Buy 1 year of PlayStation Plus, get a 3 month bonus

Sony is currently offering a bonus with 1-year PlayStation Plus membership purchases in the US.

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NastyLeftHook01848d ago

even more spice..i like this i do.

jujubee881848d ago

All aboard the next gen hype train!

This is your membership badge. Oh yeah! :D

BlindGuardian1848d ago

Great news, I'll wait for the last few days of this before subscribing so I can get some new gen stuff in there

The_Con-Sept1847d ago

You actually want to get it as soon as possible. You might have a few games to download once you get in but a lot of the instant game collection items are time sensitive.

IAmLee1847d ago

you can never have enough free stuff..

Scenarist1847d ago

seems like u cant ... but some free stuff is a waste of space.... (not directed at sony stuff but anything in general) ...

Abdou231847d ago

Only for US accounts ?!!

FamilyGuy1847d ago

I wonder what PS+ will enhance on PS4, it'll definitely be out in less than 15 months so this should carry right over into it.

I wonder how long it'll take before "free" PS4 games release on the service, it took 11 months for vita to the service and have "free" titles included

This is cool, I only have a 3 month subscription currently and was thinking about getting the year.

FamilyGuy1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Up until recently i was thinking PS+ is weird, how can they give away so many games? It's great for us but what about the devs? If i chose not to resubscribe it would hardly be a problem as i dont tend to play games a year after purchase anyway.

Then I was playing dungeon defenders and was considering buying the dlc (cause i like it so much) and it hit me, it could be making money off of dlc or hyping you up to buy a sequel. These might be factors in how they choose which games become free.

Also, to the people trying to downplay the free games: Note that PS+ is a service, people mostly subscribe because of the games but the games are NOT the service. Hence the reason they are called "free".

The service is:
getting discounted prices on the ps store
getting cloud storage space
getting 1 hour game trials
getting automatic updates
getting automatic saving to the cloud storage
getting early access to some demos
getting access to or early access to some betas.

free games are called "free" games because they are a bonus.

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nzk01848d ago

Oh, that's good to know I was thinking about singing up actually heh

DivineAssault 1848d ago

Dont think! Doooooo.. The value is like a finger pointing away to the moon..

waltyftm1847d ago

But don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

Y_51501848d ago

I was actually getting a years subscription soon, sweet.

CaptainSheep1848d ago

Woot, my subscription ended a few days ago. This is awesome. ^_^

MikeMyers1847d ago

You're lucky. I just renewed mine a couple of months ago.

FunAndGun1848d ago

They did this when Plus first started and then again about a year later.

Will definitely be stacking this onto my current subscription!

MmaFan-Qc1848d ago

yep, i also had 3bonus months when the psplus was launched.

i never stopped the service since, i also dont expect to end it since its also for my ps vita now, ...and will be obviously compatible with the ps4/orbis

rainslacker1848d ago

No doubt. I have about 4 free months I picked up over the year so doesn't expire until July, but might take advantage of this.:) With enough of these I may be able to go through the whole next gen without paying.