8bitfix Review - Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (PS Vita)

Lego games are often considered to be too kiddy, or too easy for normal gamers, but is that still the case? Can Traveller's Tales long standing game series really not provide anything to offer the hardcore crowd? Let's find out! - Chris "WildCardCorsair" Garcia

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rrquinta1971d ago

I never got into the lego games...

wildcardcorsair1971d ago

They're silly and entirely uncomplicated but that is the appeal too. I would recommend the console ones if you had interest in checking them out though.

TheLiztress1971d ago

I know my kids love this game on the PS3 and want it for the Wii. To me, it sounds like a good handheld title but only if you don't have a console version.

wildcardcorsair1971d ago

Yeah that's pretty much how it is. I really loved the first one on 360 and I knew this would be scaled down but I took the dive anyways once it hit $20.

TheLiztress1970d ago

$20 isn't a bad deal for it.