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hennessey861910d ago

What to make of that video

SolidStoner1910d ago

they should less focus on making videos like others (about nothing, or random real cars driving, we can watch that on youtube).. instead showing us cars, tracks and gameplay videos!

at least I know that grid will use real cars! that was latest MClaren, I didnt recognize from the screenshots...

jimbobwahey1910d ago

Well they showed Brands Hatch which is an absolutely fantastic track. I just hope the longer version of it is in the game.

The_KELRaTH1910d ago

I hope Grid 2 is more like Race Driver series with lots of tracks, lots of very different vehicles (bit of lawnmowers n trucks wouldn't go amiss) and not lock vehicle types to specific tracks.

And not add Bathurst as afterthought!!!

creeping judas1910d ago

Couldn't agree more!!
The big rig racing was a lot of fun.