Nintendo planning “emergency” online maintenance for Monday

On Monday, Nintendo will carry out "emergency" maintenance for its various online services.

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blitz06231454d ago

We have an emergency! Let's do it 2 days from now!

nzk01454d ago

haha, maybe it's a possible exploit or something...

Gamer19821453d ago

Yeah how can you plan an emergency? Just silly...

PopRocks3591455d ago

Huh. Odd. Oh well, good to know in advance.

ThaBlackBaron1454d ago

Hmm..Maybe All eShops unification??

GreenRanger1454d ago

Why wait until Monday if it's an emergency?

Heisenburger1454d ago

Haha right? Hmmm I'm guessing that maybe they are coming up with a game plan. Perhaps covering all the bases.


3-4-51454d ago

maybe the emergency happened on Sunday ?

Open up the mind.

MikeMyers1454d ago

Don't want to pay overtime for working weekends?

rainslacker1454d ago

Maybe because they didn't have the updates ready? That would be my guess. Emergency is probably a bad word to use, gives a bad PR vibe.

nzk01454d ago

And have to work on Saturday?? No way :P

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The story is too old to be commented.