Video of all 7 XNA Community Games

At GDC, Microsoft released their plans for the XNA Community Games platform and 7 trial games went live on the service. They are:

• Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
• Culture
• JellyCar
• Little Gamers
• ProximityHD
• Rocket Ball
• Trilinea

After the jump, X-Play's interview with Microsoft on XNA.

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wil4hire3946d ago

We can all make games with 2 years of C# Programming under our belt. ::rolls eyes::

socomnick3945d ago

You viewing it in the wrong way. To a person like me that has no programing experience it just means a lot more games to play for free.

InYourMom3946d ago

and the entry fee $$$$$ are going to kill this before it even has a chance to grow into a community. Now with MS cutting the royality rates down it is even less appealing. I like MS is trying to push things like this but their methods leave much to be desired.