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GTA V: LinkedIn Profile Points to PC Version in Development

More evidence has been uncovered that points to a PC version of GTA V actually being in development by Rockstar. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

nrvalleytime  +   981d ago
It just seems inevitable. I'm glad that everyone will be able to enjoy what will be an incredible experience.
Wuket  +   981d ago
Yeah they can't not. But will it be before the release on PS3 and Xbox 360? What if people hold off on the console version knowing that the PC version is coming...
Wenis  +   981d ago
Thats why they haven't announced PC version yet. A lot of PC gamers also have consoles, and if they think GTA V isn't coming to PC then they'll get it for consoles. Then rockstar will 'surprise' everone by announcing it for PC, and a lot of people will then buy it (again) for PC giving Rockstar more $$$
Blacktric  +   981d ago
Agreed with Wenis. As someone who owns a below average PC and a wireless 360 controller that I regularly use it with, I'd love to get the PC version if it turned out to be well made/ported unlike how GTA IV turned out to be.
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aquamala  +   981d ago
Sure made me buy GTA4 twice, once on 360 on release day, then later pc, though I waited for complete edition
MeatAbstract  +   981d ago
It's obviously coming to PC. It has to. It'll just be later on.

But it sure makes me buy it twice, I just dunno which console version to get.
Karpetburnz  +   981d ago
Im sure this will come to PC, even if the rumours are fake.

But Im getting GTA V for PS3.
tachy0n  +   981d ago
bought GTA IV 2 times, the same will happen if GTA V comes to PC.
Plagasx  +   981d ago
Of course it's coming to PC. All the previous ones in the main series did...
stone_cold  +   981d ago
why pc gamers can add mods and we console gamers cant?
the best decision ROCKSTAR made is no GTA V for pc
orakle44  +   981d ago
Your comment makes no sense. GTA V will eventually come to pc, just like all the others.
FragMnTagM  +   980d ago
Consoles are designed to be a closed environment. PC's are far more open.

This means that MS and Sony have put in place hurdles to keep people from tampering with a games file system.

There are similar hurdles on the PC, but it is a much more open area for experimentation. Some games even encourage and officially support mods.

Consoles will never support mods the way that a PC will.

If you are that worried about it, add a graphics card to an existing computer in your house and you too can have mods. Also, maybe some RAM depending on your computer situation.
Norrison  +   980d ago
Someone is jealous?
solar  +   981d ago
When it does I'll pick it up for under $10 like I did 4 off Steam
FragMnTagM  +   980d ago
I got my copy for $4 on one of those Steam sales.
Norrison  +   980d ago
Got it with all dlcs for like 5-7$
nepdyse  +   981d ago
What are the chances gta 5 has the weapons targeting/animations from Max Payne 3 also developed by R* and using their latest engine. No game comes close to it in my opinion.
TwistedMetal  +   980d ago
to know if this is a mistake or not really depends on if this same thing happend with red dead redemption. With that said what was the sales numbers for gta 4 pc version?

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