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How PlayStation 2 changed the world

OPM: We look back at some of the ways PS2 changed the gaming landscape and the world in general. From DVD’s to motion control, singing to sales. Here are the marks the PlayStation 2 made. (EyeToy, PS2, PS2 Hardware, Retro, SingStar , Socom: US Navy Seals)

Karpetburnz  +   698d ago
PS2 = the greatest console ever created.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   698d ago
It's definitely up there with the best.
flankhim  +   698d ago
Yeah because it had Backwards compatibility! I only played ps1 games on it. I hope ps4 has BC so I can play my ps3 games on it!
BattleAxe  +   698d ago
The PS2 and the NES were the two best consoles of all time. I have a tough time choosing which one was actually better.
Shadow Flare  +   698d ago
Personally I think the ps1 was better then ps2.

It was ground breaking for me, the jump from sega mega drive to ps1. 2D to 3D. Sonic the Hedgehog to Crash Bandicoot. Massive jump, and had way more of an impact on me then ps1 to ps2.

It also gave birth to and had some of the greatest games of all time like Final Fantasy 7-9, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, etc.

I've been playing Final Fantasy 6 recently and it deepens my appreciation even further of just how massive a jump Final Fantasy 7 was. Going from years of 2D sprites, and the limitations 2D had and then to start playing FF7 and watching its intro is truly underwear exploding stuff. Then you enter a fully animated 3D battle with full animations. Massive leap.

I think kids today who never experienced the change from 2D to 3D have missed out on something special. The run of the mill COD crud doesn't hold a finger to experiencing Crash Bandicoot for the first time

Watching the intro to Gran Turismo 1 still sends shivers down my spine. Because its just telling you, "Get ready to play something that you've never experienced before". The start of a legendary franchise.

PS1 all the way for me
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morkendo23  +   698d ago
anyone besides me get that sick feeling back of your mind for few seconds when reading rehashed OLD article retitled.

seem to me every other week old article resurface on n4g.com

it is getting boring now.
this site should be called "ROAFG.COM"

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Picnic  +   698d ago
That's an awful lot of agrees considering that the N64, Dreamcast and even Megadrive, SNES and Gamecube have so many fans.

It's the N64 that really make me think. Rare made some epic games on that. The N64 even got Resident Evil 2.

But the PS2 just happened to catch the likes of Silent Hill. Its games were more frequently cinematic than the competition (the Gamecube was technically more powerful but wouldn't have had the memory in its discs to have much FMV). It's the sheer number of niche games that all go towards making the PS2 special and some of them stayed exclusive to the PS2.
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Kingofwiiu  +   698d ago
Well everyone had a DVD player/console combi that was the huge selling point. Blu ray didn't work out like that because most people are/were fine watching normal DVD's. However in the next few years Blu ray or HD dvd is going to become more prominent.

I loved PS2 and can see why many would believe it to be the best console. It's definitely not my favorite console though.
contradictory  +   698d ago
mere words cannot express how much time i wasted on mine
i just hope RE4, Rogue Galaxy, P3FES, P4, every SMT
and a shitton of other ps2 games would come to EU psn store
ambientFLIER  +   698d ago
So, I read the article and STILL don't understand how a console "changed" the world. It was a good console...sure. But it sounds like this article was written by the head of Sony himself...
chrissx  +   698d ago
I don't think sony can reach the heights it did with the ps2 again
izumo_lee  +   698d ago
I don't think anyone can, it was lightning in a bottle when you are talking about the PS2. It came out at the right time when many games went mainstream & became public knowledge.

The PSone introduced gaming to the masses when before it was considered a 'kid' thing & the PS2 took that & ran with it. The thing had over a billion, BILLION in software sales!! That's crazy!
johnsonbat  +   698d ago
PS2 totally stole my 20's haha. Good times.
Picnic  +   698d ago
My reaction to the PS2 is a bit mixed.

For starters, it wasn't truly revolutionary - mainly because it wasn't the first 128 bit console which was the Dreamcast made by Sega, who gave their console some groundbreaking, if sometimes poorly selling, games in a short period of time. The PS2 didn't even have as many controller ports and it was never massively used for online play.

Even its greatest fans don't always agree what its best games are (although GTA: San Andreas, Ico and Shadow of the Collosus frequently feature).

But it had a lot of niche games such as in the survival horror genre (it even got Resident Evil 4 after the Cube had it first). And it helped it to have so many PS1 owners looking to upgrade.

The broadness of its library means that it has something for everyone. Many also thought it had quite a nice design although to me it always looked a bit like a sandwich toaster.

But it managed to keep on releasing great games for something like 7 or 8 years (handily in to the PS3's life as developers got used to that console).

I think that because the PS3 has not had such a high market percentage (although it might not be much different to the PS2s sales figures at the same time) it has made people like me, who bought other consoles last generation,
look at the new 'underdog' with some affection as it has responded with more and more PS3 games. Sony is cool again - certainly on this site where forums devoted to it are many times greater than the others.
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black911  +   698d ago

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