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Xeikon3947d ago

I knew this would happen. I said so in the other thread.

Someone should tell Sony the Dark Ages ended over a thousand years ago and that Europe is an important part of the global economy.

Violater3947d ago

no plans means not yet officially announced.
Months ago the rumor was that EU would be recievig the bundle.
They probably do not want to see a sales reduction in ps3's as people may wait till june for the bundle.
It will happen our EU brethren need not fear.

Xeikon3947d ago

The reason they have not said anything is probably because MGS4 will be delayed in Europe.

PirateThom3947d ago

It if gets delayed in Europe, I'll import from America. No big deal, it's region free.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3947d ago

"no plans" 95% of the time means YES


"no plans" 95% of the time means YES.

someone saying "no plans" is a GREAT thing.

Condoleezza Rice3947d ago

Sony sells more in Europe than they do in the States.If they announce the bundle over there,the only effect it will have is it will slow down sales,period.

Furthermore,if you think Sony doesn't care about Europe then you're GREATLY misinformed,they know that Europe is their key market right now and trust me,they're not going to confirm the bundle for Europe until they've met their quarterly sales target.

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LaChance3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

then Europe really is "sony's b*tch"
Come on we were were the only ones to :
- buy the ps3 till sold out even with the price tag of 600 euros when the rest of the planet was laughing at sony's face.
- most of the copies of Uncharted were sold in Europe when America didnt really care about it (Im not saying it bombed in the USA but it wasnt a HUGE succes overthere), dont even talk abot Japan.
- Europeens got the PS3 last (in March) though its biggest market for the playstation.
- ps3 exclusives always get realeased in the USA first though they only care about the 360
and so on and son...
Sony FTW !!!

Why do they treat us like this ?

Dont come up with the differant language nonsense (MSFT and Nintendo didnt have any trouble with that when theyb launched their consoles.)

Fishy Fingers3947d ago

Dude, your far to angry and emotional.

Sony say "no plans" to EVERYTHING that they havent been allowed to reveal or confirm yet.

Stop getting your knickers in a twist...

gunnerforlife3947d ago

hes right though we allways get short end of the stick i so wanted to buy UT3 if it would of come out at the same time as in america i would of bought it in a heart beat, had nothing else to buy, but now with burnout and DMC4 taking my money that game gets left out. we allways get the short end of a the stick. and were the ones that have been keeping sony on its toes compeating with MS

Cwalat3947d ago

everything he said is true:

-If it wasn't for EU PS3 would've flopped, France Spain Germany the three biggest Sony supporters, and what do they give in return?

PLAY TV is coming to EU sooner than the US. OH
FU*K i guess every PS3 owner never watched TV before ! JEES
wtf are Sony doing ? If it saw a Sony Executive here in EU i woul probably kill him.

BLUR1113947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Europe did help the ps3 and almost saved it. and this is how sony pays them back

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Fishy Fingers3947d ago

... thats Sonys standard PR reply, i bet when people first quized them on whether a PS3 was in the works they replied with.... thats right... "No plans".

They WILL release in the EU.

LaChance3947d ago

everyone who disagreed with me is possesed by a sony demon.
Everything I said is true , just shows at what point some people are blinded by Sony.If a europeen disagreed with me then he needs some serious help (dont know people who love to be treatad like b*tches)

Meus Renaissance3947d ago

It wouldn't be such a negative considering the hardware sales in Europe are already decent, and where Sony really need to focus on is the North American market, and actually in Japan now. I hope they do realise that even though they are outselling the competition at the moment, the gap of sales means there is still alot to do. Bundling MGS4 with the PS3 will ensure a massive surge in hardware, and software sales.

Condoleezza Rice3947d ago

It's going to come to Europe,there's too much money to be made for them not to release it there.

meepmoopmeep3947d ago

it would be in sony's best interest to release both bundles in all territories.

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