360 Controller Used To Fire The Weapons Of The Pentagon's New Crusher

Tuesday february 26

It's rough, tough, unmanned and nearly unstoppable.

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA (which brought you a little thing called the Internet), has nearly finished work on the Crusher, a six-wheeled robot that rolls through ditches, walls, streams, other vehicles and almost anything else that gets in its way.

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TheHater3944d ago

Fox News isn't focusing on the Negative of video games? What the Hell? LOL
But it cool that the military is using game controller to control their "robotic" weapons.

pwnsause3944d ago

well thats what happens when your system does an RROD, use the controllers for something else in the mean while, lmao.

Capt CHAOS3944d ago

But Mr President, we meant the bombs to land on the enemy..

DevastationEve3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

that would be so nice if got one of those for Xmas.

a remote control war!t.

Mr Marbles3944d ago

can you imagine trying to control something with that disater of a motion control wannabe Sh*t in the sixsuxus.

Matsuiichi3944d ago

Firstly, as a supporter of the PS3, I say your insult to our controller sucks, and you utterly fail. I would have just used SUXaxis, or DUALSuck 3. Come on, put some thought into it.

Second, of course they used an American controller. They activate an instrument that does nothing but kill, with a peripheral from a console that does nothing but die! GENIUS!!

ben hates you3944d ago

i have both consoles i believe the best joke is. Of course the would use the 360 controller how else would the know they're under fire (rumble)

But the RROD jokes are getting old thats all I hear from sony fanboys

oh and my xbox 360 doesn't just die

sak5003944d ago

Another RROD joke would have been, that since most of the 360 have RRODd, Military bought these controllers very cheap. And against DS3 would be that the Military people are big and strong so require something sturdy not a feather weight toy which sometimes connection problem. Imagine firing a rocket and the connection breaks down, it comes flying straight down.

Matsuiichi3943d ago

The only joke that's in this whole conversation is that piece of crap you call an Xbox 360. That controller, too---all it's good for is shooters, so I don't see why the hell you would use it to fire a missile.

All you're doing is using the same insults over too: I'm sick of hearing about these problems that I've never heard anyone ever have in my experience. Never had a controller problem, never had any complaints. Meanwhile, I am the -ONLY- person I know that owns a 360 and hasn't had a problem---and ONLY because I never use it!
Because when I do, it scratches my discs and offers me nothing worth my time but rehashes of crap M$ doesn't want to let go of.

Meanwhile, I watch as Microsoft lets people kill with their controllers. Oh yeah, sounds logical. First their consoles, now their consumer base?

We say the insults about your crappy box because they're true. You want us to stop using the same insults, then tell M$ to fix them. Grow up. Your insults don't bother me anyways, except in how they completely fail. I like Sony better and I can come up with better ways to insult them. Sixsuxus? Please.

@benisme: I know your Xbox doesn't just die. It also fries eggs and blares like a jet engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.