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Submitted by Cam977 1111d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Playstation Vita

If you haven't bought a Vita before then read this article and be prepared to change your mind. (Aqua Vita, Call of Duty Vita, EA, LittleBigPlanet 2, PS Vita, Tech)

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Irishguy95  +   1111d ago
The first point is bad imo. I mena, you are right, the Vita's games are of course the main point to get it but::::::::::Golden Abyss doesn't hold a candle to the Ps3 installments. Don't insult Naughty dog by saying that. It's not the Vita's fault, it's the developers fault and maybe Sony's. That game has alot of little gimmicky things just to show off the Vita's Touch screen and Motion sensor./ Gravity Rush was a much better showcase of how these things should be used. To improve gameplay not to add an annoying gimmick. Assassins creed liberation and Cod are terrible too. Haven't played Lbp but I don't like the console versions anyway so I have no opinion on that(someone else can tell me if Lbp Vita is a good game, it's just not to my taste)/

All the Ps1 games and all are a good point though, + HD collections.

Points 2-3 are good, I would take out 4 for the System Software and layout, and the apps. I just love the way that is. Which surprised me as I thought I wouldn't like it.

OLED screen I have no opinion on...screens a screen. I like the touch screen on it though. Good quality.
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KUV1977  +   1111d ago
It's very much a matter of taste. I very much enjoyed Golden Abyss and while graphically not as great as the PS3 versions I think it can really hold it's own gameplay-wise. Personally I think that the big versions get better and better graphically but unfortunately the writing gets weaker and introduces more and more logic holes and stupidities.
The only really annoying thing about Golden Abyss was the 'hold it to the light'-gimmick that apparently needs the sun to be in your living room to really work. (And Assassins Creed used that mechanic again and again as if it was their goal to really annoy the player).

Gravity Rush really targets a different audience, I think. While it is solid technically and from an artistic standpoint, I really didn't have a lot of fun with it and never even finished it, whereas I beat Uncharted Golden Abyss around 6 times (including 2 Crushing-Runs).

As far as Little Big Planet is concerned I really think it's the best LBP version available. I think the VITA features are really nicely incorporated without being annoying.
XB1_PS4  +   1111d ago
@KUV I couldn't get enough of gravity rush.
decrypt  +   1110d ago
Already have a great laptop for traveling.

Plays all the PS1, PS2 games :P even plays all of todays multiplats in 1080p(have over 150games on Steam).

No need for Vita as it has no games lol.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1111d ago
I agree , I have a Vita and Golden Abyss and all the other Uncharted games. People/ Hardcore sony fans consistently lie about the Graphics of Uncharted Golden abyss.

first of all its rendered at 540p and not 720p like Uncharted 1 , 2 0r 3. Second of all the framerate is a bit stuttuery and inconsistent. Third of all the general Graphical fidelity is no way near as good.

Now don't get me wrong , it's one of if not THE BEST looking handheld games. But does it compare to ps3 graphics ? No , i would say it's about 50% .

The Vita is an excellent handheld but you have to be carefull what you buy. It has awesome games like Uncharted GA , Gravity rush and Persona 4 golden , LBPV , etc.

Vita IMO needs a Gran turismo ASAP!!!!!!!!! or a GTA remake or spin off and a Metal gear solid Exclusive/spin off.
G20WLY  +   1111d ago
If you must apply a percentage to the graphics of U:GA, with Uncharted 1 being 100%, I think 50% is far too harsh. It's closer than anyone dared hope it would be on a handheld for that money.

I think the Vita compares quite favourably to the PS3 in terms of graphical capabilities overall. It being a smaller (but beautiful) screen probably helps.

This bit might not be relevant to overall topic, but I'd be interested to know how your perentage comes out when comparing 3DS and WiiU?
cmpunk53  +   1111d ago

Of course the vita is comparable and close to ps3's graphics.

That's why we keep getting titles like SLY, UMVC3, SFXT, R&CQforce, and the upcoming Malicious Rebirth game! It's basically the same game as the ps3 version.

check this out and see for yourself

Malicious Rebirth gameplay
lfclee  +   1110d ago
The horrible thing about this site is people who bend the truth and go against you when they know your right , fanboys I hate them , your right kingofwiiu .
calis  +   1111d ago
I actually bought a Vita today
smashman98  +   1111d ago
What games you got with it?
calis  +   1111d ago
None. They were selling it cheap (just the wifi version) for this weekend and I really wanted it for when I go away in July so I figured I would get it now.

I am a Plus member so I have Uncharted, Gravity Rush etc all good to go. I'll get some games over the next few months.
iamnsuperman  +   1111d ago
Get LittleBigPlannet Vita. Such an advancement in the series and fits the vita very well. Here is my review if you want more details ( ) but I would highly recommend it (I would say it is the best game on the Vita). Also Sound Shapes if you haven't played it on the PS3 already
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LOGICWINS  +   1111d ago
Considering LBP1 and LBP2 were both given away on PS Plus, its safe to assume that LBP Vita will be on there as well at some point.
calis  +   1111d ago
Like Logic said, I think LBP will come to Plus so I'll sit on that for awhile.

Hoping Tiger Woods comes to Vita soon as well.
Kingthrash360  +   1111d ago
Get ps+ ASAP! Nuff said.
calis  +   1111d ago
Already have it my friend. :)
MizTv  +   1111d ago
Get persona4 it is fn awesome
Can't stop playing it
40 hours in and on second play through
Ritsujun  +   1110d ago
get a life
zerocrossing  +   1111d ago
I'll get a Vita when it has some games I want.
G-cis  +   1111d ago
why would anyone give this guy disagrees???
zerocrossing  +   1111d ago
Kind of curious about that myself.
MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
Probably because many feel it already has games people 'should' want. Should is the key word since not everyone wants the same games. So in the eyes of others they could see this as trolling because to them there has to be at least some games that would satisfy anyone.

Now the problem with this is everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, but some people are way too serious when it comes to the gaming hobby. They see comments like this as a slap in the face when in reality they should just be concerned with their own enjoyment and not care what others think so much.
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LOGICWINS  +   1111d ago
"So in the eyes of others they could see this as trolling because to them there has to be at least some games that would satisfy anyone."

"Others" should realize that zerocrossing was giving an OP-I-NI-ON, hence his use of "I".

"Now the problem with this is everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, but some people are way too serious when it comes to the gaming hobby."

It's not that they take gaming too seriously. What happens is that people bring their non-gaming related issues and use gaming as a venting tool. Ever wonder why we have so many one bubble posters who always leave angry/obnoxious comments? People on the Internet have plenty of personal issues that we will never know about.
GribbleGrunger  +   1111d ago
I think a great deal of those people who have only one bubble are just thinking 'to hell with it!'. The less bubbles you have the less likely you are to want to try and have a conversation and that annoys even the saner posters on this site.

There should be a five bubble minimum, regardless of those people who just get overly personal. When I had six bubbles -- like yourself -- I took far more time with my posts because I knew I could have a proper conversation, but with two, that's impossible. With one bubble you end up just making a single statement in the knowledge that there is no possible way you can reply to someone who may disagree.

That's NOT how you run a forum. Giving the one bubble drones the power to take away your free speech is ridiculous. Give those drones five bubbles and perhaps they will eventually learn to converse in a more balanced manner. Some people never change, but it's better to suffer those people than make decent people suffer because of them.
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MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
"It's not that they take gaming too seriously. What happens is that people bring their non-gaming related issues and use gaming as a venting tool. Ever wonder why we have so many one bubble posters who always leave angry/obnoxious comments? People on the Internet have plenty of personal issues that we will never know about."

You obviously have mixed personalities and various opinions all trying to mix with one another. The key is to try and be respectful with one another. Sometimes it can be hard and if that's the case it's probably best to not comment. You also have to consider the format, it's hard to read emotions and sometimes comments get taken out of context as well.

We should all be part of the same thought process and that is we all share a common theme and that is the enjoyment of gaming. One of the key problems is you start to section off those gamers into sub-communities, either purposely or by accident. Either way we should all be here because we enjoy gaming and related discussions. That is in a perfect world without the immaturity, the trolls and those looking to get a reaction. Not everything runs smoothly while playing with other people online and most certainly within forums. I'd love it for everyone to get along but that isn't going to happen.

GribbleGrunger wrote,
"There should be a five bubble minimum, regardless of those people who just get overly personal. When I had six bubbles -- like yourself -- I took far more time with my posts because I knew I could have a proper conversation, but with two, that's impossible. With one bubble you end up just making a single statement in the knowledge that there is no possible way you can reply to someone who may disagree."

I think the system could be improved as well but until that time we have to live within the rules set. I notice 6 people have me on ignore. That could be all my fault or it could be just a case those people don't think highly of my opinions. That's ok, I'm not here to please everyone and I certainly don't think I am better than anyone.

I was up to 5 bubbles and made a few distasteful comments and it cost me. So you try and adapt and think more before you comment and think of how others will take your comment. That's because we essentially police ourselves and the moderators have to make a decision based on what has been brought to their attention. It is much harder to earn bubbles than to lose them.

From the few comments I have seen from GribbleGrunger it is clear he is one who has taken a position and that is being much more likely to support Sony. With that also comes a downside, one many seem to have who are very pro-Sony supporters, and that is taking jabs at Microsoft. Nobody should have a problem with enjoying what Sony offers. I too enjoy my PS3 very much. The difference is I don't try and compensate my enjoyment of what Sony offers by being totally pessimistic when it comes to Microsoft. If I don't like what Microsoft is doing I certainly wouldn't go in Microsoft topics. So what ends up happening is you have people going into those articles with an attitude that may conflict with those who don't have an issue with Microsoft. Again it's all about respect. If you have a problem with someone then mark them and move on. Don't make it worse by sinking to their level.
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profgerbik  +   1111d ago
Thank you for writing.
Gamerita  +   1111d ago
i actually sold my vita + 16gb + 9 games & bought nexus 7 tablet. so happy i did so,the nexus is pure fun. :)
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G-cis   1111d ago | Trolling | show
G20WLY  +   1111d ago
How do you find the sticks on your tablet?

Perhaps you should add "commonsensegamer" to your friends list and chat with him over X-game chat as you play Wipeout online together, because he posts about his Nexus on every Vita article too...

What's that? You can't?! Oh well... ;P
Kingthrash360  +   1111d ago
Lmao! Too true about commonsensegamer , I've had a few pm arguments with that guy over this very subject! Lol wow.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1111d ago
@king. arguments? Please, post so all can see as it was more of a discussion around device capabilities and not an argument. Furthermore, it was 2 or 3 messages (from both of us) in the same thread 50 days ago.

Yet another generalisation. Already had G2 PM and admit he got it wrong with his claim.
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Haki1112  +   1111d ago
USB2GO Cable and a ps3/ps2 controller with adapter is how i "Found" the sticks on my tablet
Kingthrash360  +   1111d ago
Really? Lol
@ nonsense gamer first, the last I heard an argument is when two party's disagree about the same subject. And dude I'm not even going to spark it again... You've gotta be 12 years old. Hope your enjoying your nexus... I still don't understand why you think carrying around a tablet and a ps3 controller and a charger for both in your pocket ( not to mention having to carry a ps3 to charge your controller ) portable....which brings me to
@ Haki read what I said about what portable is... Plus if you hooking a wire to you tablet to control games, then your playing an out dated console ... Handhelds are EXACTLY that... A handheld. So are you some how holding the controller and your tab at the same time or putting the tab in your lap or table or buying something to prop the screen up?? Just to play an emulator of sf2 champion edition? Too much work to own tablet/ps3 hybrid gaming system. Whatever you like tho its your way and no judgment coming from me. I'm just saying life can be easier... And cheaper by playing a real handheld... They come with controls built in... Buttons and all.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1111d ago
Again, your opinion again is full of assumptions and you present them as though they are fact. I've never once said I carry a SIXAXIS around, thats something you said I did. I do however use a SIXAXIS to game when I'm at home, mostly with my PS3. But so what if I did carry one around, would that be the end of the world or most inconvenient thing to have to do. Sure beats the Vita's built in controls.

As for having to carry around a charger for my tablet, don't have to actually as I can get 8-10 hours of use between charges. As for being 12, well, how old does that make you for even making such an arrogant an uninformed assumption?

By all means enjoy your Vita, my son enjoys his but is disappointed over the fact to so few people seem to be using it for multiplayer. My other son equally enjoys his Nexus for many of the same reasons the blogger behind this article enjoys his Vita, that is, backward compatibility through emulators. Music services, etc.

As for being cheaper...yes, my Nexus plus the 15 games has ended up being cheaper. Actually, my 15 games cost less than 1 Vita game and no, they are not all angry birds (which is free on Android). They are games that would Probably be welcomed on the Vita (e.g. Modern Combat 3, mini-motors, Bards Tale, Dead Space, etc). Already owned the SIXAXIS so no extra cost there.

Finally, again read though our PMs, they are a discussion of two points of view. If you consider them an argument then, my turn for an assumption, you must be very difficult to talk to in person and end up shouting and personalising everything.
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TENTONGUN  +   1110d ago
tablets can be played at home or when you leave the house. but wouldnt a ps3 and vita be more reasonable? seriously both together cost about the same as a top of the line tablet, maybe a lil more expensive than one idk. i just see tablets as app toys tbh.
sdozzo  +   1111d ago
Tablet gaming is like smartphone gaming. Vita is way different.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1111d ago
And I sold my motorcycle to get a pick-up... Your point? Just 'cause I can use both to go somewhere doesn't mean one is better than the other... I'm transporting a lot more stuff but definetely not having as much fun.
Liamabob  +   1111d ago
I have a Vita and straight away I can't say that I would recommend it to anybody yet. People tend to be in the either/or mentality when it comes to handheld gaming now, so they are likely to either pick up a tablet or pick up a Vita. I honestly can't say "buy it for the games" even though the gameplay experience is far superior to a tablet or phone. The price of admission is just too damn high.

If it sold with at least some on-board memory, it would help in recommending it to people. But, as it stands, I feel that they should be warned that you can't use any memory cards that you already have, even the likes of M2 cards that the PSP Go used and you can't play ALL of your past PSP games.

Sure, it's getting better, but after buying one at launch with its staggeringly high price for console, memory and games, it's painful to watch the progress of the system pan out so slowly.

Also, I've had disagrees for this before, for some reason, but the minimum wallet funding of £5 (in the UK, at least) is the single biggest killer of impulse-buys that help handheld systems thrive. That needs to be scrapped. I've been pleasantly surprised to see a game make the transition from the iOS app store to the SEN, but then I don't want to top up £5 to buy the game when I could just pay ~69p straight from my bank account in the App Store. While that minimum top-up stands, I doubt that free-to-play games such as Jetpack Joyride, for example, will opt to release on the SEN. Those games tend to rely on microtransactions and the SEN just isn't set up for that.
Cam977  +   1111d ago
Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head! The £5 limit kills the Ps Store's cheaper items because I currently would like to buy Just Cause 1 again but it's under a fiver so I'll waste some of that cash. It really needs to go!

Uncharted 3 DLC is a fine example, less than £1, I'd be all over it if there wasn't a £5 minimum transfer.
#6.1 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Snookies12  +   1111d ago
Just put in 5 and keep the remainder in your wallet when other games come out you want... Is that such a huge deal? I'm sure you're not just going to get one thing EVER on the PS Store right?
#6.2 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Liamabob  +   1111d ago
No. I don't want to put £5 in my wallet. It should be my choice. Other app stores can do it, so why not Sony's? And that credit would be there for a long time. I rarely purchase DLC and prefer to get physical copies of my games. Honestly, I see no point in defending this blatant flaw of the Playstation Store.
rainslacker  +   1111d ago
I don't think I've ever recommended it to someone. However I do know 3 people that personally have used mine and all 3 brought a Vita within 4 months of that time. The hardware speaks for itself really, but I think the general masses probably have this perception that it is just a PSP2. I do know for the ones that played mine, I did let them know upfront about the memory cards, and 1 picked it up during the software drought over the summer so I warned him he'd be waiting a couple months for new stuff.

As far as games...well I have 20 physical games and a few DD ones, so I pretty much have at least one game someone would want to play.

I believe they removed the funding issue here in the US. It will just charge the actual amount of your purchase now. I still believe you can pre-fund the account however. Hopefully they fix that for you guys. It's understandable for cards you buy in the store, but pretty crappy for straight charges.
Liamabob  +   1110d ago
I agree that the hardware speaks for itself. I pre-ordered mine while I was playing the unit they had in advance at my local GAME. When I picked it up on release day, I didn't even wait to get home to tear it open. But when I was using it, menu and all, a few things that I didn't like started to make themselves known. I was amazed at how often you see the "Please Wait..." box while navigating around. It's inevitable that I'm going to compare to phones, given that it released in the era of smartphone dominance, so that particular issue had me wondering why a box, removing the option for any user-input, would pop up instead of installing things, for example, in the background like my iPhone does and has done for years. Even if it just had a small loading 'gear' like when you're refreshing a page on a phone but maintained the ability for users to do other tasks. It's the little niggles and less-than-perfect parts of the SEN that take the shine off it for me.

I'm likely never going to sell it on because;

A) I really do like the system, overall. I'm still amazed that I can now play a full-fat MGS game on the go.

B) I hate to see how much of a loss you make when selling one of these second-hand.
remanutd55  +   1111d ago
five reasons to buy psvita:
1. Games (i love LBP, Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed, Oddworld, Gravity Rush, Playstation All Stars, Uncharted, Wipeout, Ragnarok Odyssey)
2. Playstation Network( you have the whole psn in the palm of your hands but pshome)
3. 2 analog sticks
4. the Oled screen
5. Online Multiplayer gaming on the Go at the highest level ( playing Lbp, Sonic and Wipeout online is a total blast) sony really needs a Warhawk/MAG/ Starhawk kinda game on the vita ASAP.
Moncole  +   1111d ago
The Vita is not backwards compatibly because you can put older games n it to play them, you need to buy them again on PSN to play them. The Wii U is backwards compatibly because you can put Wii games in it to play them.
nintendoland  +   1111d ago
vita has no games so why not just buy psp...
G20WLY  +   1111d ago
Nice try, but you can play PSP games on Vita (and they look and PLAY better. Good luck playing Vita games on PSP lol

I could say 3DS has no games, so why not buy a DS, but that would be off topic and trolling - not to mention immature - and that's not my style...
Snookies12  +   1111d ago
The first half of your comment I agree 100%. Playing my PSP games on my Vita is SOOOO much better than it was on my PSP. Having two analogs, as well as some touchscreen buttons I can assign is wonderful. It's bigger, brighter, nicer to look at, and has fast load times.

The second part of your comment is a bit null for me though. I have a 3DS as well, and it's backwards compatible, so you might as well spring for that instead of just a DS. That way you can play games from both systems. Also, the 3DS definitely does have games. Quite a few fun ones actually.
nintendoland  +   1110d ago
"playing vita games on psp" but vita has no games
Y_5150  +   1111d ago
Kirby and Nintendoland? What the heck!

"No games" is considered to be well over 50. I did a really rough estimate but I can bet that the Vita doesn't no games at all. I have around 16 games for my Vita.

Your opinion is invalid.
etownone  +   1111d ago
I just got a Vita last week....

Is it worth it get PSN plus+..... I hear I get all these free games. I was thinking just, getting it for a month for the free games.
Anyone know how this works.

As far as recommending it.... I don't think I would at this time. Playing Uncharted now, good game. Looking forward to the 2nd wave of Vita games that should look and play a lot better.
tachy0n  +   1111d ago
bought mine since release, love it, a friend of mine bought it too, he loves it also, there is another 2 of my friends which are planning on getting one and all of them have a PS3 and PS+.....

GO GET PS+!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its worth it!
FunAndGun  +   1111d ago
If you buy Plus you will get 6 games to play on your Vita.

Uncharted: GA, Gravity Rush, and Wipeout 2048 are the big three that will stay in the Instant Game Collection for awhile and probably won't get rotated out anytime soon. One of the other 3 games will change out every couple weeks for a new title.

You get these games for the duration of your membership. Once you cancel your membership you can no longer access these games. If however you re-start your membership at any point you will then have access to these games again. ANY game that is once added to your download list will remain there forever so if in 6 months you wanted to get Plus again, you can go back and play these games again.

I have had Plus since day one and I find tremendous value in it, especially with a PS3/Vita combo. I have more games then I have time to play. I even had to buy a 1TB HD for my PS3 and a 32GB for my Vita because I have gotten so many games with my subscription.

If you are planing on getting Plus and you have a PS3, I would seriously consider just getting a year membership. 1 month would be like a tease. During a full membership year you will definitely get your $50 worth of gaming back. Plus JUST for the Vita however, might not satisfy you.
KongRudi  +   1111d ago
I've been a member since day one.

I shop spontaneuously every once in a while on PSN, so I'm pretty sure that the extra money spent for a PSN+ subscription I earn back on extra discounts.
If something goes 10, 20, 50 or 75% off for regular shoppers, it tends to be a step higher discount for PSN+ peeps here in EU, in addition to lower prices for many games wich isn't lower for non-members.

The 'free' games is just a bonus for me. :)
Usually stuff that I were on the fence about, but didn't get at launch, or decided to buy something else instead.
i.e. the last two month I got Batman - Arkham City for PS3, and Mortal Kombat for Vita.

I don't know if this strategy is beneficial for just a 30-day subscription tough.
Since then it's less likely that the games you want are discounted at the right time. :-/
rainslacker  +   1111d ago
It's probably worth it. Especially now that they have 2 big hitter games up there, U:GA and Gravity Rush. If you get PS+ you can even go ahead and snag the PS3 games even if you don't have a PS3 and use them in the future. Never know when you might find an incredible deal on a PS3.
poo342947294792  +   1111d ago
me hazum cheeseburger ?
chestnut1122  +   1111d ago
Buy The PS Vita Enough said., Patience is the key., Getting Impatient leads to Disappointments., Never gonna sell my Vita., One of the best handheld experience I ever had., Playing while googling and playing Music ")
#12 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tubers  +   1111d ago
"Buy The PS Vita Enough said., Patience is the key"

Oh the irony.
Belking  +   1111d ago
Then he says....

"Never gonna sell my Vita."
Gamerita  +   1111d ago
each to their own peeps,i said i was happy i bought the nexus 7 because TO ME its miles more fun than my Vita was. anything wrong with saying that ?? i'm using my nexus 7 everyday for gaming (love those castle defender games & shooters,racing,Puzzles,etc) & for watching video's & reading.when i had vita i hardly used the poor thing.

if you like your Vita then good for you. :)

oh actually i'm playing Ps1 & GBA games on my nexus 7 using emulators & Ps3 dualshock 3 controller. ;)
#13 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chestnut1122  +   1111d ago
Good for You ;) Still gaming Experience in Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's Handhelds and consoles is all about real games at it's finest., Well if you're contented playing minigames with Your Nexus goodluck.
tubers  +   1111d ago
Full fledged PS1 and GBA games; mini games? Ahaha!

Yup.. not real games.
GloriousBagel  +   1111d ago
@Tubers PS1 and GBA are full fledged games >:O. Mini games aren't. nuff said.
Y_5150  +   1111d ago
That's good! I had an Ipad but I replaced it with a Vita and Vita was a lot better for me! Tablets are awesome so I'm glad you are enjoying it. :)
Snookies12  +   1111d ago
"Playing PS1 and GBA games on my Nexus 7 using emulators with a PS3 Dualshock."

How is that not cumbersome.....?
ApolloAdams  +   1111d ago
I think a Nexus 7 is the better value. Now I didn't say gaming machine but if you are gonna spend 250+ it seems that the Nexus 7 is the choice to go with. Of course my personal opinion.
tubers  +   1111d ago
It is a better value of you're not part of the niche -more core -on the go gamer (that doesn't like Nintendo).

<--w/c is the smallest part of the market evidenced by market share.

For everybody else; the Nexus 7 is indeed a better value.

Controller support, expandable cheap storage via OTG, Better browser, HTML 5 video support and a more robust application store, emulators, etc.
Hicken  +   1111d ago
The Vita is a better value for gaming, actually.

... and that's what this is about, isn't it? The gaming? Gamers don't buy a tablet to be a primary portable gaming device because they know dedicated devices are better(well, most of them know). Non-gamers buy a tablet to do everything else first and gaming last.

Frankly, there's no comparing the Nexus to the 3DS when it comes to gaming, let alone the Vita. I mean, first of all, portability is sacrificed by needing an external controller for comparable controls. And emulators are nice, but none of those games will compare to the likes of Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, and others.

I find it funny how many of your comments are trolling, and yet people don't seem to notice. It's not like you're that clever with it. Could it be that people are just that daft?
contradictory  +   1111d ago
i actually ordered it yesterday
with 16GB memory card which was 50€
which sucks...
but nevermin... i got P4G so that oughta make things better
also i can download golden abyss because: PSN Plus.
Cam977  +   1111d ago
I agree with you on that point, the components required to play the Vita (memory stick) are fairly expensive. However, it is a brilliant console made even better if you fully use it's multitude of incredible features(PS+, backwards compatibility etc...).
#15.1 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
contradictory  +   1111d ago
haha, i plan on to do that.
Canary  +   1111d ago
The only reason I can think of: it's like a PSP, but better!
Gamerita  +   1111d ago
also the games on the nexus 7 are really brilliant i don't know where people get "mini" games from,i have lots of proper console games installed like virtua tennis,need for speed,street fighter,grand theft auto 3 & vice city,golf 3d,asphalt,sonic,fifa,pes,brok en sword,batman,spderman,max payne,..etc & they play just as good as they do on any other platform if not better due to bigger screen. most of the "mini" games which we get on android are FREE of charge & we get new ones almost everyday,games which you expect to pay money for to sony in order to play them on vita. :)
KongRudi  +   1111d ago
Virtua Tennis on the Vita is better than the console-versions, mainly due to much faster loadspeed everywhere, when loading matches and going to swap out your clothes and similar.
I'm a huge fan so I double dipped. :)
It's higher resolution on consoles, but the small screen on the Vita half a meter away from my head makes it look just as good as it does on my TV.

Also on Vita (and other Android devices with PSM) Sony do actually give away a weekly free mini-game, this week it's BeatsSlider I believe from Futurlab, last week it were Samurai Beatdown.
Toon_Link  +   1111d ago
The vita is well worth the purchase especially if you have ps+.
sherimae2413  +   1111d ago
hello guys this is my first time i post on this site...
im a gamer since i was 9 and now im 27 im still love video games.. eventhough im a girl ^_^ but i think its alright...

I finally got a Vita as a Present from my auntie in Italy
but she didnt buy any games for it but it has a 4gb memory card in it and a.... motorstorm rc voucher... which i cant use because i create a japan PSN account with it... i got Soul sacrifice demo, project diva f demo, tales of heats demo, YS celceta demo and assault gunners demo..

im planning to buy a game this coming month and i can only buy one game a month,im choosing between GRAVITY RUSH or ASSSSINS CREEED LIBEARTION, i love open world games or if there are much more enjoyable games than those 2 could you guys suggest me some games that youve played so far

tnx ^_^
Liamabob  +   1111d ago
Out of Assassin's Creed or Gravity Rush, I'd definitely choose Gravity Rush. Assassin's Creed is good, but not great. The frame rate distracts from what should be fluid motion when free-running. Gameplay doesn't flow quite as well as the console versions.

Some other games I enjoy are Rayman Origins, Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. If, like me, you've played a lot of WipEout HD on the PS3, you might find WipEout 2048 to be worthwhile as well. Doesn't quite compare to HD, in my opinion, but is still one of the best handheld racers.
Pillsbury1  +   1111d ago
I like gravity rush, it's different and used vitas unique features well.
rainslacker  +   1111d ago
I'd have to recommend gravity rush myself. Even if your a fan of AC, Liberation is just more of the same, although in a good way. Gravity Rush is an entirely new experience for a game and should not be passed up.

There aren't too many open world games at the moment. Others I'd recommend would be Rayman Orgins, and Persona 4 Golden, Disgaea 3.
dboyman  +   1110d ago
Plan to pick up Persona 4 soon. Hope Disgaea 3 becomes a PS+ free game :)
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1111d ago
1st point is tempting from not buying a Vita. There isn't a whole lot of games I'm interested but it will change this year hopefully.
Pillsbury1  +   1111d ago
People need to relax with the vita is not worth it rants. Vita is an amazing handheld but if you prefer tablet games then whatever floats YOUR boat. Stop with the handheld hate.
MonopolyRSV  +   1111d ago
The only way I'd consider buying a Vita is if there was one really good online game that REQUIRED you to have a PS3/PS4 AND a Vita. I wanna see what happens when the full power of both systems is combined. Sony needs at least one development team dedicated to exploring the technical possibilities.
-Gespenst-  +   1111d ago
Dahaha this guy's clueless on the games front. The real games you buy a Vita for are Virtue's Last Reward, Gravity Rush and Persona 4 Golden.

Also, you should buy one with a mind towards the eventual release of Final Fantasy Type-0 (I reckon it'll be a downloadable PSP game.), the unannounced Shin Megami Tensei game, the unannounced RPG from Level-5, Time Travelers, and maybe Soul Sacrifice.

Uncharted and AC: Liberation are those games that are touted as system sellers, but I don't think they really deserve it over the games I've mentioned.
#23 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   1110d ago
ok so im getting gravity rush ^__^
tnx for the suggestion guys btw how long is the game?
and can i free roam during missions?
QSPR  +   1110d ago
gravity rush.. what a awesome game, but it's free on ps+, if you gonna buy one with your money get AC:L don't get me wron I love gravity rush and whatever game you get it's ok.
Soldierone  +   1110d ago
Anyone that chants for the demise of a gaming product, no matter what it is, should quit calling themselves a gamer. period.

Vita is great tech, especially for gamers, no matter what console you prefer.
CalvinKlein  +   1110d ago
I got a vita the week it came out and its pretty sweet. Im playing ff9 on it now even though ive not ever been into turn based games. Ive liked it tho, not as much as ff7 but its the only other one ive actually liked of the ones Ive played.

For vita games I have rayman, unit 13, mortal kombat, Gravity Rush, Madden 13, AC: Liberation, Retro City Rampage, Ragnarok Odyssey, alien breed(mobile) and freegames/PSN+ games(jetpack joyride, motorstorm RC, Samurai beatdown , Jet set radio, mutant blobs, Uncharted, Wipeout 2048, FF tactics and Foosball 2012 LOL).

There are some good games that yo ucan get for cheap but one of its problems is that alot of games are overpriced. Especially if you compare to PS3, XBLA, or Steam. I hear lumines is good but I wont pay 40 for a puzzle games in this day and age. Same with dungeon hunter. Its a decent generic dungeon crawler while I wait for warriors lair to come out, but not worth 35$ when its 2$ n ios or 10 on ps3. There was also a sweet ridge racer demo for 25$.

I wish publishers would use their brain more when doing the pricing. NG is a good example of something Id buy day 1 if it was 20$. The game is 8 ears old, about to be 9. I had it on the first xbox where you could DL the master ninja tournamant(NG black extras) for free when it eventually came out and also had it on ps3 already. I just think theres some price gouging going on by publishers since there are not many games or sales of the vita and they can have a wide range of prices.

They could also add some of the better ps1 games instead of some of the crap they are putting on there. You can transfer some extra games from the ps3 but tons of good ones are not supported while some crap is. They recently added some great disney ps1 games to the vita store...

There are good games on vita but I hope to hear more announced soon but mainly more good developers making any game. Im glad sony have some good developers making games Id like to see more good 3rd parties making games not the D teams. I know gravity rush 2 will be announced soon and thats something to look forward to for me. Im gonna get killzone, soul sacrifice and warriors lair for sure already.

Cheaper memory cards would help too. I only have 8gb but would like to have more but not enough to buy one that is so overpriced so bad.
#26 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
smithsamuel   1110d ago | Spam
deadlydragon121  +   1110d ago
I personally don't see myself buying the PS Vita just yet; even with the benefits the article mentions. I'll probably get the next PlayStation console first and see how that interacts with the PS Vita - that should change my mind!
delboy  +   1110d ago
Still more reasons not to buy one, try again.
carlocgc  +   1110d ago
not to mention ad-hoc support with PSP so i can play Monster hunter and dissidia with gf on my good ol' PSP on the same account.

Steam + Playstation Plus FTW :D
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