Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Achievements Revealed by x360a

Ooooooohhhh, Ubisoft's latest 360 Vegas title list is so similar to its previous list, its unreal. There are a lot of new achievements that require other players to be present... i.e. the 1000 multiplayer kills, but the rest are very, very similar!

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BloodySinner3920d ago

I really hate multiplayer achievements...

Fishy Fingers3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I hate achievements full stop... i dont need a pat on the back from developers "ooooh well done, you shot him in the face".

Regardless what some believe, Points DONT mean prizes.

SeNiLe9113919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Don't' knock it until youve tried it. Achievements have got me to finish games I might not have finished before, play through games more than once even. Something about them, you just can't dislike them once you have em.

"Regardless what some believe, Points DONT mean prizes." Sometimes they do! M$ had rewards for getting 1500 points, I won a game, a t-shirt, M$ points, ect.

godoftime3919d ago

i dont know how they become so pppular, to have them is one thing but to obsses over them is another, you are playing a game and yeah, it is a pat on the back, its stupid, " oh a pressed the jump button now i get a achievement point!!" =\ thats how most of them are, . its if you get special abilities or unlock something , or geg t infinite ammo or something like that after accomplishing some thing then thats another story

otherZinc3919d ago

cant wait for this game.

I will get every co-op & single player achievement, not for the achievement but because I love the
co-op & single player portions of games.

Bleucrunch3919d ago

I hope this game is not the same exact thing because call of duty is going no where for me......I will still be playing that game.