PlayStation Plus European Games for February Revealed, Get Excited

Chris Howe – PS Store and Plus Content Manager, SCEE:

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since the last update but we’re really excited about the year ahead for PlayStation Plus as we strive to bring you great content and fantastic discounts on a range of games and services.

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JebusF1999d ago

Some of those games really aren't that old, and hell yeah, I'll play some Sleepy Dogs again!

Godchild10201999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

It's official, EU plus subscribers gets better treatment than US plus subscribers.

Plus is still a great service no matter where you are.

GodisaGeek1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Not sure, didn't the US already get Quantum Conundrum and WipEout? Also, Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition? Pretty good line-up, no?

zep1999d ago

you guys are so spoiled if you only knew whats on ps+ Jpn store =(

Godchild10201998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

@GodisaGeek, the US did get those games. I'm not saying the offering from Plus in the US is bad. Its just not comparable to the EU offering during the same month.

When you look at EU's plus offering, it makes you reconsider buying games on day one. I like the US offering because we don't see as many newly released games. And when they do show up, its not as hurtful. F1 Race Stars just came, I think it hurts EU gamers that bought that game, that may or may not have plus. But EU gamers can be a little more understanding.

caseh1998d ago

It balances out to some extent, in EU store we pay more for PSN games like the Neo Geo games etc. On top of that many are released in the US that either take an eternity to reach the EU store or never make it across.

omi25p1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

yeah sure. Mean while US PlayStation users get a high quality collectors edition statue for the Last of us and European users get a game wrapped in a towel with some DLC.

Sony have such a inconsistency when it comes to quality products being sold in different countries.

The only game there that's any good is sleeping dogs and i have it so MEH.

Simon_Brezhnev1998d ago

Yeah im pretty fed up with US plus now.

GribbleGrunger1998d ago

Can we please stop with this comparing regions. Isn't it bad enough that consoles have caused a rift without adding yet another reason for division? What is wrong with you people?

cleverusername1998d ago

US got Street Fighter and Sly 4 demo

Gamer19821998d ago

Thanks to plus I rarely buy games any more on ps3 except the odd ones that obviously wont make it like jrpgs. As for comparing regions US some months gets better than EU and vice versa.

bryam19821998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I'm happy for my european ps brothers u deserve this and more cuz u guys really support sony not like us americans (i mean the country not the continent)

Knushwood Butt1998d ago

@ zep

For sure, but it's getting better.

Recently got Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (OK, nothing to write home about, but I had been waiting for that to show up), and a bunch of Vita games including Dynasty Warriors (not my thing, but it is a full priced Vita game).

So, it doesn't compare to what the US or EU gets, but it is certainly getting better.

1998d ago
ChronoJoe1998d ago

That really isn't a revelation. It was intended that way from the get-go, for whatever reason.

The EU Plus service has a contractual agreement to provide more content than the US one. The value of games promised was higher in the EU one in the initial advertisements for Plus

talisker1998d ago

Maybe EU region has more PS+ subscriptions than the US region? I'm just guessing.

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realiks1999d ago

Plus is good, but we (EU) get better deals. That's a known fact.

room4141998d ago

Since last e3 yes but it i've been subscribed since the start and i've seen long stretches where NA ps+ has been better. It goes back and forth.

Campy da Camper1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

What kills me is you guys clean up with Plus yet we get the awesome collector editions. I say we trade for a month lol

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CyberGrim1999d ago

Sleeping Dogs excites me, as does Wipeout 2048 on the Vita, I'm always up for more Vita games.

Az1mov1998d ago

I bought the vita and Sony's paying for the games. How come they get all that hate.

FriedGoat1998d ago

I bought a vita at launch, and now they are giving me copies of the same sh*t I already own. Not 1 retail title I don't own so far. Gives me an incentive to stop buying games.

Don't get me wrong, love the vita. but PS+ sucks for people who owned a vita from launch and actually supported them by buying games.

Knushwood Butt1998d ago

@ FriedGoat

That goes for the PS3 content too.

Now I just think that if you are a PS+ subscriber, you need to be careful about what digital content you buy, because some of it is likely to show up on + at some point in the future.

DeFFeR1998d ago


If you own the retail copies, then either sell them or trade them... you'll more than make the $50 PS+ cost back if you own every free game so far...

I don't see what you have to complain about.

insomnium21998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )


That's what I did. Been a + member for 2 months and already my first year is free. Hell I even got some money out of it. No complaints here :D

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EliteDave931999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

aww man! I just got Sleeping dogs for 20$. That sucks :/

caseh1998d ago

Similar for me, I had it as a Christmas present lol.

TheFreak1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I feel your pain:) I traded in blops 2 2 days after release and bought max payne 3 and sleeping dogs. Just wait and see max payne 3 will be the next ps+ game lol.

MrBeatdown1999d ago

Wow, Sleeping Dogs is pretty damn good. I hope we get that in the US.

grailly1998d ago

yeah it's a great game, the most unjustly overlooked game in 2012 imo.

I can't believe I own most of the games of the update (and arguably the best) and am still exited for the uddate.

HarryMasonHerpderp1999d ago

That is a great update!
Will be downloading everything there!
I'm especially happy about the Vita games, I couldn't put down the demo for lumines.

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