Naruto Storm 3: Kimono Sasuke Confirmed (Europe DLC)

Namco Bandai has revealed Kimono Sasuke will be available as downloadable content (DLC) for those who pre-order Naruto Shppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 in Europe!

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Snookies121996d ago

Those Road to Ninja costumes better make it to NA...

Y_51501996d ago

Hopefully all the region locked DLC get to be released everywhere. I do not like the fact that the DLC is being region locked, it doesn't seem right...

pompombrum1996d ago

Region locked DLC? Jesus wept.. seriously, why just why?

TXIDarkAvenger1996d ago

Every single DLC post I'm hearing about is for UK only...I hope these DLCs are offered here in NA.

tehpees31996d ago

I wonder why they are being so bias. Its great for us Brits but what about the States?

ZeroChaos1996d ago

Wow...its not really good DLC for Europe so far =/ Then again japan would royally kick off if we got something good related to Naruto...

I hope that everyone, in any region, can get these DLC.

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