The Last of Us Survival Edition Artbook Available Separately

Hardcore Gamer: Those who want “The Art of The Last of Us”, but not The Last of Us for some reason, are in luck as Dark Horse is offering the hardcover artbook for purchase separately from the Survival Edition of the game.

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DivineAssault 2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

lol no thanks.. ill just take the game..

showtimefolks2148d ago

Wll buy the $79.99 get he game and book along with other goodies

The $159 one doesn't look like ts worth it to me atleast

Chevalier2148d ago

The artbook in the collectors is not the fully artbook, it's listed as 'mini' artbook, so I'm pretty sure it's portion of the artbook not the full thing.

DarkBlood2148d ago

you sure about that? would make the the survival edition pointless.

Chevalier2148d ago


Yes I am pretty certain. I work at EB games and it was in a cheat sheet description of collectors editions that are on deck right now. Not sure why I got disagrees, it's what I've been told to tell customers. Hopefully the description is wrong and it's a full artbook. It'd be great if the press release would clear it up.

showtimefolks2148d ago

its the full 170 page art book with collectors edition

When you get the Survival Edition, you’ll be able to explore over 170 pages of the incredible artwork and designs that went into making The Last of Us in The Art of The Last of Us, a full-sized hardcover art book by Dark Horse

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th3n00bg4m3r2148d ago

If only they make a Collector's Edition which includes everything, both exclusive Editions from EU and US, I would pay 200$ and feel happy for every penny I spentt. But I know that this will never happen.

Karpetburnz2148d ago

Who would want the get the art book, but not the game?

rainslacker2148d ago

Those of us getting the post-pandemic edition perhaps.

stone_cold2148d ago

3 months for the making history