How the 4Chan Visual Novel beat Japan at its own game.

Disabled school children, romance and exceptional writing make Katawa Shoujo one of the finest visual novels ever made.

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DaveyB1778d ago

Great overview of this game. Katawa Shouo is amazing - probably one of the best Visual Novels I've ever read - and it's free!

Dan501777d ago

Manly tears were shed with that game.

tubers1777d ago

Not playing the game.. too much of a wuss.. I have been following someone on YT playing it tho.. it dampens any emotional impact that would be too much for me :P

Godmars2901777d ago

JRPGs, not just digital novels, need writing like this. At least once in a while versus the usual vapid and rehashed storyline.

Kalowest1777d ago

"JRPGs, not just digital novels, need writing like this."
There is some, you just have to look for them.

Godmars2901777d ago

But none of them are "mainstream". Have the initials "FF".

Kalowest1777d ago

I hate the name of this article. I should download the game and give it a try.

Hicken1777d ago

You should. It's a superb game. Some of the best characters I've seen in a while.

I wouldn't say it necessarily beats Japan, though. I WOULD put it on the level of a Type-Moon game in terms of quality and character.

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