DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

DMC might be a reboot of Devil May Cry, but Capcom removed everything that the series was known for. Fans of the series will find a game that is missing everything that they fell in love with.

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Trenta272149d ago

It was rebooted. Give this new series thing a chance. Jeez...

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zerocrossing2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I gave DmC a chance, I gave it quite a few actually, and you know what? I still don't care for it.

DMC was fine the way it was, if I could think up ways to improve on the original then Im damn sure Capcom could have, I could have gotten into the reboot too if it retained anything of the original franchise I actually liked but it just wasn't appealing to me and apparently a lot of the core fanbase agree.

Accepting a reboot you feel is inferior in almost every way is one thing, but you'd have to be stupid to want to give money to Capcom and NT after all the insults and complete disregard they've shown for the core fanbase that supported DMC since it's original release on PS2.

prototypeknuckles2149d ago

right, heck im a huge Prince of persia fan and i loved the 2008 game, sure you couldnt die but prince of persia isnt really known for hard difficulty unlike DMC, but its known for great platforminh, great puzzles, great story, and great character interaction, and the 2008 game was just that in fact it felt more like a sequel to sands of time than warrior within did, it had things that were familiar from that game, and thats why i love it just the same way i do sands of time, but DmC not one thing screams Devil May Cry to me, and of course the insults from NT, who act like theyre one of the best developers ever when they arent, when they can make a uncharted, zelda, infamous,sly cooper, portal,a bayonetta,a prince of persia, halo, heck a pokemomn even, then they can talk.

Monstar2149d ago

Then dont care..who the fuk is forcing you? it's a REBOOT...a different take by different developers. Stop crying.

Sevir2149d ago

why are you still here complaining about it!? LOL

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Lord_Sloth2149d ago

I played it until I stopped due to sheer boredom.

Lord_Sloth2149d ago

Of course I don't want a cookie. I want Devil May Cry 5.

Blacktric2149d ago

I wasn't aware that it was a "series" now...

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Summons752149d ago

Clearly, we've been pointing this out the whole time. It was given to a dev with a very VERY mediocre games under their belt with poor sales to boot. Ninja Theory's ego is large and they insult everyone and everything that has an opinion that isn't in their favor. Look at the way they treated criticism for this game, they insulted everyone who pointed out the flaws. They insult Japanese developers and the creator. I was happy to see the sales of this game tank right away, only shows that the reviewers were only giving it a good score when everyone else hates it.

TronEOL2149d ago

This is completely false. Heavenly Sword is one of PS3's most loved "launch" titles. And Enslaved was honestly underrated.

As for that reviewers comment, that's complete bullshit. The only people complaining are the 20-30 people on the internet, while hundreds of thousands of gamers play and enjoy the game.

Whether or not it matches previous DMC standards is another beast all together. But DmC is certainly a really good game and well worth it's good scores.

prototypeknuckles2149d ago

ill agree with you that heavenly sword was pretty good, but enslaved isnt underrated it was pretty average and i went into the game very excited it was just okay gameplay wise story wise i played a few games very similar that came before but did it better, and trip was very reminiscent of characters like elika, or alex vance but she felt more helpless than those 2.

obviosuly there are more people complaining than you think DmC hasnt gotten half of DMC4 sales at launch, now its an average action game but really for a DMC game its mediocre though it is better than DMC2, but thats still not saying much.

Blacktric2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

"The only people complaining are the 20-30 people on the internet"

"while hundreds of thousands of gamers play and enjoy the game."

Did you conduct an honest, non biased survey while I was away just now?

"And Enslaved was honestly underrated."

Your opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sevir2149d ago

No he can only gauge that by the ammount who have bought the and have been playing it still.

Just because its sold less than DMC4 is hardly any inidcation of its success! even Selling just below the mark the previous games in its series The game still manages to be within the 5 in all major regions, a Game like Bayonnetta has sold 1 million on xbox and 900k on PS3 in its life time while DmC has sold 500k in its week world wide across 2 platforms with the PC version only just releasing on Friday!

Great! You "OLD school" fans of DMC dont care for the game! Youve been speaking against it since the reboot's inception! Its released and you've been hurt because the game you hate performed well beyond your expectations critically but since the vast majority of the hack and slash market has shrunk or the DMC fans who you claim hate the game so much they ignored it altogether you somehow think you scored a victory! give it a rest! The game is here and its done well critically and it will likely go on to make well in matching DMC4's sales or at the very least surpass Bayonnetta in sales.

this hate for this game is unhealthy and if you take gaming that seriously its time to get out and get some fresh air!... Its gone on too long. From the outrage of the initial showing to the unwarranted, death threats sent to the developers down right to the extremely laughable and downright ridiculous attempt to petition the President to remove the game from shelves! It has to Stop! Get the hell over it! if the game ends up tanking because no one you claim wants to buy it because it "SUCKS" then it;; tank and the series as a whole will be put to rest and you fans who hate the direction and the fans who love the series and even the new ones that may have come in with this reboot will have to live with the death of a franchise from a company that's known to shelve IPs due to lack of support.

Move on

Lord_Sloth2149d ago

This is like putting an out of shape average joe in the ring against Steven Hawking and saying the average joe is the best fighter in the ring. Sure it's true, but the competition isn't exactly fierce.

I enjoyed Heavenly Sword but it didn't have any competition at the time of it's launch aside from Genji.

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ame222149d ago

Ninja Theory is very underrated, they really deserve more love from gamers and critics alike they've put out excellent games over the past years. I enjoyed DMC, it's not their fault that hack and slash has become a niche. I honestly don't think having the reboot handed over to a Japanese developer would've made much of a difference even with classic Dante. Metal Gear Revengeance will be out soon and we'll remind each other then.

Reverent2149d ago

"I enjoyed DmC..."* fixed.

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haymoza2149d ago

Jesus flippin' Christ...

Minato-Namikaze2149d ago

Possible Ni No Kuni reference I'm sensing, lol

haymoza2149d ago

Correct laddie. En't it. Abra Ka Frikkin' Dabra!

OhMyGandhi2149d ago

So many iterations of Call of Duty come out year after year, and people get annoyed with the fact that it "hasn't changed" with each game, and that the "formula is too much the same".
Then we have a reboot, like DMC, where a developer wants to create their -own- take on the series, and what happens? "Too much change".
Make up your mind people, because had I worked for Ninja Theory, I'd be damned confused as to what I can't change and what I should change. It's unbelievable that this game can't get even the -chance- to do its own thing.
I am diehard Splinter Cell fan, loved the original trilogy (the first, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory) and while I dislike the action-y approach taken with each new iteration, I still can appreciate a change in direction.
Compare Splinter Cell: Blacklists drastic changes in pace and overall genre (stealth being a supposed "nuisance", a boring activity that makes for a "dead experience", as said by the game's lead designer, a little sentiment I strongly disagree with) to Pandora Tomorrow, and then you have a realistic "issue" to contend with.
But DMC is still very much DMC. The aesthetic has changed, but the core gameplay mechanics are still in use, and haven't been relegated to an "action button" as is the case with Splinter Cell. it's considered a "reboot".
It's as if people walked into the "Amazing Spider Man", and became upset that Tobey Maguire wasn't Peter Parker.

4logpc2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

how is DMC like Devil May Cry?

THe game is extremely easy and requires no skill to achieve high ranks.

The characters are "punk" and use profanity and dick jokes to try and be funny.

The bosses are lame and have no creativity.

It had its chance to do its own thing and it failed. The story is boring and has no creativity. The characters are one dimensional and boring. Dante is one of the worst heroes ever. Ninja Theory tried way too hard to make Dante a badass, but somehow in the end be the hero of the people. It makes no sense. Why do I need to see Dante getting a blowjob? Or Mundus having sex with some woman. Stupid stuff like that has no place in the story.

Ninja Theory really just doesn't know how to make a good game that is challenging, is creative, and can live up to the Devil May Cry name.

ame222149d ago

Well said. A lot of gamers don't know what they want half of the time. They just hate for the sake of it.

ThanatosDMC2149d ago

"but the core gameplay mechanics are still in use"

You dont know what you're talking about.

Information Minister2149d ago

So because COD is getting stale, we should proceed to reboot every other franchise in existence? Your analogy is also flawed in the sense that we've had 4 DMC games in over 11 years versus 9 COD games (not counting spin-offs) in under 10 years. I never saw a fan asking for change in DMC. Quite the opposite actually: the 2 main criticisms pointed out to DMC4 were the backtracking and the switch on the main character. So, people were actually complaining about the changes! Apples and oranges folks, apples and oranges!

Also, the issues that people have with the DmC reboot are just about as "realistic" as your issues with the Splinter Cell franchise. In fact, they are quite similar, considering both involve a dislike of the direction the series has taken.

OhMyGandhi2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

**I've edited this post so much that's it's almost impossible to appease anyone with the slightest inclination against this game.**

I feel that this extends beyond the realm of franchise loyalty, and into a deep seeded hatred for Ninja Theory.

I absolutely loved both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, and appreciated the unique, often beautiful visuals, and fun characters (with Andy Serkis playing a fantastic antagonist) and while the combat in both games may have been a bit simplistic, there was still much to appreciate about both efforts.

Do people want reboots or no? and where is that line in the sand?

pr0t0typeknuckles2149d ago

dude you have to look at it this way now i like change in my games but i dont like change to the point of where its completly different, now i love prince of persia and i loved every game in the series and they all retain elements of prince of persia, and i love assassians creed also but if ubisoft were to turn prince of persia into assassians creed meaning its just AC with a prince of persia skin then thats a turn off but if ubisoft makes a new PoP game with co-op and i care less for co-op but if it has elements from PoP then ill love it, heck god of war ascension it has multiplayer most people were like no, i said yes why because it stays true to god of war and its different, DmC has hardly anything that resembles DMC besides for names, and trophies/achievements, and there really isnt anything new the only improvement that DmC has over the originals is platforming.

Farsendor12149d ago

some changes are good i have always wanted to play as a younger dante with a reboot. but what we got was not what we asked for

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Hicken2149d ago

What? An article in which the gaming media actually AGREES with DMC fans?

Is this real life?

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