New ‘Killzone Mercenary’ details surface; like a portable ‘Killzone 3’

On Sunday afternoon, new details regarding “Killzone Mercenary” for PlayStation Vita surfaced from the latest issue of Polish magazine PSX Extreme.

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Nitrowolf21664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

- Engine is nearly 1:1 from PS3 version
- They added a few new gimmicks to the engine, so they can utilize more PS Vita
- Game is gorgeous, clear and crispy textures, big draw distances
- Character models are awesome, the same with animation
- Stable FPS even with gigantic action inside levels
- Literally - game is like portable Killzone 3, looking better than Uncharted (PS Vita).

I'm excited, but I also want to hear about the multiplayer of the title.

@Below yeah I know, it's just that after beating and playing the MP of KZ3 I was expecting more from them rather than a downgraded system. Good game, but compared to 2 MP it wasn't so good.

Not expecting the Vita to be like 2 or anythign, I have faith that they'll be able to deliver what people wanted from with COD ( a fun, fully functionaly MP)

wishingW3L1664d ago

the developers are Guerrilla themselves after all and not some 3rd rate 3rd party developer.

PirateThom1664d ago

This is the biggest positive.

This year will see titles from both Guerulla and Media Molecule on Vita and we can only hope more Sony developers do the same.

Neo Nugget1664d ago




Shikoro1664d ago

The developers are NOT Guerrilla Games, Guerrilla Cambridge are. Quality is assured with them, no worries. :D

dedicatedtogamers1663d ago

The advantage of this game is that we've seen a little bit of what a shooter can be on the Vita with Resistance and with Black Ops Declassified. However, neither of those games were outstanding, just decent.

But with Killzone Mercenary, they've had the time to develop it, they're not rushing the game just to make it a launch title, and I'm sure the final product will show. It will be one of the first non-launch-window AAA exclusives for the Vita.

chazjamie1663d ago

Nah dude declassified and resistance were anything but decent. They up there with ridge racer. 3 of the worst games to ever grace the vita.

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JoGam1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Bring it

UltraVegito1664d ago

I can't wait to see gameplay footage.

And for it being a portable killzone 3 well,even though i find it hard to believe it wouldn't be tooshocking though.
Back when the Vita was called the NGP there were small shots of it.

Around mid-late 2012 i believe they released a trailer showing what i think is a early beta.

So given that knowledge they been working on it for nearly a year and by GG.
I can't wait to see the results of all that work :D

SonyStyled1664d ago

the gamescom trailer i think it was had gameplay in it. if u missed it here it is below

Ezz20131663d ago

yeah it look great on vita and i agree it look better than uncharted (vita)

KwietStorm1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

But the only thing "better" about Killzone 3 was controls and response. SO MUCH other content was removed for whatever reason. I know the disagrees are coming, and I can't understand how people can deny it. People didn't like the weight and sluggishness of KZ2. Fine, I get that. But again, they scrapped pretty much everything else that gave it its identity previously. I'm not sure what you mean about bringing what people wanted from COD, etc.

Veneno1663d ago

I felt the same way about the subtractions made from Uncharted 2 to 3. Especially Single player bonuses. Thats what made the game soooooo replayable. It was a let down for me for sure as Single player was the main reason I play uncharted.

MizTv1663d ago

My problem was the classes the maps the 24 instead of 32

tachy0n1663d ago

the best graphics ever made on a handheld, may i say?

DAY -1 im preordering this.

Cam9771663d ago

Thankyou for the list. I for one am really looking forward to buying this game! It'll be nice to hype up a Vita game.

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majiebeast1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I think what would be a good idea for Sony is if every development studio they have has a team for ps4,ps3 games and a team for Vita games.

calis1663d ago

It's good in theory but it probably means they have to hire more people and create more teams which costs money.

They've recently shut down some studios so I doubt they're going to be looking to employ more people.

Godchild10201663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

They shut down studios, but made second teams in most, if not all of their already established studios.

Ridrick1663d ago

They have shut as well Studio Liverpool (old Psygnosis), one of the best British developers ... :-(

Killzoner991664d ago

This game will be the best portable FPS ever made hands down. Killzone is the Halo killer. Sony knows this so they are going to put everything they have behind this game. My body is ready.

FanMan1664d ago

dont be foolish. this could easily turn into vita cod or resistance. (although i hope not) and killzone isnt a halo killer.

smashman981664d ago

Lol killzone and halo are different kinda games
Halos arcadey and ls is not

cjflora1664d ago

What was wrong with Resistance on the Vita? I quite enjoyed it.

SandWitch1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Sure it might be another Resistance, but this time it's very doubtful. Guerilla Cambridge is way more professional studio than Nihilistic.

@cjflora > I agree, Resistance was totally playable and I quite enjoyed it too, but undoubtedly it needed a lot more work/polish.

Sithlord-Gamble1663d ago

I agree. I actually enjoyed both Resistance & COD on Vita.
While maybe lacking in polish, they were still very playable & entertaining.

Can't wait for Killzone tho. It was the reason I bought a Vita in the first place. Hoping for a Killzone themed Vita bundle.

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CaptainPunch1664d ago

What does Halo have to do with this?

ThatGuy21664d ago

Killzone is not even close to the popularity halo has ...

smashman981663d ago

Lol apparently you're wrong

Let me try and be right

Halo is the least popular series in the world
No one plays it except for kids who don't know what a real shooter is

poopsack1663d ago

Thank god you put the sarcasm tag, we were goin bananas trying to figure it all out!

ghostrider321663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

The Halo killer..............

There is no Halo killer. And Halo have nothing to do with this. You are one of many reasons what's wrong with this site.

xursz1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

He's not serious. At least about the "Halo killer". People who took that seriously are fools to give him exactly what he wants.

1) A handheld game has nothing to do with the success of a console game.
2) He's probably on MS's marketing team trying to plug Halo into unrelated topics under the guise of trolling.
3) Mark him for trolling and ignore him (there's an ignore feature on this site).

Divine1663d ago

Yes no other Fps will be able to compare. and u speak truth dude what is your psn?