Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony, now Creative Director of SCEE

Rare veteran George Andreas has left Microsoft to join Sony.

Andreas, who played a key role in the development of the Kinect hardware, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 as well as Xbox 360 launch games Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, joined Sony this month as creative director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, working out of SCEE's London office.

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NYC_Gamer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

He made the right move...It's a waste of his talent only being able to work on Kinect products...

Software_Lover1668d ago

Now he'll work on making the Move popular!!!


HarryMasonHerpderp1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

lol don't even joke.
Let's hope Sony use his talent to make awesome games.

zebramocha1668d ago

@soft of course,unlike kinect the move can be implemented in a variety of games and it works.

Red_Orange_Juice1668d ago

I'd love next gen Star Wars game with Move

doogiebear1668d ago Show
Software_Lover1668d ago

@ Zebra Mocha.........

The kinect isn't used in a variety of games?

@ don bear

meet me on ps3

pick a game. I'll play you.

blackbeld1668d ago

Great move.

Welcome to Sony Family.

Sony family will treat you much better cause you deserve better.

smashman981668d ago

Rare doesn't have the same people they did back when they were with Nintendo not saying wether or not this guy is talented but don't think him being at scee means that he's going to bring that old rare flavor to sony

TheStorm1668d ago


It said he was there for 16 years, so he's been there since 96-97. That was during the glory days, so he was probably with a lot of the great oldies at Rare, it was around 2000 that most of them started to jump ship.

dafegamer1668d ago

harrymason just took the words out of my mouth

kingmushroom1668d ago

@ don bear: he can't go back to xbox because there are no exclusives to play only COD, unlike the PS3 that has "Ni no Kuni".

UnholyLight1668d ago

Hey ZEBRAMOCHA.....At least Microsoft had a set of BALLS. Sony took the easy way out with Move and merely attempted to improve on the WiiMote and everyone knows it. At least Microsoft has been experimenting with hybrid games and full motion gaming and not just making "eye toy copy games".

Kevin ButIer1668d ago

SCEE's London mostly develop casual games, so... don't expect a big change

FlunkinMonkey1667d ago

@ Sotfware_Lover

"Pick a game. I'll play you.'

Did you just offer 'don bear' the geek equivalent of stepping outside? ha

BattleAxe1667d ago

Xbox 360....Jump Out...

Syntax-Error1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

If that's true why hasn't it. The MOVE is a commercial flop. The thing had no legs from the beginning just like the six-axxis controller. It was a pointless gimmick. Sony makes great first party games and should stick to that. The "me too" peripherals make them look desperate.

Most of these fools that think he was denied freedom at MS are idiots. When was the last time RARE had a hit? MS bought RARE because they were going bankrupt. It wasn't like they bought them when they were making hits and had great stock options. The shareholders were screaming SELL SELL! You guys act as if SCEA game division is the place to be especially since they are losing tons of money.

FriedGoat1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Syntax, move has much better functionality in CORE games, I enjoyed using it in mag/socom/killzone aswell as some of the other Move only titles such as Tumble/echochrome/House of the dead overkill.

Unlike the kinect, which has to sacrifice core games for Kinect only titles. all I've been playing on my xbox for the past year or 2 is gears 3 and halo 4, what else is there?

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Abash1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Hopefully he still has the passion and creativity to make another great game after developing Kinect games for so long

camel_toad1668d ago

He probably feels reborn now. I'm sure we'll see that old Rare magic return because Sony will most likely give him the freedom he didn't have at MS.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago

Frankly, he left a veritable creativity sink hole and joined up with a group that gives infinitely more development freedom.

fossilfern1668d ago

^^This video! MS wasting the remaining talent of Rare on some stupid kinect games and avatar clothing. Not surprised a few employees left

Hellsvacancy1668d ago

That was actually a pretty funny video

Snookies121668d ago

Amazing video, that gave me a good laugh.

PinkFunk1668d ago

Hahaha. Oh man that was good. Also laughing hysterically at the Gabe Newell at E3 one...

RICOCHET 2!!!!!! haha!

kostchtchie_1668d ago

ha ha epic video, thanks for the laugh

-Gespenst-1668d ago

Hahahaha I effing KNEW what video you'd posted immediately.

YOLO and Gabe Newell at e3 are better though.

dafegamer1668d ago

lol @ dat vid. Sad but true

kevinsheeks1667d ago

that video lol took the cake

Ezz20131667d ago

lololol OMG!!! i can't stop laughing

insomnium21667d ago

I need to see that video too. I'm at work right now so I can't atm. I'm commenting here just so I can return to this topic afterwards.