Why Zombies in Games are Absolutely Not Yet Overdone

"The fact is, “zombie games” aren’t a genre. I couldn’t blame anyone who claims that they’re tired of first-person shooters"

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Mathew9R1451d ago Show
parkerpeters1451d ago

Zombies in games, films, pop culture in general are done. They have been over used, and aren't fun any more. Sorry.

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parkerpeters1451d ago

I absolutely agree. And who is it that oversaturated the market with both WWII games... and Zombies... Hmm. Who was it.
Oh yeah, Activision.

TheGrimOfDeath1450d ago

I imagine in the future the whole genre will be over saturated with futuristic games and we will be sick off Sci-Fi games and we would want WWII and Zombies games back.

I just hope developers don't make futuristic zombie games. XD

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