GTA 5 Mission Details, Character Switching, and Open-World Heists Revealed

Gameranx: "New details have surfaced about Grand Theft Auto V and its missions."

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Raiz1546d ago

old post... we already know all these details...... bulls$%# these site just want to cash-in on keyword GTA V

Cirran1546d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure all these details were in that huge game informer article.

SolidStoner1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Anyway I want every tiny BIT of information about GTA5, its my most wanted game at this point.....

Wintersun6161546d ago


I'm doing the opposite. I'm doing my best to resist the urge to search for every possible bit of information and screenshots out there. I want to find out about all the best little details on my own, when I play the game. Makes it more enjoyable IMO.

dreamoner1546d ago


Then what are you doing in this particular gta news? :P

Wintersun6161546d ago

You got me dreamoner. :D The temptations are sometimes too powerful.

Rainstorm811546d ago

I agree wintersun, after reading the GTA5 game informer, i feel like i know the info i need to now the long painful wait continues

1546d ago
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Walker1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Game of the year 2013, between GTAV and The Last of Us . Which will be Nakeouted ?

EddieNX 1546d ago ShowReplies(1)
r211546d ago

Nakeouted? What. I dont really care who wins GOTY 2013, just want to play those games but they're so far away. Especially GTA V, when the hell are we getting a release date. It looks way more attractive than GTA IV

calibann1546d ago Show
juandren1546d ago

@calibann: Thanks for swearing man. You just made it easier for me to choose what to bubble you down for

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Mr_cheese1546d ago

I just cant wait for this game.

jay21546d ago

box art and hopefully release date in hrs! only a couple of days max

ame221546d ago

I can't help but feel after all this hype that a big chunk of us gamers will disappointed all the while most of the "critics" will go as far as calling it game of the millennium; that 98 on Metacritic for GTAIV is just laughable. Still I hope I'm wrong.

Ezz20131546d ago

this is what i'm afraid off
let's ALL hope you are wrong

tommygunzII1546d ago

Long time fan of GTA and while GTAIV wasn't perfect, I wouldn't put anything else this gen ahead of it.

showtimefolks1546d ago

Now you can laugh at that 98 but the game came out in 2008 and set the standard for how open world games should look and play like. Seriously its easy to hate on it now but when it came out it was one of the best open world games

RDR thought RS a lot so expect GTA5 to be that much better and I am fully expecting a 95 and above overall for GTA5

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The story is too old to be commented.