‘Left 4 Dead’ developer responds to Take-Two acquiring the rights for ‘Evolve’

Developer Turtle Rock Studio, who is behind the “Left 4 Dead” series, has issued a response in regards to Take-Two Interactive acquiring the rights of their upcoming multiplatform current and next-gen title, “Evolve.”

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extermin8or1850d ago

Swear Valve made left for dead.... never heard of 'turtle rock' have i missed something....?!

febreeze11850d ago

Valve basically bought the studio, fired most of the people and kept the IP...

DeadIIIRed1850d ago

Turtle Rock is to Valve what Santa Monica Studio is to Sony; one branch on a larger corporate tree.

DOMination-1850d ago

Can't ge right. If Valve own them then why aren't they publishing this game? Why did THQ own the IP?

DeadlyFire1850d ago

Valve actually shut it down, but the studio reformed itself. So its on its own now. So they can make whatever under whoever they want.

DOMination-1850d ago

Thanks for the information, DeadlyFire

FlyingFoxy1850d ago

Turtle Rock were the original developers of Left 4 Dead, Valve took over and continued to develop on the game and changed stuff (character models etc) to make it look better.

Valve then developed Left 4 Dead 2, i am really looking forward to Left 4 Dead 3 on Source 2.

DeadlyFire1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Valve bought Turtle Rock while they were working on Left 4 Dead before most even knew about the game. Transferred team to Valve South at some point. Then shut down Turtle Rock. Kept Left 4 Dead IP. Turtle Rock then reformed itself.

extermin8or1850d ago

So how can the IP have belonged to THQ? wtf...

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Skate-AK1850d ago

Oh nice I didn't know it was gonna use CryEngine 3.