Project C.A.R.S. official release date announced

Project C.A.R.S. has been given an official release date, the game is scheduled for November 28, 2013, the developer announced

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BlackRock1278d ago

oh yea Day one for me as well i'v seen some of the pictures of the game when it was first announced back in 2011 the modals and how they looked was AMAZING!!

ATi_Elite1278d ago

Day Zero for me..........already playing the PC alpha

I'll have me a hydrualic set-up by November as Project Cars is awesome!

Ezz20131278d ago

yeah can't wait for it too

hennessey861279d ago

Very close to the release of forza Motorsport 5........................

Riderz13371278d ago

FM has a release date??? Wait a minute...Has it even been announced? WTF where the hell have I been...

iamgoatman1278d ago

Don't worry, it hasn't been announced.

PraxxtorCruel1278d ago

Was it really that difficult to figure out that he is a troll. Just look at how many bubbles he has lol.

DOMination-1278d ago

It has been announced. At the same time as Horizon. No release date though.

jimbobwahey1278d ago

It's also going to be releasing on last gen consoles right after Microsoft and Sony have (probably) released the next Xbox and PlayStation.

Really stupid move by SMS, they should focus on getting this game out on the next gen consoles once they launch rather than sending the game out to die like that.

Then again, this is the same developer that made Need for Speed Shift and Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, so it's not exactly a big loss judging by their track record.

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UnholyLight1278d ago


It's getting real obvious. There's gonna be some nukes dropped on us at E3 and they will be out holiday 2013. The rumours are starting to leak more and I believe this is coinciding with the proximity of the reveals.

Also, Major Nelson's blog is all too telling, they have never had something counting down the seconds to the "next big thing" at E3. Expect a reveal and a launch this year. Prove me right MS and Sony. I am 98% confident.

chukamachine1279d ago

Needs a demo. Not paying for a beta/

IaussieGamer1278d ago

Um you get the full game and will be a cheaper option than buying the game.

TurboGamer1279d ago

The UI looks like it was designed for consoles. My brother is part of the BETA so I got to see what it looks like. I think that ever since this went from PC exclusive to multy palt, they have consolised certain parts of the game.

Qrphe1278d ago

It's not as bad as seeing "Press X" instructions on your PC port though.

ElectricKaibutsu1278d ago

The franchise mode starts with go-karts? I didn't know that. I'm not big into racing simulators but this seems cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.