Top Call of Duty Memes

Gaming jokes can be some of the funniest out there. Call of Duty is the prime target for gamers and humor because of its large fan base, mixed opinions and annual release. Being one of the largest games to ever sit on the shelf, Call of Duty generates a lot of attention. Memes and other jokes are the perfect way to poke a little light-hearted fun at such a large series.

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TheSuperior 2144d ago

lol should have had somthing that expressed how many people think the game means somthing more to them than any other player because their multiplayer experience has been 'different' is it just me or does every COD player think that along with they were/are better than everyone else who plays


This one time at the COD Lobby...

ItsTrue2143d ago

"Where are my guns?"
However, he never realised that cod is also a fish.

Timesplitter142143d ago

An article about CoD and memes?

Can someone please come and kill me now?

Qrphe2143d ago

Oh memes! I love le memes, u mad bro do you even lift?

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