Killzone Mercenary cover Polish PSX Etreme

Images of the upcoming Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway Vita titles in the next Polish PSX Extreme magazine

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remanutd551852d ago

Translation people, i think thats polish no? who speaks polish here? i really want to know all the info.

gijsbrecht1852d ago

I couldn't read the actual scanned page (too unclear), but the website itself doesn't provide any details concerning the games other then that they will be covered in the next issue.

remanutd551852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

ohhh ok thanks a lot man, oh my god i have just noticed they have Tearawar in there as well, now i really need to know their impressions lol.

Are the guys from the magazine cover the ISA?

hay1851d ago

But there's the orange text that's easily readable and says:
"Touch controls do not impose, therefore feel perfectly natural."

TENTONGUN1851d ago

i just watched a video of tearaway and it looks decent. i trust MM. but man give me killzone for my vita. i need that shit

Divine1852d ago

I cant wait for this game, I've been waiting for it since ps vita was released as king of killzone3 lol. i must have this at launch i cant wait to see some gameplay, i love killzone

Divine1852d ago

it looks better than every game on the wii u lol.

1852d ago
GearSkiN1851d ago

yea but i find KZ art style not very attracting, art design is great level design is meh. and i own KZ

medziarz1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

the images are too small :D

KZ: they're saying the touch controls are not overblown and fit the game nicely

and for Tearaway: it looks fenomenal and like nothing you've seen before

the website is also going to publish behind the scenes videos from their visit to Guerilla and MM

pixelsword1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yeah, thanks for the translation

that link was an exercise in futility for anyone who doesn't speak that language.

-Falaut-1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

*Puts down his plate of pierogies*

Okay brother, its too blurry to make out the main body text of the article. The only thing I can make out is the yellow large text on the second page and its basically amounts to "The touch screen controls are done in a way that is not invasive and feels natural to the game".


edit: shit, my bad. someone already pointed that out.

Diamond1851d ago

First we need an inhanced image so we can actually see the writing. So excited right now!!!

showtimefolks1851d ago


Google chrome automatically translates polish into engish if you have it set up right

1851d ago
MorfiTM1851d ago

OK, because Polish is my mother tongue so i will try to translate it to a more civilized language (read: english)

COMMENT: There are times when i think if the founders of PSX Extreme haven't somehow cursed it, by giving it the said name. Is there a chance that there wouldn't be so many problems if the magazine would be called Happy Gamer or Easy Gaming?
[Picture of PSX Extreme 185-th issue]
Being late for the plane, mishaps on trade fairs, buses being held at the borders, horrific deadlines monthly? It's funny, but only when it all has happened and we are reading about it.

Month ago, when we were ending the editing of the magazine at 5 AM, we had hope, that for the time being we won't have any extreme situations at hand. Yeaa...This time we had to bend the deadline and hold the press to get our hands on exclusive information concerning two of the biggest PS VITA titles coming this year. Day before our departure to UK (3 days before deadline) we weren't even sure if everything will go smoothly, because the snow had paralyzed all of UK. We had the vision of having 6 blank pages in PSX Extreme this month. This time as always we have done it...and we have fresh info about Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway from Media Molecule. When I'm writting this i have a fever of 39 Celcius Degrees and SoQ (journalist at PSX Extreme) who was sent on a trip, has written the Guerilla Games building in Amsterdam, so that it would be included in 185-th issue of PSX Extreme
It was just 100% Extreme. There's a bonus: when you all will read the report on the said productions we welcome you on PPE.PL for a BEHIND-THE-CURTAINS video material on our visit in Guerilla Games and Media Molecule.
[Picture of an article on Killzone: Mercenary - because of the poor resolution I can only read orange text: "Touch controls aren't imposed on the player, therefore it feels natural in the game"]
[Picture of an article on Tearaway - because of the poor resolution I can only read orange text: Tearaway on Vitas small screen looks gorgeous and it doesn't resemble anything we have seen before]

Translating the rest isn't necessary IMO. That's all on Killzone and Tearaway.

b_one1851d ago

not civilized, international.

profgerbik1851d ago

Hi, just figured I would say hello.

We see each other in the Playstation forums quite often or at least post in the same threads.

Or I think it's you. Maybe not..

Braid1851d ago

Do you guys know if there'll be a story driven campaign mode in this game, or if it'll be something like Declassified where you select and play small missions with certain objectives? If that's the case I'll be a little disappointed, I'd rather want to play a linear campaign like the ones in its PS3 counterparts rather than "pick your contract, earn money and unlock the other contracts, buy weapons and equipment as you go" type of game.

I'll get the game even if that's the case though, at least I'm sure that it'll provide an unmatched handheld multiplayer experience.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1852d ago

Those Killzone screens look amazing.

UltraVegito1852d ago

I can't beleive that's on the Vita it's simply mind blowing.

And tearaway sounds amazing.

I want more info on these games i just can't bear the wait.

HarryMasonHerpderp1851d ago

I hope they show some of it off at this years E3.

MasterCornholio1851d ago

Tearaway has great graphics as well. It isnt realistic like Killzone but man is the game beautiful.

tachy0n1851d ago

i think this will be the game with the best graphics ever on a handheld!!


profgerbik1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Yep by that time the Vita will only be a year and half old really.

Still have another 8 1/2 years for Vita games to get that much more amazing. I would say this is one hella of a good start wouldn't you?

Hell even current Vita games have already been defined as the best looking games on a portable yet. I think AC3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted which both are open world games also proved that.

I agree though Killzone looks like it will blow those out of the water and it definitely will probably be the best looking portable game yet on the Vita.

My mouth is already salivating just thinking of a Killzone sequel on the Vita, if the first one already looks this damn good.

BigStef711852d ago

Killzone is one of my favorite game franchises so I'm excited for this game and its great that the vita will finally have an awesome FPS:D

pixelsword1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

At any rate, nice photos, from what I can make out, that is.

Agheil1852d ago