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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Will Feature Trophies

"Every since the first DLC pack was announced for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, many gamers have wondered if they will include trophies or not. This lead to a few debates on the subject, but it seems that the DLC or at least the stage Fearless will in fact feature trophies." - JPS (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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admiralvic  +   766d ago
Only 1 trophy? That sucks, but at least it confirms some / all of the DLC will feature trophies.
8bitHero  +   766d ago
Its free dlc, what you mean "only 1"? I'll never understand the fascination with trophies.
admiralvic  +   766d ago
First off, it's not free DLC... it's free for 2 weeks. There IS a big difference, since Sony PLANS on charging for it. Sure most people will get it for free, but that shouldn't be used to justify less content for those that pay.

Considering this "pack" will probably include Kat / Emmett, it's a real shame that the only trophy is so simple. They could have easily implemented a trophy for using Kat's gravity powers creatively or something to do with Emmett's build & battle skills. This would force a lot of people to try these characters out and perhaps even learn something about them that they didn't know.
8bitHero  +   766d ago
that makes no sense. why "force" them to use a character they dont want to for some virtual achievement? they also could've easily not even put a trophy because you know, thats not the point of the game.
Rockefellow  +   766d ago
Well, regardless of people's fascination with trophies, the stage DLC is separate from the characters and will not be provided free of charge for a limited time.
rpd123  +   766d ago
I don't get why people love trophies so much. They don't add anything to the game.
MidnytRain  +   766d ago
They're challenges. Sort of like extra missions.
rpd123  +   766d ago
You're making the game a chore by trying for trophies. It's like the exact opposite of the point of a game. You should go back to playing a game because it's fun and you enjoy playing it, not because there are trophies for it. Those extra missions should be incorporated into the game already. I remember when trophies/achievements didn't exist and games had to make you want to replay because of the actual game, not because of a virtual trophy.

@ Son_Lee below

Who cares if it makes the game longer? Games don't have to be long to be fun. There are long games that are absolute s*** and short games that are incredibly fun.
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Cyrax4  +   766d ago
It's not making the game a chore, it's proof that you're good enough to beat a game on its hardest difficulty or invest the hours to complete the hardest challenges.

I will NEVER buy a Wii or a Wii U because there's no achievement/trophy system implemented. What's the point of beating a game if you have no way of proving it to others? Without achievements/trophies, Nintendo's consoles are merely toys.

I beat God of War 3 on the hardest difficulty. Would I ever have done that if not for trophies? Absolutely not. I would have rented the game, beat it on easy, and then returned it and never touched it again -- no matter how good the game was.
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cpayne93  +   766d ago
Cyrax4 uh, I'm pretty sure you're joking, but I'm not completely sure. I really hope so.
ToxicTaco  +   765d ago
@ Cryax4

That comment actually saddens me. The fact that so many so called "gamers" agreed with you makes it even worse. You play a game to prove to that you beat it to others? Not for the story, characters, fun gameplay? The hell is wrong with you people? Games are supposed to be played for the fun of it, because they bring you enjoyment and entertainment.

If you're truly a fan of a game, then you'll replay whether there are trophies or not. I've replayed the God of War series so many times, not for trophies, because it's fun. The fact that you wouldn't have even gotten God of War 3 if it didn't have trophies is ridiculous to me. You wouldn't play a super fun game, just because it didn't have trophies.

"Without achievements/trophies, Nintendo's consoles are merely toys."

Well no shit, buddy. They're toys with or without it. As are Sony's and Microsoft's consoles. That the point. They're meant to be fun. That statement right there, proves that you have made gaming a chore, whether you realize it or not.
Soldierone  +   766d ago
If you don't like them, then don't pay attention to them. I don't see why trophy haters need to be so vocal about removing them.

The standard "play for fun" aspect is still there. There are plenty of games with in game rewards that are harder than the trophies themselves.

However there are people that never really saw a point to it. Why bother doing everything else when the core game is done? Trophies MAKE THINGS FUN for some people. Who cares why, it just does.

And the system has always been there, its just now based on the console. You always got rewarded for doing side missions, extra things, discovering things. The only difference is before it was an in-game trophy, and now its a console trophy.
admiralvic  +   766d ago
By the same token, I don't see why people hate trophies so much, they don't take anything away from the game. If anything, they cause people to experience things they wouldn't have done otherwise...
FunAndGun  +   766d ago
Collecting trophies can also be fun.

You might think it is a chore, but others find joy in doing it. You play the games for fun, but then there is this whole other meta game involving trophies. Its like gaining a level in an RPG, except the role playing game you are playing is the history of every single other game you have played and how much you have "completed" of those games.

Just because someone likes chasing trophies doesn't mean they don't also enjoy the game. For you, trophies are meaningless and a waste of time. Others might say the same thing about playing video games in general. Everything is a meaningless accomplishment unless it gives YOU a feeling a of joy.
MidnytRain  +   766d ago
You're assuming that everyone only does them to get them. You're not considering that people think unlocking trophies IS fun and enjoyable. Not everyone feels the same as you, and not everyone does it for "e-peen."
Tetsujin  +   765d ago

I agree; I'm not a big fan of trophies either, yet there's those few people who swear on trophies/achievements and some go as far as refusing to play older games just because there's no "electronic checklist" to prove they played something.

The extent of me playing for trophies is to shut up naysayers about me completing something; instead of just a game save (they think I downloaded from the internet) I can now show them "Look I did it, now shut up." Sad part is now a lot of people judge based on someones score; higher score/list means "better gamer;" regardless of how much knowledge someone has about something they played in the past/present, if it doesn't show in their "list" it doesn't exist.

I'm not 100% against trophies/Achievements, I'm 100% against people who play games ONLY to boost their scores, judge based on someones count/score, and those who refuse to play games that have no type of trophy/achievement regardless of how good it is.
Son_Lee  +   766d ago
Trophies add everything to a game. More replay and longer playing time overall. It's not like trophies are mandatory, but give them to the people who want them.
8bitHero  +   766d ago
LOL trophies are the cheap and lazy way of "adding" replay value.
Ultr  +   766d ago
actually, through trophys I learnd to appreciate more games.
MANY games have so much content that you dont really explore because you just want to see the ending and stuff.
I mean, its not like the developers made the game in 10 hours, no, they put YEARS into the developement.
I think trophies are a perfect way to pay developers more respect.
There have always been achievements/trophies in games but they weren't called like that.
Now they are called like that, and its a wonderful way to compare how much you like a certain game.
but hey, that may just be me :)
Soldierone  +   766d ago
I hate how easy the trophies are in this game. Was hoping it'd have more of a challenge to it. Finding myself enjoying maxing out levels on each character more than anything.
Ultr  +   766d ago
They "forced" me to actually play all characters and after one playthrough I actually appreciate those characters more, I got to know the basics of the mechanics, and its awesome how different every character is.
Though, something for the more skilled/ or people that want to invest more time into this game, would be cool :)
Greenmanboy  +   766d ago
Thanks for directly copying my pictures that I uploaded, not that hard to find them yourself, jeez
admiralvic  +   766d ago
While I don't see the problem with it (credit was given after all), they've been removed to avoid problems.
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Greenmanboy  +   766d ago
Of course you will "Disagree" you submitted the article, just in future it would be nice if people used their own images, and not been lazy and copy and paste.
DivineAssault  +   765d ago
free dlc for a while that has a trophy in it.. Why complain?? Anyway, if kats in it, im downloading it.. Ive been looking for a unique character to master & so far, its been a mix of everyone..

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