of different. And they do have Hong Kong servers. (well at least ps3 does, not sure about xbox)

_-EDMIX-_2122d ago

Favorite comment "they openly sell them in backstreet stores" LOL

HappyGaming2122d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ I remember in the PS2 era they openly sold copied PS2 games and chipped PS2s in Greece :P

kevnb2122d ago

"They aren't allowed to make/let games in their country that 'dishonor' the Chinese military as well, or games that dispute China's 'territorial integrity'. But I guess that probably goes for all forms of media/speech in China at the moment.."

What do you think would happen if there was a game that disrespected the US army?

slaton242122d ago

chinese = karata= fighting games

BISHOP-BRASIL2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )


I understand what you are saying, I agreed, but as much as US government would protest and try to ban it, they don't actually have the laws to do so. Even more, they have the laws protecting the creative force rather than the government... Yes it can still be banned, but at the very least, a legal struggle would take place before it happening, they would have to go around the freedon of speech law and try to put it in a light that makes such content look harmfull to the country, it's easier said than done.

In China it's already illegal, so if the government want to enforce a ban, they'll just do it. They don't need to go around and developers couldn't appeal to anyone.

But we know all countries have laws that don't actually get enforced. I don't know of anyone that tried to make a game that would offend the Chinese army (also we had to read the law to see if it specifies what is considered offensive and/or how far offensive to be considered a "dishonor"), so I think we don't know if they would actually ban anything...

The way I see, for all governments, it has little to do with honor and a lot to do with money and public support... If something will burn a hole in the pockets of the Estate or if it will turn the population against the government I would bet at least some politicians would try and (eventually) get such material banned. They always do.

EDIT: Bad grammar... Still not perfect, sorry.

violents2122d ago


If i remember correctly we already had a COD game where russia invaded the US after a failed espionage attempt on a terroist group made the american take the fall(ie contraversial scene called the russian, i belive) and then we had a game called homefront, where the US was being invaded and you are a normal citizen trying to defend your country.

In the middle east they ban games like these all the time because it shows US forces invading thier countries, The US has never banned a game for making us look bad and dont try and act like they do. They dont have the laws to ban things like that because no matter how much you dont like it, by our constitution we are allowed to say what ever we want about our government, good or bad.

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yeahokchief2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

remember when sony's stock was at $9? this could change that.

wow. it already jumped up to $15.

that son of a bitch parappa the rappa was right. you gotta believe.

Mutant-Spud2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

@ bereaver,
Interesting, the prices in that link convert to roughly what we pay at retail for a PS3 in Australia, so I'm guessing game consoles aren't exactly "black market" items in China?

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MysticStrummer2122d ago

"They will just re-manufacture counterfeit systems with worse quality."

If they copy one of the original 360s with even worse quality, there might be an international incident.

kevnb2122d ago

queue more ignorant posts...

lfclee2121d ago

I agree they will copy everything including consoles and there is absolutely nothing the console manufactures can do because of the Chinese laws , crazy or what !

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GribbleGrunger2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I've been thinking about this since the first mention of China opening it's doors to consoles. They closed that door because of violence in games and it would stand to reason that IF they did open those doors, it would likely be the consoles with a more 'casual' appearance that makes the most from it. Kinect seems the perfect fit, but Sony and Nintendo being Japanese isn't going to help their cause. I might be wrong but I would be very surprised if Sony made more from this than Microsoft. If, of course, it happens. I'm willing to consider any counterpoints though.

ChronoJoe2122d ago

Doesn't make much sense. Sony's products are made in China and typically sell pretty well in China.

Furthermore, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - they currently have xbox 360 / ps3 knock offs because Japanese consumers desire ps3s / 360 systems.

With that said not much of the 360 lineup will appeal to a chinese market. 360 exclusives are very westernised and the PS3 offers many more games that're popular in the rest of Asia (Korea / Japan etc). So if anything I imagine it'll be the other way around to what you expect. I don't see this benefiting Microsoft all that much unless they want to come up with new content to back a Chinese launch.

Daoshai2122d ago

Chinese boycott Japanese products all the time. We do not have a very good relationship with the Chinese and at the moment its pretty harsh.

I believe China will come out of its shell sometime soon though. I'm sick and tired of my family (parents and grandparents) with their unnatural hatred towards the Chuugoku.

hellvaguy2122d ago

"Doesn't make much sens

It makes perfect sense when you think of it this way. The Chinese have an oppressive communist government that is opposed to any form of freedom of speech. You cant use the regular internet there. It's a heavily government censored internet.

NateCole2122d ago

Well they are not that much more friendlier to the US.

EddieNX 2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Sony , Microsoft and Nintendo could make billions*

@shut up and take money - Indeed , just seemed like a bit of an ignorant headline lol.

Nintendo and Sony would probably shaft China.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

fixed.. We both know MS will still have USA and sony wiiU the rest of the world.

Belking2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

We don't know nothing because nothing has been lifted.

adorie2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

China's game industry will make the US look like Japan's, once fully established. they are pushing it too, fast tracking it even. China is nothing to joke with.

Daoshai2122d ago


You are giving china way too much credit for its economy. The US dwarfs it, the average person in the US makes 10x that of a China.

solid_warlord2122d ago

Don'f forget the UK...UK is Xbox territory.

Ezz20132122d ago


you do know UK is in europe right ?!

europe is ps3/wii land

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DA_SHREDDER2122d ago

I hope i meet the most sexy and beautiful Chinese woman in my nerd life online some day.

PopRocks3592122d ago

Hey, as long as they can all make better products and give us more content, power to all of them.