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Submitted by shodan74 1111d ago | news

Dead Space 3 Producer: “We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”

"Dead Space 3 producer John Calhoun appears to have only added fuel to the fire of recent controversy by suggesting that the use of micro-transactions is actually part of a strategy to attract the ‘smartphone generation’ to the game." (Dead Space 3, Dev, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Breadcrab  +   1111d ago | Well said
Yes. Clearly someone who spends most of their time playing Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride is interested in a game like Dead Space.

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Root  +   1111d ago | Well said
and this is why no one should buy this

If your a super die hard fan at least wait untill it's in the bargain bin

I loved DS but I can not support these guys....I can't support any studio who would ruin a game and screw over their fans to make more money. Not to mention saying silly stuff like this.

Because of us Dead Space fans the game got a sequel and after that it got another one, what we didn't want to see is you guys giving us the middle finger.

Seriously how can people still support this point it's just blind love.

"bu bu but I'm a huge Dead Space fan"

So....grow some balls and stand your ground. Do you want EA doing this to another EA based franchise you'll like in the you don't
MmaFan-Qc  +   1111d ago
"...Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones"

oh, ...the oxymoron.

thx John Calhoun, now because of your, im gonna get your game on piratebay instead of buying it on steam like unlike last two games.
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Ezz2013  +   1111d ago
i don't get it
why did they destroy what was good about Dead Space ..."the horror"

EA is run by monkeys
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SilentNegotiator  +   1111d ago
“We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”

Cut it, print it, and tell the fanboys to stop kidding themselves; They HAVE dumbed down DS3 for a "wider appeal"
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Revolver_X_  +   1111d ago
Im getting tired of seeing your uneducated fanboy rage in every DS3 article. Dont you kids do anything yourselves?

Full video. He explains that there is in game currency that equal to the microtransactions. Microtransactions are for casuals who dont want to grind the game out, and its implented in such a way where someone cant buy a maxed out gun at the start of the game. So, playing with these ppl wouldn't ruin our experience.

Also, coop seems interesting. Carver might hellucinate and see something that the player using Issac wont. Creating dialogue between players seems great if it intensifies the experience. It was confirmed that Issac and Carver in coop have plenty of areas where they split up. Then throw you into the claustraphobic, isolated situations we are familiar with.

Bottomline, quit feeding these misquoting flame articles. Do your own research. He even says the demo was different areas pieced together specifically to show whats new. The monsters in those areas of the demo arent necessarily placed there in the full game.
Oh_Yeah  +   1111d ago
This should have been a spin off. Jeez, the only game I've played this gen that gave me some scare, the only game with that jump factor...The horror genre is withering away, and they decide to do this? Turn it into a typical action game. -__- hope I'm wrong but if the game is like the demo, then it'll be a disappointment.
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vallencer  +   1111d ago
Nowhere in your rant of "EA is ruining DS" did you even mention how they are ruining DS. The game isn't out and you haven't played it. Yes they are adding co-op but guess what?? You don't have to play it and it doesn't ruin anything if you don't. They aren't forcing you to play co-op. I'm also sure that the title has taken things out of context because that's what N4G is good for. I played the demo and I enjoyed it. How are they screwing over their fans to make more money? It's not like they are adding real money transactions in the game or anything of that sort. Just curious as to why you're flipping shit over this game.
knowyourstuff  +   1111d ago
I've been saying this for months to a plethora of disagrees from idiots, but I'll say it again - EA is, has been, and forever will be a cash whore. They will dilute any franchise and completely alienate the original fanbase in a cheap effort to sell even a little bit more copies than last year. You know, instead of improving on the formula and actually making a better game - instead pander to those fickle phone gamers who aren't used to paying more than 99 cents for a game. EA, you are truly clueless, and your executives deserve to be fired.
MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
What do you know, Root has moved onto another new game to attack. What's next, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Dragon Age 3? Bioshock Infinite?
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DeadSpaced  +   1111d ago
Read this interview before you think you shouldn't buy it.

Root  +   1111d ago

Then don't read my comments, just because I speak the truth about EA being greedy and ruining DS like how Capcom ruined RE with RE5 and RE6


Well done for giving EA your money for giving you the middle finger while they ruin another franchise for more money :)


Do I really need to repeat what's been said a 100 times already. If I did that you would STILL have a dig at me so I can't win either way.


Stop...just stop, don't come into articles and start personal attacking people and start trolling. Seriously people like you should be banned. No wonder people don't like to comment on here, you kind of people like to jump on anyone that has a opinion and pick a fight on articles.

What I do love about you three is that despite everyone stating roughly the same you chose me and only me to say this to. How immature


Really.....and your going to believe then just like that.

Well if thats easy to fool you...

You never guess what happened last night, I won the lottery and I bought myself a house that runs on do I get myself in this fishy situations I'll never know
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MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
"What I do love about you three is that despite everyone stating roughly the same you chose me and only me to say this to. How immature "

Really? So to you it shows maturity to post in every DMC topic thinking there is a conspiracy that it got good reviews, thinking nobody has heard your prior 457 complaints about the game repeated hundreds of times. To you it's very mature to tell everyone to steer clear of that game, this game, Tomb Raider and countless others because only hardcore gamers like yourself are the real mature gamers who can't stand change.

Sure pal.
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jdubdoubleu  +   1111d ago
Couldn't have said it any better! They always gotta change stuff, thinking they're making it better.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1111d ago

I love it when that argument is used. "OH YOU JUST DONT LIKE CHANGE".

No, it's not that people don't like change, people don't like BAD CHANGE. The way in which this game is being handled is horrible. It's amazing how anti-consumer you and many other people are.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1111d ago
Ill get ot from torrents (good PC coming soon) and when it's 20 bucks I'll get it used for torphies :)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1111d ago
I agree EA's doing this just to piss off the people who made them the original Deadspace fans.
EA is losing site of its fanbase.

And it REALLY sucks that I'm not buying that new Insomniac game thanks to EA. Army Of 2 lol nobody asked for and with that dreadful 10 second trailer didn't help.

I never knew the phone gamers or "fanbase" is there one? Would be interested in this. Don't buy into what they're saying folks EA is making crap up to practice their greedy money grabbing tactics.

And yet an honest company like THQ goes under and EA's lying through their teeth to stay relevant, screw you EA seriously SCREW YOU.
ThanatosDMC  +   1111d ago
Check how blind the people are on their facebook page but then again the same thing happened to DMC.
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Megaton  +   1111d ago
If you absolutely must own this game, buy it used. Don't reward EA for their franchise-ruining business plan. It's bad for gaming as a whole moving forward to give EA money.

Also, be wary of EA supporters on the internet. It has been proven that EA actively hires people to say positive things about EA titles on various gaming sites.
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ziggurcat  +   1111d ago
are they holding a gun to your head, and forcing you into paying for any of the micro-transactions? will it actually affect the experience if you don't pay for the unlocks instead of finding everything on your own in the game? no? then who the **** cares.

i'm tired of seeing whining/crying/*****ing/moanin g about the most insignificant, inane BS, i'm tired of the "they're giving us the middle finger/screwing over their fans" diatribe because *none of that stuff matters*. how is it giving "us" (don't ever use us or we since you don't speak for everyone) the middle finger/screwing the core fans? because now you can go and waste your money acquiring things that you'd already get without paying extra for in game?

if someone wants to be lazy, and pay for stuff that'll do nothing except fast-track them through the weapon/suit/upgrade acquisition, that's their money to waste. if none of what's going to be available is going to prevent you from acquiring everything through natural progression/exploration, then you really shouldn't be giving a damn.

get over yourself, and get off of your damned soap box.
zerocrossing  +   1111d ago
Well, this is a great start to the year huh, first Devil may cry gets butchered and now Dead Space....

Can't devs just leave their damn franchises alone when they are doing just fine? Instead of trying to appeal to a demographic that wasn't even interested to begin with, they just end up ruining it for the core fans and loose those of us that supported their games from the start.
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kostchtchie_  +   1111d ago
well said mate, i doubt people will, but you can count on me not not buy it, they have ruined this IP with there action bullshit in 2 & 3
MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda wrote,
"No, it's not that people don't like change, people don't like BAD CHANGE. The way in which this game is being handled is horrible."

There are certain types of people on forums, and that is those who continually pick on things to complain about. They are also less likely to mention how games change for the better. It's the same thing when playing online, they are more likely to make a negative comment about their experience than a positive one. Does that apply to everyone in this thread who doesn't like what they are seeing or hearing from the producer? Of course not. My earlier comment was directed at one person and after seeing that one person on this forum quite a few times I can attest to you that he is what I am talking about. I wouldn't have an issue with that if it were just random acts but he has and will continue to keep going into every topic about those games just like he did with DMC. There's a difference between and opinion and an agenda and his agenda is to convince others to agree and steer clear of these games he has chosen. If getting people on his side doesn't work he will keep repeating himself in other topics like a virus.

"It's amazing how anti-consumer you and many other people are."

Really? You have no idea what my purchases have been. I am a consumer just like you. I don't rush out and buy the same things everyone else does. I don't own a Kinect so if you think I am all for casual gaming you are wrong. I also don't think games need to degrade themselves just for more sales. However I also not a half empty glass kinda guy who has knee-jerk reactions to everything that is said on the internet. I play games to have fun and don't involve myself with all the politics that go on within them behind the scenes. I also understand how the industry is changing. We have a generation of gamers who have grown up and are clashing with new generation of fans. The industry is also expanding to a wider audience. We also have more choice now more than any other time in history of games to choose from. So they will need to try other tactics to get consumers to stay and online is going to be a key area they focus on. With that the single player experience may erode and I understand this fight to keep that alive. I too love single player experiences.

I was very apprehensive when Uncharted went with an online mode. I thought it was wasted resources but low and behold Uncharted 2 was an awesome game. I dare to say even better than the original. Which is why I will give this game a chance. I understand the isolation Dead Space started out with and how creepy the atmosphere was and adding online and co-op could ruin the original concept. At the same token I am up for new ideas with new channels the game could lean towards.

At the end of the day I am very much a consumer. However my contract of being a consumer is just that, my abilities as a buyer. Other than that it is out of my hands what they do with it and I'm not some entitled brat who thinks I have the power to try and convince them to make games I want by plaguing the forums and rallying troops to go after them for changing my...I mean their game.
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TekoIie  +   1111d ago

"What I do love about you three is that despite everyone stating roughly the same you chose me and only me to say this to. How immature"

Here's the thing. You do nothing but rant, rage or cry. But on the rare occasions that your not your comment still has an aura of negativity around it.

Just be less negative. Comment on good news and not just point out the bad in everything.
JAMurida  +   1111d ago
Or just Gamefly it, if you're in the US parts.
Root  +   1111d ago

How the hell is that being negative, it's true, it's not like I'm pulling crap out of thin air. What do you want me to say

"Oh yeah EA are bunch of great people, I'm sure this is a simple mistake, I can't wait for DS3 because it looks like something which has stuck to it's roots" /s

This gen it's been nearly one negative thing after can people be happy these days when we have devs ruining franchises, focusing on casual, becoming greedy, DLC after DLC, milking etc

@MikeMyers more

Your boring us
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omi25p  +   1110d ago
Lets be honest. What EA franchise hasn't been completely f*cked.

1.Mass Effect 3: A rushed third person shoot
2.Medal Of Honour: Released before finished
3.Command and Conquer: Noobified
4.Need for Speed: Removed any and all customization (What made the game popular)
5. EA Sports game are the same thing every year

I guess the only one i can think of is battlefield and thats no where near as good as it used to be.
DatNJDom81  +   1110d ago
Action fans as in casuals? WTF! This is really starting to piss me off. So many great games are being dumb down for the casuals. How is this helping gaming????
lorettajason3   1110d ago | Spam
007Bond  +   1111d ago
Listen if we were EA we would do the same, making money isn't getting any easier. What would you do? Make a game that will likely sell low, satisfy few or the opposite?
Breadcrab  +   1111d ago
I'd make a game that would at least satisfy someone rather than disappoint everyone.
vlonjati77  +   1111d ago
007Bond-personally I have a big chance of opening a restaurant in the near future,I will open a normal restaurant that people eat healthy food,I will not open a fast food(obvously I will have more customers)cause its unhealthy.So,I prefer earnin less money>well In my case I wouldnt pay taxes(dont ask why).Depends how much greedy some1 is.In this case -EA go ..l. U.
Danniel1  +   1111d ago
Look at Dark Souls, a game designed with the intention of being hardcore and not pandering to the masses. And it's been lauded both critically and commercially in no small part because of that choice.

If all developers/publishers had such integrity in the designing of their games the market would still flourish and gamers would probably have a better skill set instead of just itchy trigger fingers.
Tonester925  +   1111d ago
Please don't forget that this is a business. They have to make changes in order to appeal to the mass audience to better their pockets.

Some changes that we may not like (Did anyone play the demo by the way?)

It sounds nice for a company to listen to their fans and do what their fans want them to do BUT will that gain profit for them with a game like Dead Space? Look at it from a business mind.
clonerz  +   1111d ago
Wait a minute why did they make a second game if they didn't make enough off the first don't defend ea they were first inline with online passes battle field 2 I believe not to mention its only a matter of time till they figure out a way to start charging for roster updates in sports division anyone play tiger recently they removed a lot of courses for dlc purposes to buy coins or buy course pending on year this gen is by far the worst gen on gamers pockets not to mention all the half ass prerelease testing that goes on in games oh well patch it you say but every other gen before this those games would be in discount bin real quick and patches not all them but most is just the publisher cutting costs I have been gaming since 2600 and never has a generation of consoles been so overrun with GREED than this one
kparks  +   1111d ago
Its resident evil all over again!! WTF so there saying screw the hard core survival horror gamer so we can appeal to the action shooter i said it before and ill say it again.. if i want to play a action shooter ill play cod,halo,or battlefield NOT DEAD SPACE!! We have enough run and gun shooters as it is! AHHHHHH
colonel179  +   1111d ago
This is the millionth time I say it:
Why the hell do they always want to appeal to a different fanbase on the THIRD (fourth, fitfth, etc) game of a franchise!!! That's what upsets me the most!

Why can't they just create a NEW IP that "appeal to Action fans who've only played games on their phones" instead of ruining a ESTABLISHED franchised with ESTABLISHED FANS!

This is not the first game to do that! Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, etc!
gypsyolmstead16uf   1111d ago | Spam
gamingmaster2013  +   1110d ago
Dead Space guy - “We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”...

I'm playing dead space right now on my xperia phone!
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Blaze929  +   1110d ago
“We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”
Capcom prob thought the same thing with RE6...o wait
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showtimefolks  +   1110d ago
Oh crap resident Evil 6 all over again

First 2 dead space games sold well so why all of the sudden change of heart?
Snookies12  +   1111d ago | Well said
THEY DIDN'T DO CRAP TO GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE NOW. Man it irritates the hell out of me when I see stuff like this. So yes, this is a rant, and it's MY opinion. If you'd relied on those people early on in the industry, we wouldn't even have games today because they're not the ones who got your freaking company where it is now...

Stay true to fans that bought your game early on, don't betray them for new ones. Hideo Baba uttered something similar to this and it's so true in this generation. Final Fantasy has gone astray, Dead Space is going astray, DmC went astray, Resident Evil went astray, etc. Without the people early on that bought your FIRST game in the series, you wouldn't even be where you are now. How about companies actually think about that before saying, "screw them, let's completely change this game's entire essence and make something casuals will enjoy."

Wait, that's right... Most of them don't have any clue about anything other than money. It's about making something you're proud of, not what will earn a quick buck. Very few in the industry still have that mentality.

I'm an old school gamer, guess we're just dying out these days...
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Blank  +   1111d ago
I too am an old school gamer and I feel the same way that we are a dying breed but this industry needs a big wake up slap since the core gaming crowd can be both patient or vengeful bunch, we are the foundation of these profits what these companies are doing is destroying and ignoring the foundation while taking a gamble in hopes of attracting the casual or mobile gaming crowd funny thing is that mobile phone gamers are mobile phone gamers because its cheap no way would they think of spending 60 bucks plus micro transactions they are used to paying at the most 5 bucks considering there are no micro tranactions now as for the route dead space is going and their intentions with the franchise does not sit well with me and thats where im gonna stop and not state the obvious *sighs*
JP1369  +   1111d ago
Well, it is a business. This means that publishers will continue to pander to whatever base they feel will generate the largest profits, even if it means turning their back on the people that got them to where they are. Meanwhile, the developers need funding, so they are likely to cave in to the publisher's needs rather than pursuing purely creative avenues.
As the industry gets bigger and the stakes become higher, this will increasingly become the case. The main source of hope is that the developers that have already generated their own fan base (KojiPro, Bungie, Naughty Dog, etc) will be allowed much more autonomy. And then there's Valve, who seem set to become completely independent. On top of this, there's an independent market that seems more and more capable of producing some really quality work. These factors represent the entirety of my faith in the future of this industry.
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mav805  +   1111d ago
I think that most people realize that game companies need to make money. They have payrolls to meet, overhead costs, etc.

What blows my mind is that these guys have a working, profitable model, yet time after time, companies will dismiss the fans and niche that they've made for themselves by trying to obtain sales from a wider market that is very competitive and full of people that have no interest in their game. It's incredible to me.
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JP1369  +   1111d ago
"I think that most people realize that game companies need to make money. They have payrolls to meet, overhead costs, etc."

You would hope so. However, the constant arguments about creativity and remaining loyal to the fans shows otherwise. We're talking about publishers here, not developers. I'm sure most devs would love to follow their creative vision without compromise, but the publishers are in control. They are the people that use market research to decide what direction to take and they really only care about remaining profitable. People have to keep their jobs and companies have to stay in business. This is what happens when people who aren't creative have control over artists. I'm not saying I like it, but I'm at least pragmatic about the reality of the situation.
I do share your amazement at some of the decisions that get made, however. Their number one goal is to make money, and yet some of the decisions these publishers make seem like they were made with the opposite goal in mind. My hope is that the fans keep voting with their wallets and that games like RE6 continue to underperform.
WitWolfy  +   1111d ago
I agree!

Plus EA forgot one tiny little thing when they released this game... What makes them think casual gamers are going to pick up this game now??? If they haven't played the previous two, seeing those werent casual games, so how are they going to jump in to a franchise when its more or less at its climax when they never really experienced the 2 other titles first?

Nice one EA *slow clap*
insomnium2  +   1111d ago
That comment of your can be applied 100% to MS with x360 and their Kinect centered approach ever since 2009. And they succeeded too. I bet DS 3 will sell tonnes of copies and encourage EA to make a second casual friendly DS. Nobody here on this site wins...except DS/MS sales fanboys.

I'll duck and cover for this one.....INCOMING!!!!
dktxx2  +   1111d ago
It's amazing just how dumb and out of touch high ranking executives can be.
rezzah  +   1111d ago
Well that's because all they see is $
Hicken  +   1111d ago
And people wonder why Capcom and others get the backlash that they do.
Nitrowolf2  +   1111d ago
The demo was so bad, well I didn't get a chance to play the SP portion, but the co-op demo wtf. There bugs, my body PS3 frozed during the drill scene, I played with another passed that only to get stuck in the airshaft. Nothing was scary about it either.

Seems that this has gone the way of Resident Evil.
LOGICWINS  +   1111d ago
“We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”


I have no words.
Furesis  +   1111d ago
that would mean they have to buy a console first and i don't think they'll be doing that they're not even going to know about the game lol
Conzul  +   1111d ago
Now we're all Sad Pandas

jessupj  +   1111d ago
I honestly think that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard coming from a lead developer.

Casuals do not care about games. You can't really on them for sales.
abzdine  +   1111d ago
i have two words: "me neither"
PhantomTommy  +   1111d ago | Funny
Ah yes, I remember thinking to myself after completing the first Dead Space, "Why the hell can't it be more appealing to action fans who've only played games on their phones?"
Baba1906  +   1111d ago
its the same problem as with the nintendo wii. people who bought the wii for fitness games, are not the people who will buy hardcore games, so dont make hardcore games for those people. i know so many people who play some phone games, they would never touch a console.
Nyxus  +   1111d ago
No, they really don't.
Syclonus  +   1111d ago
they could have done a spin off/side story for that not a numbered game in the series :(
#8 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RE_L_MAYER  +   1111d ago
I just hope they dont turn the storyline into a complete marker diarrhea-demo was ok, everything seem the same but I never cared for multiplayer so I just have to skip coop and mp
Oh and by the way good job doing the collectors edition that I cant afford
nevin1  +   1111d ago

"Final Fantasy has gone astray, Dead Space is going astray, DmC went astray, Resident Evil went astray, etc. Without the people early on that bought your FIRST game in the series, you wouldn't even be where you are now."

But at the same time, you need new people to expand the franchise.

When will core gamers learn that video games is not about them anymore?
LordHiggens  +   1111d ago
It is about us...and it is about the bottom dollar. Look at DmC. The game is selling you think it would be a different story if the game stayed true to it's roots...who's to say? I'm no soothsayer, but what I do know is relevant empirical data from the past regarding the previous entries of Devil May Cry. Even with a smaller market the sales of Devil May Cry alone in it's first week of release are enough to put DmC to shame. Gamers pay attention to this kind of crap. If you piss us off we will let you know with EXTREME prejudice. Case in point, new Cole from Infamous, new Dante from DmC. With increased support from gamers everywhere we were able to convince Nintendo and the studios who developed the games Xenoblade and The Last Story to release their critically acclaimed games here in NA. The sales for them were spectacular despite have a huge lull for a release window. Gaming is all about the gamer. Always has been and always will be. My only desire is for others to realize it so we can make a more powerful statement. Stay true to the game and what got you fans from the beginning and you won't have to worry about unhappy people and fans...that is unless you do it badly. Look at games like GoW, Zelda, CoD, Halo...all of these stay true to the original game formula while innovating and providing something new...some more than others but they are sticking with the ORIGINAL format that made them successful in the beginning. They appease the initial fan base first and move from their. It's not rocket science it's basic Econ 101. Gotta have customers before you have profit.
trenso1  +   1111d ago
I just got off dead space 2 and checked n4g, was thinking about getting dead space 3 even after hating the demo but after playing dead space 2 i felt i could suck it up and give it a shot, but after reading this...nope, they wont get my money ill buy it used or extremely cheap EA and this developer dont deserve my money.
ironfist92  +   1111d ago
DS1 was a gem, DS2 took a step in the wrong direction, and DS3 is pretty much gonna kill the franchise.

Makes me wonder what EA wouldve done to ruin another franchise like Mirror's Edge.

Maybe its good we dont have a sequel to that :/
DeadSpaced  +   1111d ago
They might not kill the franchise. Check this interview out. You might like it.

trenso1  +   1111d ago
yea I'd rather mirrors edge stay the gem that it is then have let it have sequel after sequel where it loses its soul to "Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones”
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RE_L_MAYER  +   1111d ago
redDevil87  +   1111d ago
These guys are so out of touch with gamers.

I bet they've even forgotten what made Dead Space 1 was special.
ChipChipperson  +   1111d ago
So, make Dead Space 3 appeal to people who haven't played the first two major installments within the Dead Space series?
sdozzo  +   1111d ago
Yeah, because they think we will automatically buy it. So, now they need more more more!
League_of_Draven  +   1111d ago
Dead Space? More like Dead Franchise.
abzdine  +   1111d ago
the demo was really boring and graphics are below average. A definite no buy for me.
Blacklash93  +   1110d ago
The gameplay definitely wasn't what horror should be, but I'm not going to deny the game looks quite good graphically. Though that doesn't count for anything when the gameplay is poor.
#14.1.1 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
NoTheMama  +   1111d ago
The demo was awful. Possibly the worst cover system ive ever come across. And that battle with the giant drill was just a joke....
BanBrother  +   1111d ago
Haha lol. Funny thing is one of the best games I played made me fight a bulldozer. Too bad this game won't be purchased by me though.
aviator189  +   1111d ago
Wow...did I really just read that?? ..

sdozzo  +   1111d ago
Aka cash grab
Reborn  +   1111d ago
It's rare you'll find executives who actually care about the quality of the game, and their fans (I'm not saying to give in to every fan demand).

But this statement isn't going to go down well, and rightly so. When will people learn that phone games, are totally made for different audiences? For starters.. there's a huge difference in price.

Silly comment to make. I expected a bit better from a producer.
#18 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FarCryLover182  +   1111d ago
I played the demo today, it is not what I was expecting from this franchise.
ghostrider32  +   1111d ago
Their decision is just as stupid as Capcom's decision to attract Call of Duty fans to a horror franchise.
Plagasx  +   1111d ago
Sighs, just another EA franchise preparing to die...
tronjohn  +   1111d ago
Saying 'let’s not alienate our fans' and then shitting all over us is like pissing in my face and telling me its rain.
denero1  +   1111d ago
Wow so dlc on top of online passes now with micro transactions -.- i love where gaming is going full price games that come in parts now with in game purchases to speed you up if you don't want the extended grind

"Ahhh i can't find this rare metal anywhere in the game but here it is in the EA store for 5.99..... -_-"
#23 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1110d ago
It's a scary thought and I can only see it getting worse. Gamers need to stand up against this horrible money grabbing scheme.
Vote with your wallets people.
phantomexe  +   1111d ago
I enjoyed both DS 1 and 2 so i'll be picking this one up as well. I liked the demo it was dead space. I can see the coop being action oriented but the single player was still dead space. 70% of the games i own are made by EA delopers so i don't have this childish hate for EA that so many of you do. I get the capcom hate or the SE hate but the EA hate makes no sense to me because we get quality games. There a company so there going look for new means to make money. That's how business works. N4g is not the majority of gamers and given me 20 disagrees will not change those facts. I don't want DS3 going all action but from playing the demo it isn't.
Furesis  +   1111d ago
facts? those are your opinions boy
phantomexe  +   1111d ago
N4g isn't the majority of gamers....that is a fact, and we have seen quality games from EA this gen. I believe people posted here because they enjoyed DS 1 and 2 and are worried about DS3, so i believe that there are 2 quality games right there. They wouldn't be worried about DS3 if they weren't.
#24.1.1 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
RE_L_MAYER  +   1111d ago
Finally - someone who actually liked it
I dont get most of you people - If you truly like the first game you will like the rest, now it doesnt aplly to a lot of games but when I play it it still seems like good old dead space guys-maybe you just got older and dont care anymore for gaming world
streetcutter  +   1111d ago
Im really sad. like im not even angry, im just really sad and hurt. when everything is just becoming cod, dead space was different. but now its just becoming the same so whats the. its like the games industry is just turning into the music industry. its big enough now that its all about the money and just everything is mainstream. and im sad
denero1  +   1111d ago
Right I think this is the real feeling of gamer's not even angry more hurt and betrayed the idea that we carried gaming this far and were being replaced for "potential customers" they use us to build franchises and then when it's established they toss us aside to appeal to a whole new branch of people who likely won't be as dedicated

then when the game flops after all the negative reactions before release they say "oh well guess fans don't have interest in this series anymore" problem is you've changed it so much it's not the same franchise
streetcutter  +   1111d ago
exactly man, exactly
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1110d ago
Fully agree with both of you guys well said +
TheDivine  +   1111d ago
So to attract casual smartphone gamers they add microtransactions?

Hey infinity blade and angry birds have extras for money and so does this, AWESOME! I love games that let me buy stuff in game! I'm off to buy a 300 dollar console and dead space 3. Thank god they added microtrasactions, it wouldn't be fun without them. /s

Sounds like BS to me. Cheap greedy bastards are trying to justify raping us. First we had full complete games with free expansions and unlockable extras, then it turned to paid dlc, then preorder bonuses, now having to pay for in game items. Next it will be paid games having microtrasactions, dlc, and ads making you pay extra to stop the ads. Bullshit. What's next each level will cost 10 bucks and each mp map will be 5? I want this but I may just wait till its 20 used to show them I won't support this shit.
KnightRobby  +   1111d ago
Why would he even say something like this? He'd have to know the news and press would be all over it. Perhaps it is to get Dead Space 3 in the spotlight and discussed?

I think the coop element in gaming is absolutely amazing, in general. However, to say something so extreme to enrage hardcore fans is beyond me.

Visceral Games, besides, is making DS3 and AoT: The Devil's Cartel. So their action-based coop gameplay is beginning to blend...obviously. Still, I did enjoy coop in DS3's demo.
ame22  +   1111d ago
How about f**k you EA? NO?
#28 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GenoZStriker  +   1111d ago
This is probably one of the worst PR statements I have read in a long time. It is just incredibly dumb and makes Dead Space 3 like a joke. Having only played Dead Space 1 and not knowing how DS2 was or what to expect from DS3, I seriously question if it's worth my time looking into this game, considering the category of consumers they are aiming for. Jesus Christ has gaming PR just been terrible lately.
#29 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Genecalypse  +   1111d ago
The future of video games everyone
Kurt Russell  +   1111d ago
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