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Saints Row 4: 5 Ways To Makes It Better Than Saints Row 3

WC writes: I don’t hate Saints Row 3, it just was a huge let down for a fan of the series. I think if Volition can follow a few easy steps they can make a Saints Row 4 we’d all like. It’s mostly a matter of self-control at this point, they just need to hold back on few things(pop-culture reference and dildo bats). It’s like they found a way to make a parody of the parody game, it was far too self aware and felt more like a mockery to the originals than a sequel.

None the less, here is my proposed list of changes Saints Row 4 should make. (PC, PS3, Saints Row: The Third, Xbox 360)

RavageX  +   826d ago
Agreed with this 110%.
Mutant-Spud  +   826d ago
Yeah "zany" doesn't always equal funny, Sleeping Dogs is a serious game but in parts it's damn funny, the laugh out loud moments for me in SR3 were mainly had messing about with friends in co-op, just driving about taking photos of our demented looking characters in various unsavoury activities was a riot.
aliengmr  +   826d ago
My major problem with SR3 was the lack of things to do compared to SR2. I'm fine with the crude humor, I just missed stuff like the firefighter side missions.

I also wasn't crazy about the way the dlc was handled.

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