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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Limited Edition for North America And New Gray Fox Trailer

Konami has finally revealed the final packaging for the North America's MGR Limited Edition, complete with steelbook, soundtrack and High Frequency Blade plasma lamp! GameStop preorder will also be included an artbook, Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) dlc along with the powerful Fox Blade for $149.99. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360)

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eferreira  +   888d ago
man 149 for the limited edition!!! I was hoping it was 99
Liquid_Ocelot  +   888d ago
Everyone seems to be pricing their LEs at $150, that's a 'tall' price that must be justified. Some LEs seem to be worth it(it all comes down to personal opinion of course) but damn, hopefully not all devs out there start thinking about getting a piece of the 'pie' as most do with todays constant in-disc DLC.

My two cents, of course.
Rhezin  +   888d ago
yeah the $150 price tag is REDICULOUS for these limited editions. They probably make SOOO much money on these things because people be chompin at the bit for BULLSHAT. :/
007Bond  +   888d ago
The demo for this game was so smooth I really enjoyed it. I only wish you can hold a P90 like Solidus did in MGS2 while slicing enemies.

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