Official Xbox Magazine Review - Frontlines: Fuel of War

Official Xbox Magazine writes: "The solo experience delivers only six hours of gameplay that's light on realism (enemies shrug off headshots like they're mosquitoes), and it exposes peculiarities such as the inability to cook grenades, pick up weapons from fallen enemies, or refill your ammo anywhere but large, marked caches. For every oddity that might irk veterans, others are guaranteed to excite them. As in the Battlefield series, you can choose to respawn from any objective you've captured, but the difference here is that it has to be behind your front-line. That means no more cheap multiplayer tactics like capturing an objective right in the heart of enemy territory and flooding your forces in through an unfair back door. Wisely, Frontlines uses this same respawn system in single-player, replacing the cheesy script triggers that dominate most shooters. Instead, you stay on the move against a huge number of mobile enemies who flank and seek cover in ways that make each engagement considerably more satisfying."

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3945d ago

This is realy a well balanced game, it has a few issues here and there but thats due to a deadline to release. I know KAOS and THQ are signing a sigh of relief for the overall score so far. Besides I know many 360 owners that are hungry for some BIG battlefield MP/SP gameplay. Battlefield is good but it's filled with so many glitchers, it's a headache to play. EA never updates the game so... it's just no fun anymore. 50 players online and with NO lag, makes this game a must freaking own for MP gamers.

AngryHippo3945d ago

....this is the one thing the 360 was missing. A game with a large number of players in multiplayer which doesnt feel cramped. The demo on xbox live, i loved it. So much fun. This is definately a must buy for me since i love the battlefield series. Hopefully other people will see how good this game is and purchase it.

i Shank u3944d ago

same as you guys above, this game is the shizz im going to pick it up in an hour, man that demo was awesome and i've gotta support the devs on getting dedicated servers. good move on their end and hopefully other 360devs will start to put dedicated servers in new games

BeaArthur3944d ago

So funny yet so true. The single player demo was crappy and the farthest thing from smooth I have seen since Superman on N64 and the multiplayer was boring and made my eyes hurt.

undacovabrothe3944d ago

Cant tell a good game from a bad game...

witchking3944d ago

I can't see myself taking COD4 out of the tray for this one. The next contender for online supremacy is Battlefield: Bad Company. Until then, COD4 rules the roost.

etownone3944d ago

i see what your saying, and i'm hooked on my COD4 too... but this game has 50 player online, all kinds of vehicles (tanks, helicopters, jets, etc), remote control devices, maps that from what I read in the reviews are MUCH bigger than anything seen on COD4, and a dedicated server.

it just seems to offer alot of stuff that COD4 doesn't offer and any COD4 fan IMO should at least be wanting to give it a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.