Nintendo Direct, a Wind Waker remake, new Zelda HD details why I’m not excited, and Xenoblade ’2′?

Analog Addiction Writes: "Well, everyone and their ancestors has heard about today’s exciting Nintendo Direct announcement. Heck, I can see Wii U sales going up (not immediately) but around the time summer and E3 hits. I love Nintendo, always have, in fact yesterday with my friends, Chris and Phil and I literally had a Nintendo all-day festival starting from Gamecube, to N64, to Wii, to end the day with the SNES. It doesn’t make me a bigger Nintendo fan that I own all the systems, who cares everyone has played the games am I right or am I right"

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Hoje03081946d ago

If you're going to start some a blog, please exhibit grammar skills beyond that found in grade school. Also, the ability to convey an idea without outing yourself as yet another unlettered simpleton who feels the need to have his opinion heard would be nice.

Hoje03081946d ago

And I made a mistake of my own. The irony...

PopRocks3591945d ago

To be fair, you're not writing a blog so much as a comment on a public forum. I think the standards are at least slightly different.

The headline made me laugh, actually. The way it's written suggests that the HD Remake detailed the reasons he is not excited. I don't know, does anyone else see that? I just found it rather humorous.

Reaper99371945d ago

Oh how quick the hunter becomes the hunted...

ElectricKaibutsu1945d ago

"new Zelda HD details why I'm not excited..." lol. Thanks for pointing that out. That made me laugh.

-Mika-1945d ago

Did the author strike a nerve? It not that serious. If you can understand what the person wrote. Then their is no reason for you to complain about it.

1945d ago
tehpees31945d ago

Your grammar needs work. Their is used to indicate it belongs to someone. There is the word you are looking for.

Root1945d ago

You mean like when someone calls your precious FF13 and you get into a strop of your own.

StraightPath1945d ago

No one cares about why you dont care. Go on blog about it somewhere else.

BullyMangler1945d ago

daing . people still talking about Nintendos most recent Direct conference ? complaining about the info exposed, like it should have been E3 status?

Thats pretty cool (:

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EddieNX 1945d ago

Opinionated article - ''Why it didn't interest me''
Normal person- ''it was pretty interesting to say the least''

I've just simply had enough of the flip flopping opinions on this site , my brain is in a not.


smashman981945d ago

Hey Blog author guy, I read a little past the first paragraph and just had to stop.

You need to get your facts straight Wind Waker HD is not a remake. Its a really good looking remaster.

Misinformation leads to disappointment.

Summons751945d ago

No it's a remake. Nintendo clearly said it themselves and even talk about how they were building it from the ground up. A remaster is just upscaling what you already have a remake is rebuilding it to make it look better.

Misinformation leads to disappointment like you said.

smashman981945d ago

No I've seen the video 30 times by now out of sheer excitement
Paraphrasing anouma's own words he said his team had been converting previous Zelda but with wind walker it didn't just feel like an increase in resolution but almost as if it was reborn.

It's not a conversion if ur building it from the ground up. And he used the words convert into hd go ahead watch the video again
And then comeback here and tell me how stupid u feel

deafdani1945d ago

I think you got the terms mixed up. A remake is when you re-do a game, with better textures, better graphics, improved sound and other extra stuff. Ocarina of Time 3DS is an example of that.

A remaster is when you take the exact same game as it was originally released, and bump up the resolution and aspect ratio so it looks decent on an HDTV. The God of War Collection for PS3 is an example of that.

Wind Waker HD, judging by the released screenshots, is a remake, not a remaster. :)

smashman981945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

No a remake would be re1 from ps1 to GameCube
Or tomb raider from ps1 to ps2
Ocarina of time 3d by no means is a remake.

A remake in itself is a brand new game a different experience directly inspired and influenced by the original that is similar to the original but rarely identical. But even then what seperates a remake and a remaster isn't the graphics or the sounds, but the fact that a remake is built from the ground up with the only thing carrying over being the story the setting the characters and the general feel of it

A remaster no matter how much better it looks no matter if a menu or 2 has been changed around is still the same game. And oot was exactly that, the same game. Just better looking

But if u still wanna argue then let me put an end to it just look at the back of oot 3d's case it says right there "experience link's greatest adventure REMASTERED in glorious 3D!"

Good enough for you? ;p

deafdani1945d ago

Fair enough. I stand corrected, then. :)

TruthbeTold1945d ago

'I'm so UN-Excited about these games, I'm going to write an article about it!'


stuntman_mike1945d ago

There seems to be more blogs about people disliking things than there are liking things? Especially when it comes to gaming.

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