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Submitted by lightwarrior179 1106d ago | opinion piece

7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

Video-gaming has changed (evolved?) drastically in recent years and with the rise of casual social low-attention low-commitment games and all. Some us like it, some of us don’t.
So here’s a list of the things us old-timers hate about the current gen games. (Casual games, Culture, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

chukamachine  +   1106d ago
Pope hides behind 6inch bullet proof glass. He's not afraid of death, honest.
StrongMan  +   1106d ago
Kinect has to be #1 on every hardcore gamers list for things we hate.
Kurt Russell  +   1106d ago
Not one of those would be in my top 5. DRM, disc locked content... constant bombardment of DLC that should simply be game unlockables/rewards, over saturation of franchises and false hype would be my list.

EDIT:Sorry Strongman... this wasn't aimed at you I accidently posted a reply under your name :P
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caseh  +   1105d ago
On the DLC note, companies proudly announcing DLC for their games BEFORE the game has even been released.
Perjoss  +   1105d ago
agreed caseh,
what devs/pubs should actually be doing is announcing at least 1 piece of GOOD DLC that will be released for free maybe a week or 2 after release. In my opinion this is the best way to encourage gamers to hold onto their games and fight 2nd hand games sale a little bit.

Think back to how Burnout Paradise was handled. Lots of free stuff and then once they built up a fantastic reputation with gamers finally they release a really good DLC pack with a price on it. Just my opinion, but that's the way top do it.

Halo4 is doing it also with the free episodic spatan ops.

So much greed now.
steve30x  +   1106d ago
I hate the fact that Keyboard and mouse isnt supported on console games. I tried playing the Dead space 3 demo yesterday on my PS3 and gave up when it came to the monster that you need to shoot its limbs because the aim controls are very imprecise. I dont care if its only single player games get keyboard and mouse support then the multiplayer part doesnt have keyboard and mouse support. I just cant play shooting games with a controller.
profgerbik  +   1106d ago
Well it would not be fair, keyboard and mouse kills a controller especially in FPS. I mean seriously, why do you think FPS got so dumbed down when they moved to console cause you can't aim that well with a controller.

I agree, I think it would be good for the competition against the PC market, more PC users would prefer consoles if they could use their peripherals with it but the problem with that is some of the higher end ones like my mouse and keyboard for instance have drivers that need to be installed.

I guess if they can manage to get around that somehow it would be awesome but I think that is why it just doesn't work. It's like connecting a mouse to a computer when it has no drivers installed, it just moves super slow and doesn't respond like it should until they are installed.

I have spent a little over $130 bucks on my Razer Mamba, this thing kills the competition. I can practically aim within pixels that is how insanely accurate it is.

They are coming out this new one called the Ouroboros, I really want this one. The design is wicked and it already blows my Mamba out of the water spec wise :(

Looks like a damn transformer or stealth jet plane.
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steve30x  +   1106d ago
I know that it would be unfair to use keyboard and mouse against controller players. Thats why I said it would be best to have it in single player missions only. Also I've never had a mouse not work properly without installing its proper drivers. I am using a Logitech VX nano and I dont have to install its own drivers for it to work poerfectly. The windows drivers works perfect for it. It would be easy for the console makers to get keyboard and mouse to work if they have generic drivers that work for most cheap keyboard and mice just like windows does.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   1105d ago
Ps3 does support key and mouse.
caseh  +   1105d ago
PS3 does, 99% of games do not.

Only one I was aware of was Unreal Tournament 3. That died hard, probably due to the split of players using keyboard and controllers.
guitarded77  +   1105d ago
@ caseh

HORI makes a keypad/mouse set-up (I got one), which plays on any game. All you have to do is change the button configuration for optimal set-up. CS GO has full keyboard support too, and I have played CoD, Battlefield, MAG, DUST and several other shooters with the HORI set-up. I've also played some platformers just to try it out. Everything I have played works... I just don't personally care for mouse/keyboarsd set-up, but all the games I have tried work with it. The only issue I had was if the games doesn't allow controller re-mapping, and if the game doesn't run at a high framerate, it makes it feel choppy with mouse/keypad.
profgerbik  +   1105d ago
Seeing the specs of your mouse would explain why you really don't notice anything when connecting it to a computer it also has a lower 500hz polling rate and only has 800dpi which pretty low for gaming, my old Razer copperhead is like 10 years old and has 2000dpi and 1000hz.

I wasn't saying mine won't work when connected to a computer I am saying you cannot set the mouse to the highest settings unless you have the Razer Program, maybe your mouse has it's own type of program to adjust settings with? I don't know but when you connect mine to computer it defaults to the lowest settings which is the lowest dpi, so you will notice a bid difference compared to if it was set to the highest settings with the program drivers.

Example your mouse is only 800 dpi and I don't think you can even switch your dpi like mines and it has a 500hz (2ms response time), The Razer Mamba can be set from a range of dpi's, the highest being 6400dpi up to 1000hz (1ms response time).. The Razer Ouroboros has an insane 8200dpi..

The higher the dpi, the more accurate you can be and the higher the hz, the faster your computer responds with your mouse.

When you get higher DPI mouses that are running 1000Hz you'll notice a difference when you connect them to a computer and they aren't set properly because they will run at default unless they are set otherwise through program drivers.

Thing is your mouse is not a gaming mouse. So I don't think yours would even do the same because from what I see you cannot change the settings like you can on gaming mouses or Logitech's higher end gaming mouses with dpi switches.

So without the program drivers there is no way to set the mouse to the highest settings. See what I am saying?

The fact still stands there are a range of different mouses obviously like mine that are made for gaming that do need program drivers in order to adjust the mouses settings.

So I still don't think it would work well on consoles as not everyone has the same mouse and keyboard. I mean like I said also if they can figure all that out and make it work more power to them but it seem unlikely.
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steve30x  +   1105d ago
I also have a sivercrest mouse that has a dpi switch that changes from 800dpi - 1600dpi and I dont need the software for that to be installed to go from 800dpi - 1600dpi. Anyway all I see from you is boasting about your uber expensive mouse. We dont need those for gaming consoles and I am pretty sure 90% of console gamers wouldnt spend more than 20 euro on a mouse for gaming.
Oh_Yeah  +   1105d ago
Where's the skill in using a keyboard and mouse in a shooter? There isn't any, it turns shooters into a casual click and point game. Using a controller isn't all that difficult man unless you have Parkinsons or something than I'd understand..otherwise the hardcore gamer in me does not approve whether it's single player or multiplayer.
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TopDudeMan  +   1106d ago
1- yep
2- yep
3- yep
4 - not particularly
5- nope
6- Hell yes
7 - wow, jealous much?
Stoppokingme  +   1105d ago
One thing i hate about this gen is idiots who pretend they're journalists.
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SITH  +   1105d ago
kesvalk  +   1105d ago
"If don’t sulk every time you find a casual gamer boasting how good he/she is at flipping birds, then you’re probably not one of us."

i think the guy who wrote this article is a /v/ anon....
urwifeminder  +   1105d ago
Hardcore gamers and whiners are my pet hates this gen.
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PS4isKing_82  +   1105d ago
Things I hate about this gen:
Too many fanboys
Too much reliance on dlc
Too many fps/3ps
Japan devs westernizing their once great franchises
Lack of great JRPGs
Death of true survival horror

Quite simply, this was a shitty ass console cycle when you consider the ps2/Xbox/GameCube/dreamcast gen.

I pray to god we get back to the good days again with this next gen.
Npugz7  +   1105d ago
I'm getting annoyed with screen taring texture pop in and shitty frame rates!
Tonester925  +   1105d ago
What's a hardcore gamer?
Stoppokingme  +   1105d ago
A very good question.
Gamer39  +   1105d ago
I hate movie games and too many "Quick Time Event". This games not hardcore.

Resident Evil 6, Heavy Rain, Uncharted.
ShaunCameron  +   1105d ago
#3 - casual gamers been around almost as long as video games itself has. They didn't just pop up when the Wii came out. Besides, anyone who owns a console is casual by default since it's a stripped-down PC.

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