The Real Reason Take-Two Rejected EA's Offer?

"ZelnickMedia are an investment firm who run Take-Two. Take-Two's executive chairman is a Mr. Strauss Zelnick. EA have made an offer to buy Take-Two. Very shortly after receiving this offer, and before they told shareholders about it, ZelnickMedia approved a "major increase in compensation" for Mr. Zelnick, along with CEO Ben Feder and executive VP Karl Slatoff."

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Omegasyde3941d ago

Great the dude is going to pull a enron and get out while the going to good.

This guy is the definition of Sell-out. Once EA takes over and restructuring happens, alot of people will lose their jobs.

Wow, what a heartless #$%^#$^#.

"In his defence, Zelnick argues that since taking over the company, he's turned their fortunes around, as evidenced by EA's takeover interest"

No, this SOB even thinks he the reason Take 2 is profitable. What a bafoon, we all know it was Rockstar.