Red Faction: Death Of A PlayStation Series

THQ abandoned Red Faction following Armageddon and there was little fuss about the IP during THQ's bankruptcy auction. What went wrong for the series?

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Merrill2001d ago

I loved the first Red Faction. The split screen multiplayer with bots was a lot of fun. The ability to demolish walls with your guns was amazing back then.

zerocrossing2001d ago

The 1st red faction was by far the best IMO, they just got progressively worse after that.

omi25p2001d ago

Red Faction 1 and 2 were amazing. The other two sucked.

palaeomerus2001d ago

No two was awful. Three let you run a car with a bomb stuck to it into a tower and knock it down when you detonated it. Therefore it was great. Armageddon was mediocre.

omi25p2001d ago

Two had a brilliant story, characters and gameplay.

Sure number two had destruction, But the story sucked, Game play sucked and the graphics sucked. Therefore it sucked.

1. Red faction 2: 9
2. Red Faction : 9
3. Red Faction Guerrilla : 5
4. Red Faction Armageddon: 3

eliteslaya132001d ago

I loved Guerilla, amazing open world. Haven't played the originals though. However, I have played Armageddon, and what a letdown!

Yodagamer2001d ago

You really need to play it, i picked it up a couple months ago and i love it. I mean even the controls are decent for a ps2 game, most fps games on ps2 drive me nuts. Just a word of advice save pretty often if i recall if you die you have to go all the way to your last save point. I learned that the hard way O.o

Buff10442001d ago

Definitely enjoyed the first game for Xbox 360/PS3. Open world sandbox on Mars? Destructible environments? Had a ball.

aquamala2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

playstation series?

much of Red Faction 1 comes from the cancelled Descent 4. The Descent games were never on playstation

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The story is too old to be commented.