Xbox 360 ‘Kinect Effect’ fades as console market dips

A little more than a year ago, in the fall of 2011, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 business was basking in the glow of the “Kinect Effect”.

Interest in the motion controller was driving record sales of the Xbox 360 a full six years after its release — a whopping 8.2 million units sold for the 2011 holiday quarter. Microsoft’s console would go on to top the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii for the first time in head-to-head worldwide annual sales.

Fast-forward to present day, and that effect is hard to see.

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iNathan2145d ago

its a sucess for Microsoft but thankfully its not selling that well anymore...

i dont want that casual trash on my games, i want only core games with all the money they waste on those kinect and move sh** they could make more Core IPS for us.

Root2145d ago

The problem is, will MS realise this for next gen, we're already hearing stuff about Kinect 2 or some other motion gimmick crap being bundled in with their next console.

I'd rather they just leave Kinect made money, it did it's job and MS are happy....they shouldn't over do it. Quit while your a head MS

WooHooAlex2145d ago

That and how many people actually used their Kinect enough to warrant going out and buying Kinect 2 for the new Xbox right away?

They should try and cater to the hardcore gamer for the first few years, then bring out a new motion control gimmick once they get the price down a little. That strategy worked for them with the 360, why change it?

But I agree, I hope they call Kinect a success and move on from it.

EVILDEAD3602145d ago

Kinect is an overall success. It's stil being bundlesd with the 360 and of course the longtime rumor has been it will be bundled with the 720.

Sony will also keep Move as a part of it's strategy and is rumored to be bundling a Move controller in each PS4.


BitbyDeath2145d ago

"why change it?"

They probably want Wii success, not Kinect

pablo-b2145d ago

lol another darkride blog!!

console market dips, yet it is the fault of kinetic. not one mention of his beloved sony.

just a fanboy backslapping blog to help them all sleep better for a couple of nights.

how f'king sad are fanboys. and no, i aint mad bro

blackbeld2145d ago

Kinect sold well but ppl wait for the next gen.

With xbox720 they will make even more kinect games or kinect 2.0 cause of its success.

Sad for core gamers. They all will jump out.

rainslacker2145d ago

Kinect itself isn't really the problem. It's the over reliance on Kinect and forced features added to classically non-Kinect type games that seems to be an issue. Same goes for Move if Sony went that route...which thankfully they haven't.

I have nothing against MS trying to cater to the casual market, but only if they also cater to the gamer market, which while possibly not as lucrative, is generally more secure for the long term.

MaxXAttaxX2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I'm being sincere here. It could mean that MS may stop putting so much focus on Kinect titles and shift it's attention to core games more.

Is that not what you want? Do Xbox fans not want more focus on core games? Or do you want more Kinect games and Usher to be the focus of every E3 instead of core games so you can keep yelling "Xbawx" at your TV to enter commands and flail your body around.
How blind can fanboys be to keep defending it.

UnholyLight2145d ago

you guys are stupid. If it sold well it's on it's way in version 2.0. Progress for progress sake. I can only imagine how much better it will be than the first. The Playstation Move is not going to progress our learning and technology like trying to create motion gaming like Kinect

ShinMaster2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Maybe not the Move, but the EyeToy and PS Eye did.
It's why you got Kinect now... Not that it's made gameplay any better though.

EVILDEAD3602145d ago

@ Nathan

'I'm being sincere here. It could mean that MS may stop putting so much focus on Kinect titles and shift it's attention to core games more.'

Why is it so hard to contemplate that MS can have a motion control peripheral and support the casual audience and still put out it's biggest core titles like they have just like Sony and Nintendo?

Sony released the same casual titles for Move and we already know what Nintendo does, but why is it an issue when MS does exactly the same thing?

Every console has the option for motion controls period. It doesnt begin and end woth MS, Nintendo, or Wii. But, those gamesand the peripheral are completely optional. If it expands the audience to people who buy the 360 as an option for the whole family then there is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with choosing the Wii for your kids or the PS3 because it also is a Blu-Ray player.

Neither MS nor Sony are taking the foot off of the neck of Nintendo in the casual space. So get used to it, especially not that the Kinect Sports lead just left for Sony.


MaxXAttaxX2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

" Why is it so hard to contemplate that MS can have a motion control peripheral and support the casual audience and still put out it's biggest core titles "

Because they haven't. Well, not to the same extent as Sony.
Nothing wrong with dabbling in the casual space, but don't start slacking in the core department.

And the lead from Kinect Sports also worked on the original Banjo games, Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye and Killer Instinct Gold. Let's not forget that. And let's hope that he gets a chance to work on better games this time around as creative director (if he wishes to).

EVILDEAD3602145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@ Nathan

Are you really going to pretend that Kinect prevented that one major core title from releasing? It didn't.

It wasn't MS that led the holiday with Wonderbook, Little Big Planet, or a Super Smash Bros game. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that lineup.

But let's be real, those are casual experiences. Had MS had the same lineup and a game like Wonderbook getting major time at E3, I guarantee Nathan and many other would be screaming how that lineup was more proof MS abandoned the core.

As it is, people just simply can't just admit that MS, Sony, and Nintendo want all kinds of gamers and are not going to limit the experiences of their console to the supposed core. Two years of whining won't take away that Kinect was a success and both it and Move will be around next gen.


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Thatguy-3102145d ago

The whole motion control was just a phase the industry went through. Hence why a lot of wii's aren't selling as they used to. The casual market has moved from consoles to mobile platforms. With that out of the way gaming will go back to the glory days and shovelware will be no more.

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UnholyLight2145d ago

Well said Marcus_Fenix. I actually enjoy my Kinect Sports games so I will be interested in seeing what new stuff they can come up with for Kinect 2.

nukeitall2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I actually love my Kinect, so I went out and bought a second one. It's a marvelous piece of technology and I use it while watching movies and in games, such as ME3, Fable, UFC Trainer, Kinect Sports and soon Dead Space 3.

I really don't understand the hatred for motion control, as it has it's place. It opened up the industry and made gaming "less geeky". That is a good thing, and I hope console manufacturers continue to expand the market with new technology.

It's not like it's 3D games here, who promised the world and gave you an overpriced TV!

I wouldn't mind more Kinect and PS Move personally. Developers really need to explore new ways to game, because the same old games hasn't changed much. The only thing changing is the production value, story telling and amount of money invested.

thebudgetgamer2145d ago

It's not the motion controls that's the problem. I think there is room for that type of stuff. The problem for me is Microsoft focusing too much on the casuals and not people like us.

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SilentNegotiator2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

"Who Cares ? Kinect already sold over 20m"

It's popularity lasted about a year and a half-ish on a 500M dollar marketing campaign high and then Kinect and Kinect game sales plummeted.

Yeah, who cares! Certainly not Microsoft! They don't care if their products have long-lasting popularity! /s

otherZinc2144d ago


Why doesnt someone do a report on how Shi**y the SONY Move sales are? You know, compare SONY Move to Kinect.

Kinect is a great success, period!

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maniacmayhem2145d ago

Kinect already did what MS set it to do and that was to extend (breath new) the life into the system. It brought in new players as well as diversify it's library what a lot of people on this site were claiming there was a lack of.

People jumped on the motion band wagon a while back but I think its appeal has been drawn out. Hopefully for the next consoles we will see a more thought out and immersive or better implemented approach for this idea.

With the rumors of the nextbox having more power behind it the Kinect 2 should be able to work as well as they originally attended.

We'll have to see.

zebramocha2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

The problem with motion gaming is, people coming up with ideas that make the best use of them, like having control schemes to enhance current games or coming out with new motion based genre,there's a couple of games out on pc that could work with move chivalry medieval warfare,the dark eye and among the sleep.

Dlacy13g2145d ago

Am I the only one that sees this comment as a bit funny?

"The problem with motion gaming is, people coming up with ideas that make the best use of them,"

People coming up with ideas that make the best use of the tech is a problem? Isn't that a good thing?

zebramocha2145d ago

That's a error, I meant not coming up with ideas that uses the tech best,thanks for catching the error.

abzdine2145d ago

kleenex effect i'd say

Rainstorm812145d ago

It was a FAD....once the casual fad chasers get their fill they will move on to the next FAD.

But if this casual gaming boom changes non games into core games then it may have been worth it in the long run

MetalProxy2145d ago

yep its a fad plain and simple. i remember my cousin saying it was a fad here at n4g a while ago and he got many disagrees plus lost bubbles lol.

rainslacker2145d ago

It may be a fad, but motion control gaming will still have some part to play when it comes to interfacing with games in the future. I think given the current technology, motion control was just too much ahead of it's time. Without the Wii including it in every system, it never would have caught on the way it did, mostly because it's just not terribly accurate for precision gaming. There have been advances over the generation(Wii Motion+, Kinect, PS Move), but I still feel that the implementation is rather rudimentary, even in motion control centric games.

Some of the new tech patented by Sony and MS look to be going in the direction of accuracy and improved functionality, which is a step in the right direction, however it will get to a point where sometimes it's just not feasible, or even desirable, to be moving around while playing a game. RPG's for instance could get tiring very quickly for long play sessions. This means that some form of physical control will always be least until these systems can interface directly with our brains.

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lovegames7182145d ago

Natal tech demos lol hahahah blasphemy and i feel sorry for the ppl that were duped.