Why World War II Shooters Are Ready for a Comeback

The World War II shooter has been almost extinct for more than 5 years. Can it make a comeback anytime soon?

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linkkjm1877d ago

Also a great way to remember the veterens of World War II. Over 600 WWII vets die every day.

-Superman-1877d ago

Yeah i always liked WW2 games :)
My fav WW2 games:
Call of Duty 2
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Day of Defeat: Source
Battlefield 1942(old good times :))

Then we got Modern shoot games:
Battlefield 2 and 3
Call of Duty 4, MW2 and 3.
Counter Strike games

Future fps games:
Crysis(only first game, nuke, such as good game, multiplayer is great)
Battlefield 2142(i loved it)

I don´t know. Maybe we see soon more future FPS games and then we going to have WW2 games.

ExCest1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@^ He never said it was good/bad.

-Superman-1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I never said mw3 is great.
MW - Something new, changed fps gaming alot. Great maps.(I LOVED Chernobyl)

MW2 - it improved some things, gave more stuff, but overpowered killsteaks, commando perk and glitches ruined it.

MW3 - terrible maps, terrible lighting... everything...

-Superman-1877d ago

Anyone seen this?

Why Modern War FPS Games All Look the Same

Click here:

Most different modern fps games are Battlefield 2, STALKER and Counter-Strike, but Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor, its all same to me.

PirateThom1877d ago

So, we basically have have three time periods for shooters:

Modern day/near future
Future science fiction
World War II

Nothing else.

humbleopinion1877d ago

You're basically grouping "past, present, future" into tropes, but we also have everything in between (alternative past = bioshock, cyberpunk future = dues ex, military tech future = ghost recon, post-apocalyptic future = fallout, wild-west future = borderlands, space opera = halo, spanning multiple timelines = black ops... and the list goes)

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1877d ago

How about we get a Civil War shooter? Or the American revolution?

DeadlyFire1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I have always dreamed of such a shooter. Here is one attempt at one. Coming in 2013 I believe or later. Although its mostly MP type of shooter with Massive battlefield gameplay, but it sounds awesome. Perhaps it can inspire the other developers.



linkkjm1877d ago

Ah yes, Mount and Blade mods. I am a frequent player of Napoleanic Wars. In the 1stReddit. How about you?

Sovereign591877d ago

I don't think such a shooter would be very fun to play if it were kept realistic. How would it go? Fire your relatively inaccurate weapon once, get stuck in 30 second reload animation, repeat?

stage881877d ago


Exactly right. That's why there isn't a FPS in that era.

Perjoss1877d ago

I think you're assuming all the gameplay would be focused on the shooting part, and yes true it it supposed to be a first person shooter, but try to maybe think of it like an uncharted game, where the platforming forms only a part of the overall experience.

If the 30 secs reloading in between shots fired could be somehow crafted into a fun part of the gameplay via a reloading mini game then why not?

I truly believe that in the hands of the right dev team anything can be made into a fun experience if done right.

BattleAxe1877d ago

Red Dead Redemption was a ton of fun, so I don't see why that couldn't be translated into a First Person Shooter. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood wasn't all that bad either, but there are other developers that could do a far better job with that time period.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1876d ago

Sure! It would force players to strategize and work together as a team. I think it could be fun, unique and challenging if done right. Maybe even educational.

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SonyStyled1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

have fun spending a minute to reload that musket after every shot

BigDog551877d ago

Noooooooooo!!! WWII FPS have gone way to far!!

juandren1877d ago

We appreciate your comment. Go play COD now

bluetoto1877d ago

huh, last time I checked COD had a WW2 game, several I believe. They didn't just start with modern warfare.

Cam9771877d ago

Oh yes, definitely. I've missed them because they've been gone for too long. However, in light of the situation, Sniper Elite: V2 GOTY is coming out in March.

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