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The world Deponia is a catastrophe of leftovers, a place formed from industrial waste and scrap disintegrated, all soldiers and paved into something a little more civilized than his junkyard daily. What makes Deponia work is that despite having a small number of scenarios, all of them are brilliantly designed and beautiful. What we have is a nice mix between the beautiful and the junkyard that people scenarios. The houses can all be made of cement and plate, but their interiors and surrounding it may have the most varied colors, which also brings an interesting contrast makes Deponia is beautiful and colorful. When combined with a palette of saturated colors and cartoon art style, it becomes evident that a game is as fun as colorful.
This does not mean that Deponia is a happy place. Rufus in particular, has its own problems with pocket full of life as a landscape sour, and made his escape to utopia sanitized of Elysium a priority above all else. But that's getting ahead of ourselves, because Rufus really does not do much. He does not work, you can not even sustain himself and he does not care about the people of the city, as they do not care about him. He lives in the attic of the two-story former girlfriend. The disrespect he has for his best friend Wenzel can be seen early on and for the rest of the people he is just someone easy to annoy.

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