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Resident Evil: Revelations on Consoles Looks Better but Still Sounds About the Same

Kotaku: On one hand, this is the first trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles and PC. That lets you see the game (which released on the 3DS a year ago) as you've never seen it before. (PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Xbox 360)

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j-blaze  +   943d ago
i want this soooo bad!!
CaptainYesterday  +   943d ago
I wonder if they will add anything new to the game maybe let us play as Rachel for awhile or something!
Root  +   943d ago
I just want them to give us a bloody no time limit mode for mercenaries....is it that hard Capcom. I want to see how long I can last without having to get those annoying clocks
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TheDivine  +   943d ago
Revelations doesn't have mercenaries. Raid mode doesn't have a time limit and it friggin rocks. I like it better myself, its basically little coop sections of the game with with tons of upgrades and weapons to find and play around with. Super fun.
Soldierone  +   943d ago
Finally a RE game I want to play.
Treian  +   943d ago
should be called Resident Evil 6
This actually looks pretty good, like a playable Resident Evil. Nice job. Something tells me Capcom will find a way to ruin it though.
RufustheSage  +   943d ago
Raid mode was so fun on the 3DS, they can only improve it from hear. Can't wait!
YoungPlex  +   943d ago
There's nothing wrong with the fact that it looks a little better, it was such a high quality title that it really doesn't need but a resolution bump! It has some beautiful lighting and bump mapping effects that actually were quite impressive for a handheld title.
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-MD-  +   943d ago
Hard to believe we haven't gotten a good RE game in a decade except this one.

5 and 6 are embarrassing.
BuffMordecai  +   942d ago
I would have bought this day 1 if Capcom would have ported this to the vita, but as usual, they didn't because they're fuckin' retarded.

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