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Buy 1 year of PlayStation Plus, get a 3 month bonus

Sony is currently offering a bonus with 1-year PlayStation Plus membership purchases in the US. (PS Vita, PS3)

NastyLeftHook0  +   990d ago
even more spice..i like this i do.
jujubee88  +   990d ago
You know why Sony are doing this right?
All aboard the next gen hype train!

This is your membership badge. Oh yeah! :D
BlindGuardian  +   989d ago
Great news, I'll wait for the last few days of this before subscribing so I can get some new gen stuff in there
The_Con-Sept  +   989d ago
You actually want to get it as soon as possible. You might have a few games to download once you get in but a lot of the instant game collection items are time sensitive.
IAmLee  +   989d ago
you can never have enough free stuff..
Scenarist  +   989d ago
seems like u cant ... but some free stuff is a waste of space.... (not directed at sony stuff but anything in general) ...
Abdou23  +   989d ago
Only for US accounts ?!!
FamilyGuy  +   988d ago
I wonder what PS+ will enhance on PS4, it'll definitely be out in less than 15 months so this should carry right over into it.

I wonder how long it'll take before "free" PS4 games release on the service, it took 11 months for vita to the service and have "free" titles included

This is cool, I only have a 3 month subscription currently and was thinking about getting the year.
FamilyGuy  +   988d ago
Up until recently i was thinking PS+ is weird, how can they give away so many games? It's great for us but what about the devs? If i chose not to resubscribe it would hardly be a problem as i dont tend to play games a year after purchase anyway.

Then I was playing dungeon defenders and was considering buying the dlc (cause i like it so much) and it hit me, it could be making money off of dlc or hyping you up to buy a sequel. These might be factors in how they choose which games become free.

Also, to the people trying to downplay the free games: Note that PS+ is a service, people mostly subscribe because of the games but the games are NOT the service. Hence the reason they are called "free".

The service is:
getting discounted prices on the ps store
getting cloud storage space
getting 1 hour game trials
getting automatic updates
getting automatic saving to the cloud storage
getting early access to some demos
getting access to or early access to some betas.

free games are called "free" games because they are a bonus.
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nzk0  +   990d ago
Oh, that's good to know I was thinking about singing up actually heh
DivineAssault  +   990d ago
Dont think! Doooooo.. The value is like a finger pointing away to the moon..
waltyftm  +   989d ago
But don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.
Y_5150  +   990d ago
I was actually getting a years subscription soon, sweet.
CaptainSheep  +   990d ago
Woot, my subscription ended a few days ago. This is awesome. ^_^
MikeMyers  +   989d ago
You're lucky. I just renewed mine a couple of months ago.
FunAndGun  +   990d ago
They did this when Plus first started and then again about a year later.

Will definitely be stacking this onto my current subscription!
MmaFan-Qc  +   990d ago
yep, i also had 3bonus months when the psplus was launched.

i never stopped the service since, i also dont expect to end it since its also for my ps vita now, ...and will be obviously compatible with the ps4/orbis
rainslacker  +   989d ago
No doubt. I have about 4 free months I picked up over the year so doesn't expire until July, but might take advantage of this.:) With enough of these I may be able to go through the whole next gen without paying.
Ducky  +   990d ago
Wasn't planning on renewing my subscription, but what the hell.

I'm surprise by the online store. It's pretty good... now why can't they just get it to be this smooth on the ps3.
b_one  +   990d ago
In EU it is slightly faster with latest update.
Y_5150  +   990d ago
Yeah the online store is wonderful! I found 3 free games for the Playstation Vita easily!
Myst  +   990d ago
I think I will renew next week then and get this especially since I only got a three month one back in December I think.
blackmamba707  +   990d ago
PS4 in march 2014 confirmed? wild guess
AdmiralSnake  +   989d ago
How does this even relate to that ? It's a deal...simple as that. A great one also.
rapidturtle  +   990d ago
Wow, I might just have to give this a try for that price.
3-4-5  +   990d ago
So you get to rent "your" games for an extra 3 months ?
Riderz1337  +   990d ago | Well said
Better than renting your internet for 3 months amirite?
Ezz2013  +   989d ago
lol can't think of a comment better than your's
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Skate-AK  +   989d ago
boybato  +   989d ago
owned. lol
ForeAllEternity  +   989d ago
Not to knock on 3-4-5 or anything but this is one awesome comment.
3-4-5  +   989d ago
Not really.

Nobody ever gets to keep the internet, but if I buy a physical copy they can't take that from me.

Hence the difference.

I don't think you guys really understand, but are trying to act like you do.

I'm not making fun of it, but their is a difference. If you can't recognize it, that doesn't mean it fails to exist.

If I subscribe to a magazine, once my subscription is done, do I have to give my magazines back ?

Yea....all of you who posted think about that for a minute before just heap blind praise upon somebody.
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BlueTemplar  +   989d ago
@3-4-5 "if I buy a physical copy they can't take that from me."

Unless the game in question is an xbox game that has online multiplayer, in which case a large portion of it can and will be taken away from you if you dont keep up with your subscription.
FunAndGun  +   990d ago
yes, just like any subscription in existence.

You get to use it when you pay and stop using it when you don't pay.

Do you need a flowchart or diagram?
jon1234  +   990d ago
haha, aww what a cute attempt at trolling
Snookies12  +   990d ago
No. Rentals imply that you have to return them at some point. Sure if your Plus subscription runs out you can't play them. However they're still there for when you get back on. Also, their sales this week with my Plus account. I bought a 40 dollar game for 10 bucks. That's 30 dollars... Right there that I saved. That almost pays for Plus by itself.

Anyway, are you seriously complaining about something that costs less for a YEAR than the price of a single MONTH'S internet bill? I'd rather get a game every week for a year that I can play, instead of paying 60 dollars for a single new game.

Plus is amazing, end of story.
ALLWRONG  +   989d ago
"Rentals imply that you have to return them at some point" No it doesn't, this isn't 1995 and Blockbuster. Most services now use streaming like Amazon, Live, Apple, even Sony. You are comparing physical media vs digital.

"Sure if your Plus subscription runs out you can't play them." <-that

You know people in NA with an "internet connection" have ways of getting Xbox Live for free, and it's legit.
Snookies12  +   989d ago
@ALLWRONG - Yeah, I'm sure it's legal to get your Xbox Live free...

Troll harder next time buddy, not even going to bother responding to the parts about PS+.
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ALLWRONG  +   989d ago
http://www.bing.com/rewards... Like I said "free" and "legit" I could get Hulu free or choose 800ms points each month.
kingPoS  +   990d ago
Services Rendered

I've got nothing to complain about.
Enjoy what you pay for.
ExPresident  +   990d ago
3-4-5 - You apparently don't understand value.
Hicken  +   989d ago
He only understands trolling.
3-4-5  +   989d ago
read my comment above.

None of you are as smart as you think you are.

think a bit harder.
badz149  +   989d ago
Talking about being smart? How is comparing digital contents to printed magazines considered as smart? They are hardly comparable to begin with!

How about comparing PS+ to Netflix for example? Both of them offer digital contents. No? Of course you won't do it because with Netflix, when your subs is over, you keep nothing, all gone! But with PS+, when your subs is over and you don't think of renewing it, all the free avatars, theme and things you bought at discounted prices stay with you! And...you still can play your games online for FREE as it's NOT REQUIRED for online play unlike a certain other service!

So, you can keep trolling PS+ if that makes you happy but coming here comparing it with magazines? Please just stop as it doesn't make you sound as smart as you think you are! It's just plain embarrassing!
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kenshiro100  +   989d ago

You're not very smart yourself.
wenaldy  +   989d ago
2/10 for lackluster of trolling.. keep harder..
Bowzabub  +   989d ago
Riderz just bent you over and delivered a 3-2 screwball up the gut.
BlueTemplar  +   989d ago
I love the idiots who come out and complain about this - apparently "renting" the multiplayer component of games YOUVE ALREADY PAID £40 FOR is just fine, but "renting" full games is a terrible thing it would seem.
mayberry  +   989d ago
Free PS1 games from PS+ are yours forever. Also mini's, free games for lfe from PS+
WeAreLegion  +   989d ago
A big reason that we all get Plus is that the discounts are crazy good! It costs $6 per month to have Plus. This month, alone, I have saved $10 on LBP: Karting, $3 on The Unfinished Swan, $4 on Tokyo Jungle, $5 on House of the Dead: Overkill, and much more money on games I can't even think of right now.

I get to actually KEEP those games, if I ever unsubscribed from PS Plus. However, I plan on having plus for at least the next ten years. I can guarantee it will make its way to PS4 and possibly even PS5. It's a wonderful service and I'm sure they love the money. We love SAVING money. ;)
rapidturtle  +   989d ago
Go back to xbox and pay them $60 a year to use the internet you are already paying for.
Riderz1337  +   990d ago
I just got a 3 month subscription but I guess I'll get this one year sub so I'l be subscribed for 1 year and a half. PS Plus FTW
kingPoS  +   990d ago
The only question I have is whether it counts if I let it auto renew on it's own?
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jon1234  +   990d ago
you should call sony customer service, although most of the people i have talked to are idiots... maybe they can check to see if it does
FunAndGun  +   990d ago
You can stack the membership. Meaning if you currently have Plus, you can buy this in the store and the time will just be added to whatever time you have left on your subscription.

I highly doubt the auto-renew will add the three extra months even if your subscription ends during this promo period.

Just to be safe, do it manually before March and you will get the 15 months added.
Skynetone  +   989d ago
When mine auto renewed, it took advantage of the offer, on at that time

i paid 37 euro instead of 50

auto renew should be just fine, as long as it auto renews it the that time period
violents  +   990d ago
Sony's really pushing thier customer base for more money. I just got an email that if I can get a friend to buy a PS vita they would give me a $20 PSN card, and now this. They are trying to build some capitol from their existing fanbase for something. I hope this means something big from sony coming soon.

PS+ is awsome. good deal too.
Soldierone  +   989d ago
i'm trying to do that, but it won't accept my PSN id at all.... I own a Vita like it says.....
rainslacker  +   989d ago
It's promotion to increase sales, it's something all businesses do and doesn't necessarily mean they need the money for something. They wouldn't go into something without money already secured for it.
violents  +   989d ago
Oh I'm not saying their trying to recoup or something, however when a business like sony pushes to make a lot of money somewhere, ie all the great deals with ps and pushing current customers to get their friends in will push the revenues higher and companies reinvest thier money to make more, so that means better and more games in the future hopefullly.
profgerbik  +   989d ago
I never got any email about that. Still haven't, knew about the deal but I didn't know people were getting emails.
violents  +   989d ago
do you use the email your PSN account name is under?
dollison27  +   989d ago
That message is more than likely a scam. You should disregard it.
Johnny_Cojones  +   989d ago
I went ahead & signed up for the first time. As a Vita & PS3 owner I can't argue with a deal like that. I let my XBL Gold membership lapse last month for the first time in 6 years.
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Toon_Link  +   989d ago
This is very cool, I've already have about 2 years stacked from deals over the holiday. . . What's one more year anyway? I'll do it!
ScytheX3  +   989d ago
i wonder if this needs 2 be purchased through the ps store or if i buy the card at a store and redeem they auto apply 3 more months
guitar_nerd_23  +   989d ago
I already got a new years worth at 27.98 I thought that was pretty beasting.

English pounds I should add.
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cfountain  +   989d ago
Im gonna get the one year+ 3months next month when I go to pick up Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
TronEOL  +   989d ago
Dammit, I just bought another year too. Well whatever. I'll be renewing when it comes to it, so I may as well get another year now. Not to mention an extra 3 months!
r21  +   989d ago
Is there such a thing as too kind? Cause if there is, Sony just did it :)
ziggurcat  +   989d ago
time to renew early.
hadouken007  +   989d ago
I'm glad I waited!
Mathew9R   989d ago | Spam
NBT91  +   989d ago
When is PS+ NOT running some kind of deal like this? Every time I go on the Store there's a massive plus advert with free extra months.
smithsamuel   989d ago | Spam
jazzking2001  +   989d ago
does gamestop copy this deal? i have some money there
MrBeatdown  +   989d ago
It's a deal on the PS Store, so you could buy a $50 PSN card from GameStop, redeem it on the PS Store, then buy Plus.

I think I heard that 12-month subscriptions cards redeemed during the promo will get you the extra three months as well, but there's no risk in buying the $50 PSN card, and using that to buy Plus, so it's probably safer to just go that route.
NobleTeam360  +   989d ago
Awesome 15 months of Plus hear I come.
iwueriiusdf   989d ago | Spam
OllieBoy  +   989d ago
Got it. I'm good until December 2015 :D
Totoro17  +   989d ago
As someone who initially got Plus but was disappointed by it's early content, I can happily say I'll be getting this. The new PlayStation store is gorgeous and albeit a bit confusing at first to control, I'm super happy with its result.

I first got the Plus with sheer joy at its possibilities and promises but was, honestly, let down. My PS3 died on me so I played my 360 and PC a lot more. Months passed and I missed Uncharted and all my other PS3 games. Bought myself another PS3, hopped back on and was floored at how Plus had grown. The deals are amazing and the perks are getting sweeter, too.

So yeah...keep going this route, Sony. Can't wait to see what you have for us next :).

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