Life after Epic: Getting to know Cliff Bleszinski (part three: his opinions on shooters)

GamesBeat's Dan "Shoe" Hsu: Video game designer Cliff Bleszinski always speaks his mind — except for this one time. A few years ago, when I asked the creator of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament to give his thoughts on his competition — other shooters like Halo or Call of Duty — he declined.

Bleszinski recently left Epic after a 20-year stint, however, which now frees him up to say what he really thinks of his former competition.

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Septic1850d ago

Yeah he's remarkably down to earth and I agree with every single one of his sentiments. He's the kind of guy you can have a converstion with about games normally and not feel awkward and at the same time have respect for his talent and what he has achieved.

Cliffy, if you're reading this, you're a G no matter what the keyboard warriors say.

JeffGrubb1850d ago

Love these kinds of interviews with interesting people.

Sadie21001850d ago

I never thought about what he said about BioShock being oppressive with the underwater environment, but I guess he's right now that I think about it. He's spot-on with Call of Duty and Halo, too.

jaixvx1850d ago

How did you miss that in Bioshock? haha!

SybaRat1850d ago

So, Halo > Call of Duty. That won't start ANY fights, nope.

Septic1850d ago

THAT'S what you got from the interview? Wow ....

Out of interest, do you agree with his sentiments regarding COD and Halo?

hazardman1850d ago

He was clearly speaking the truth. Halo is a way better series than COD! Its ok Cliff ill get all the disagrees you just keep speaking your mind!!

Hufandpuf1850d ago

Great interview, do more with other developers if they are available!

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