This guy plays Video Game Music with Floppy Drives

We were browsing Youtube and came across user MrSolidSnake745. This guy plays popular video game songs with an orchestra of Floppy drives

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no_more_heroes1725d ago

I wish I was this creative... :(

jacksheen00001725d ago

Pretty impressive indeed. there's more Floppy Drives tunes...check it out.

black9111724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

He Must Play with something else when its floppy.

derkasan1725d ago

Kind of reminds me of Anamanaguchi and their NES music...except more retro.

Y_51501725d ago

Fantastic! This type of music has a nice, distinct sound,

nzk01725d ago

It can get quite cacophonic at times but it has a nice sound most of the time :P

CommonSense1724d ago

It's stuff like this that makes me realize more and more that there isn't much reason to come to n4g anymore. all the contributors do is goto reddit and then re-share the information here 2 hours later.


kevinsheeks1724d ago

i don't use reddit is it better?

nzk01724d ago

They're two different things, as CommonSense pointed out I use both lol

caseh1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

But then you would miss out on all the trolling and ridiculous rants people have on N4G. :)

kevinsheeks1724d ago

this is the main reason i use n4g >.> it's like coffee