Fans translate the Japanese Silent Hill Play Novel after almost a decade of work

What does it take to localize one of the few Silent Hill games that never came to the West? Two persistent fans and seven years of hard work.

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SybaRat1730d ago

Ah, that takes me back to the glory days of fan-subbed anime!

Blastoise1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

This is really cool. I remember reading about this game years ago.

Greyslash1730d ago

I wish the quality of the Downloadable version was better, it's blurry and hard to read full-screened.

trenso11730d ago

it did say it was in beta 0.2 plus with all the hard work they put in just to translate it, i think people cant stand a few bugs for now

Greyslash1730d ago

I'm just point out what's wrong with it, no need to get upset.

trenso11730d ago

no ones upset but you, of course things will be wrong with it again its beta 0.2. So it will get better no use wishing it was better now

Greyslash1729d ago

Well, the fact you took the time to reply to what I had to say, and shove in my face how hard they worked on this project and telling me to deal with it, shows me you're a bit upset, I was just trying to help the guys out, to make their product better.

trenso11729d ago

Taking the time to reply doesn't mean anyone's upset cause I can say the same for you since you took the time to reply to my comment. So maybe I'll say my comment upset you. And your original comment sounds more like whining then trying to help when your comment starts out like "I wish the quality of the Downloadable version was better"

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

They should get every silent hill free for life.