What would EA do with RAGE?

Gameplayer examines the weird, wonderful and woeful ways in which EA would use the RAGE engine should it buy Take-2 and stick to its questionable track record.

"RAGE is quite a prize. It's the technology behind Table Tennis, Midnight Club Los Angeles, GTA IV, and the hugely ambitious L.A. Noire. RAGE creates worlds, filling them with cars, cops, robbers, gangsters, and prostitutes. RAGE is unique, and fully scalable across PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii."

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Capt CHAOS3941d ago

Turn something like a top notch director's film, re-do it into a hollywood blockbuster.. You know the sort.. PG rating, special effects, some romance for the ladies, some action for the guys, a tit for the teens and some commedy for the kids..

P4KY B3940d ago


Gorgon3940d ago

For a moment I thought they were talking about id Tech 5 engine for the upcoming Rage.

Utalkin2me3940d ago

Now their tird games will be shiner.