Edge Preview: Alone In The Dark

Edge writes: From an extensive look at various scenarios from its most recent builds, Eden Studios' New York horror title is looking a lot more like a game than during previous viewings.

It's certainly heavily story-led, with Eden evidently having put much work into various narrative tricks. It has no distracting HUD – Carnby's body shows his injuries, and particularly heavy damage causes his eyesight to blur, requiring a click-in of a stick to clear. It's an interesting piece of design, even if it does force players to go blind at the moment they need their vision the most. It's used well during the opening sequence, however, in which Carnby wakes up, eyes glazed from being drugged or beaten, and requiring frequent presses to see what's going on.

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tony3944d ago

anticipated game in my list this year, and far cry 2.

Robearboy3944d ago

I was watching x (a digital channel here in the uk) and the lead developer from Atari was on reviewing games and promoting this game. When asked what platfroms this game is released on his reply was "first the xbox 360 and pc" then a few months later "the wii and ps2", he never mentioned anything about the ps3. Whether he said PS2 instead of PS3 by mistake i dont know but thats what was said.
He also mentioned that Atari are working on a massive xbox 360 exclusive which will be announced within the next 4 to 6 weeks