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5 Reasons Wii U’s Virtual Console is Totally Fair | IGN

IGN: Long before the Wii U was officially announced, Wii owners everywhere were already dreading the seemingly inevitable reality of having to re-purchase their Virtual Console content on a new system. And ever since Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct conference, where the Big N laid out its plans for the Wii U’s solution to that service, the web has been in an uproar. It would seem the months/years of pent-up dread has finally come bubbling to the surface, and it’s definitely not pretty. (Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

Kur0  +   794d ago
If it were Sony doing this IGN would be crying bloody murder.
Root  +   794d ago
So true
PopRocks359  +   794d ago

You're joking, right?
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Root  +   794d ago
Ok Poprocks....whatever you say
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Manchild  +   794d ago
WRONG because IGN's playstation team is made up of diehard fanboys predicting the failure of 3DS
PopRocks359  +   794d ago

"5 Reasons Wii U’s Virtual Console is Totally Fair"

Right. I'd like to ask when having a preference and isolation became mutually exclusive.

EDIT: Also this article is smack dab in the Wii U section of the site. May want to double check that.
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Old McGroin  +   794d ago
@ Root

"Poprocks what are you doing here, this isnt a nintendo article"

You do know the Wii U is a Nintendo console? :)
MattyG  +   794d ago
@Manchild I really hope you're being sarcastic, because they never talk about the 3DS and the one time they did they actually said they think the Vita might fail, or at least not be on top this gen. Think before you speak (unless you're being sarcastic, which in that case by all means carry on). Besides they aren't biased. If you read their site instead of going with the crowd and blindly bashing them you'd know that they're actually pretty fair, with only a bit of console preference here and there (which everyone has at one point).
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Root  +   794d ago
@Old McGroin and PopRocks359

I don't know what you guys are talking about...your quoting me on something I didn't say



Oh and before you say anything about a comment being edited. How could I edit something which was posted over an hour ago, you only get 15 minutes before your not allowed to edit anymore, we all know that.
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mshope10  +   794d ago
you didn't read the article then cause all they do is say how great sony's system of doing things is.

but they also going on to explain what nintendo is doing is fair even though they like the sony way better

so hating just to hate huh?
Root  +   794d ago
" cause all they do is say how great sony's system of doing things is. "

IGN...something positive.....about Sony

Urm.....no they don't

They usually say how the PSV is doomed, how the PS3 isn't doing well, how the PS4 is dead on arrival or how the PSV was a disappointment.
MikeMyers  +   794d ago
"Oh and before you say anything about a comment being edited. How could I edit something which was posted over an hour ago, you only get 15 minutes before your not allowed to edit anymore, we all know that."

It was edited, I seen your comment earlier and was scratching my head at why you said what you said.
PopRocks359  +   794d ago

You're a real piece of work, removing the part of your comment where you told me I shouldn't be here because "this is not a Nintendo article." Yeah, that's real mature. How about next time you be somewhat civil, a little mature and just own up to your dumb mistake?

Honestly, what did you do? Contact an admin? Hacked the website? Whatever. It's sad given that I'm not the only one who remembers it and you honestly thought you could backpedal like it never happened.
Kane22  +   794d ago
the way how how the media treats Sony. hell fox news would be talking about it lol. people would be bashing the hell out of Sony including its own fan base. yet Nintendo does it and apparently the have the right to?????
Ayabrea123  +   793d ago
Exactly. Fair is fair. Sony gets beat up on all ends for charging people stuff for proprietary crap all the time. Shoot the Vita still gets critized for the fact that you can't play your backloggery of psp games on it. Fair. They deserve it. Nintendo coming into this new gen with the Wii U, this whole process shouldn't be like this. You shouldn't have to pay to activate the games you already have. It deserves its fair criticism. It's not terrible paying a dollar to use the service.. I'll gladly do that. I have no problem but if we are just going to cover this up like it's okay then that's when I have a problem because no other company get to get away with it that easy. If Sony or ms had you pay a dollar for each game you downloaded on their respected online services... The Internet would errupt in rage. They would be called greedy and all that jazz. Come on now. Nintendo is a great company but this is pretty ridiculous now. It's 2013 and region locking and crap like this should of been done away with.
Phil32  +   794d ago
I'm sorry, but this whole discussion between Kur0, Root, etc. is absolutely pathetic.

IGN does not have it out for any of the big three, and the pitiful "well, if it were Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/Sinbad /Jamba Juice/whatever, they wouldn't be doing this" persecution complex is incredibly obnoxious.

Grow the hell up and stop making gamers look bad.
MattyG  +   794d ago
Well said sir, but honestly I think they may actually have it out for Jamba Juice. But they are in total support of Sinbad, both the comedian and the sailor.
Root  +   794d ago
The only person making gamers look bad is you whining in the comments about something non gaming related.

Your whining about people complaining with each other....not the actual article.
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MikeMyers  +   794d ago
"The only person making gamers look bad is you whining in the comments about something non gaming related.

Your whining about people complaining with each other....not the actual article. "

That's quite the accusation coming from someone who has posted 5 times while not being on topic.
Phil32  +   794d ago
There were rumors about IGN having issues with Jamba Juice, but I hadn't read/heard anything about them having it in for Sinbad, both the comedian and the sailor. Those bastards.
Phil32  +   794d ago
"The only person making gamers look bad is you whining in the comments about something non gaming related."

Nah, but I would expect such a comment coming from you after you've been made to look silly. It's okay. You've been bested today and look foolish, so it's understandable you would attack me and make excuses for your behavior instead of actually, y'know, growing up like I said. Also, love how the disagrees are probably from fanboys like yourself with a persecution complex. "Wah! IGN is attacking my favorite company, but they would NEVER attack *insert your hated company here*." ;)
ElectricKaibutsu  +   793d ago
If you choose to point out how biased IGN is against Sony, you should do so on an article that doesn't praise them like this one does. An article that states how Sony's system is better than Nintendo's doesn't exactly offer good evidence to their bias.
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yeahokchief  +   793d ago
Here's a tip...

if they have to write an article defending something... IT PROBABLY ISN'T FAIR.

Glad I don't own a Wii or Wii U. You're all stupid.
Kingofwiiu  +   794d ago
@Root I hope you're joking , otherwise you've just dropped yourself into an ''irony pit'' .
Benjaminkno  +   794d ago
I was a bit mad when I heard the complaints too, but I'm a bit hopeful to find out that it was a lie from the "Nintendon't crusade".

Your disdain with Nintendo only makes them popular.
PopRocks359  +   794d ago
Would be nice if the complaints were consistently factual. People keep complaining that you're being forced to rebuy the games which is 100% untrue. The transfer is completely free. What you're paying for is an optional upgrade. And it's $1 - $1.50. $.30 if it's part of the Famicom Anniversary sale.
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xflo360  +   794d ago
Gotta love how people still hit the disagree button even when you are stateing facts.
exfatal  +   794d ago
I completely agree with his article, i cant beleive gamerts are complaining about the fact theat there getting what they complained about for only 1.00 no one was entitled to this. hell i didn't think they were going ot integrate miiverse, that so much more communities now to visit.
Old McGroin  +   794d ago
Agreed, totally agree with this article. People don't have to "re-buy" their games, you still have complete access to them through the Wii U. It's just that if you want to avail of the extra services such as the ability to play on the gamepad (and other services listed in the article) you pay a very small price. Which is fair enough really.

Love these couple of lines from the article:

"Nintendo has the right to charge for the goods and services it offers. It’s called the free market, and it’s a beautiful thing. As a company (read: a business out to make money, not a magical, game-making fairy machine only out to give you free happiness) Nintendo has every right to charge consumers for a new service they’ve conceived."
legendoflex  +   794d ago
Shouldn't access to the hardware features be included in the cost of the hardware?
Old McGroin  +   793d ago
"Shouldn't access to the hardware features be included in the cost of the hardware?"

Not in this case. The Wii games that were purchased in the past were not designed to work with a gamepad. Work had to be completed afterwords to implement their compatibility, work that costs money. So you can still play the games as they were intended to be played, through the Wii menu.
I don't mean any offence by this but your statement smacks of entitlement. It is akin to saying that if you owned a movie on DVD that you should be entitled to a free Blu Ray disc just because you paid for a Blu Ray player.
mshope10  +   794d ago
it's a great article!it even talks about how they like the way sony does things.

but haters love to cry and hate so much they don't even read the article just the headlines.
legendoflex  +   794d ago
If you own (let's just say) 100 VC games, having to pay $100+ to let the library of games you already own take advantage of the advertised hardware features of the system you just shelled out $350 for really ISN'T fair.
Benjaminkno  +   793d ago
that's alright.. I've shelled out a good 300 bucks for all my vc games.

Fortunately, I would only want to play 10 or 15 of them on the gamepad.
So your hypothetical is a bit cynical.

surprise, surprise
ElectricKaibutsu  +   793d ago
But you can play them on the Wii U already. Nintendo paid money to add the Wii U features and they lose money on each Wii U sold. Why should you NOT pay to upgrade?
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solid_warlord  +   794d ago
$ony fanboys are the worst, say anything about there precious console...they are gonna get defensive. They are like sheep's to a multi billion dollar company, giving up there money and minds to a company who couldn't careless about there well being as long as they are giving there money to them they will appreciate.

I always fail to understand why these fanboys defend billion dollar companies. $ony fans are defo the loudest, they always feel they are being attacked by everyone...IGN, N4G, VG247, KATAKU, Gamespot and every god damn forum. They moan and bitch how "Anti" everyone is against $ony and there precious hardwares.

Im sure that all these $ony fanboys will press the disagree button to show there hatred towards me and report me as spam or offensive. It will only prove to me that they are nothing but sheep's.

Buy a console, shut up and be happy with it. Don't care about what anyone else thinks. Why is that so difficult to do.
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Benjaminkno  +   793d ago
They're the worst, because they're the most afraid of losing their brand.
shivvy24  +   793d ago
funny thing is its about to outsell the 360 , and has already outshipped the 360 , your point is invalid
Ayabrea123  +   793d ago
This is so damn false its not even funny. You call Sony fanboy worst but don't ever look at the same fanboy of every single company there is. What article do you go in seeing Nintendo fans taking crap from a journalists talking bad about Nintendo? None. Which article do you see Xbox fans taking crap from a journalist talking garbage? None so why is it with Sony is some exception. How about this. Sony takes the most crap of every company for crap other companies get away with and don't get critized for like this. It is true. Give me an article where Sony get defended about anything and you go it but it goes far from brand loyalty. Just like Android vs iPhone. Despite the fact android does some things better than iPhone, everything the iPhone does that's terrible gets defended as if they can't take the heavy criticism. Every single fanboy is attached by brand loyalty and your whole comment can be replaced by '[insert company name] fanboy'. You need to do more reading on the Internet if you really feel Sony fans are the only ones who act like that. Your comment was extremely immature and very uninformed.. Please. Grow Up. This Sony, Nintendo whoever the crap fanboy is the worst argument is overrated. Fact:EVERY FANBOY IS WORST PERIOD.
profgerbik  +   793d ago
Funny people defending IGN. Isn't that something, I don't care what team you are on, IGN is horrible for the most part.

About the only person I can stand on IGN is Jessica Chobot. The other people seem like a bunch of wanker kids, it's mainly the guys that are real idiots on that site. I remember watching most the IGN crew make some video on how they visited Tokyo.

It was mind numbingly stupid how immature the people are there. I asked myself several times why the hell are these bafoons writing reviews when they are about a shallow as a kiddy pool.

Not like I needed that video to figure it out but the Tokyo trip video really sealed the deal for me, I can't see myself taking most the people at IGN seriously at all unless they are fired and replaced. They act like straight up tools.

The way I look at it is as if someone murdered 30 babies and managed to save one, should I praise them for being nice enough that one time? That is exactly how I feel about IGN, great they wrote a decent article which is extremely rare.

Let's praise them highly for being two faced twats.
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Drainage  +   793d ago
lol at Sony fanboys thinking IGN hates sony because they think the Vita is failure. Um no, the world thinks Vita is a failure. its selling horribly. Get over it.
#9 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ayabrea123  +   793d ago
This article isn't about the Vita so wtf does your comment have to do with it. This is about Nintendo. The only thing lol about your comment is how stupid you think people are to give a flying fu** about what IGN has to say. People who have Vita still have them and love them. But it isn't about the Vita kid... But about VC.. Get with the program
Tzuno  +   793d ago
Oh it's IGN....
wiiulee  +   792d ago
its a very fair deal to me...nintendo still have to go through the trouble of making it gamepad and wiiu compatible...1 dollar is nothing

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