IGN: Lost Planet PS3 Review

Colonizing planets has to be one of the hardest tasks for anyone in the future. Take, for example, the world in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Not only would a worker have to make their way out there, they'd have to deal with the incredibly harsh climates of the world. But that's the least of the colonists' problems. Indigenous aliens are vigorously fighting their advances, setting up a fierce struggle for survival. Initially released on the 360 last January and followed up on the PC, Lost Planet has come to chill on the PS3. However, if you're expecting a solid port over with new features, you'll be extremely disappointed.

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toughNAME3521d ago

Even though multiplatforms consistently look better on one platform, theres some understanding to with whats ported to what

But Lost Planet on PS3 had a year extra development.

Capcom get back to work

Condoleezza Rice3521d ago

I don't care about it now that its on the Ps3

TheSadTruth3521d ago

The Secretary of State's opinion matters a little more than your average Joe. Thanks for your input Mrs. Secretary.

Wicked Sick3521d ago

Another quality port brought to you by Capcom.


wil4hire3521d ago

Capcom didn't spend any time on this port. And it shows. i don't get why they bothered releasing it?

Or how does it pass Sony's "OH SO DIFFICULT" approval process.

Games like this make me sick:

Kane & Lynch
Assassins Creed

Because they take advantage of people who don't really know any better. The software should at least be as goodas the hardware quality wise. Especially when you are purchasing a title from Capcom.

When they try, you get DMC4.
When they dont, You get Lost Planet.

I hope no one buys.

pharmd3521d ago

yeah, i was not impressed with the demo, but never played in on xbox, although i hear it was not fun at all... however i dont see what the problem with AC was, i think regardless of console, either you liked it or not, i did not think it was bad on ps3...imho

darkseid13521d ago

How shameful, another jacked up PS3 port. No way in hell I'm shellin' out $40 for this piece of garbage, CAPCOM can shove this one up their rear end.

Hydrollex3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

that their game that is ported to PS3 look better !

LOL I love 360 fans. They are the reason why I always laugh

jackdoe3521d ago

Those horrendous press screenshots that came with the announcement of the port were enough to make me peg this game as half-assed.

darkshiz3521d ago

Your not the only one that seen this from day one.
From the moment I heard we're getting a port from a 1 year old game I knew this game was going to be garbage.

Even Capcom said that this game will make PS3 gamers happy.
I doubted that and I got flame.

Looked what happened now.

Crappy port.

Ri0tSquad3521d ago

Don't know why Capcom even bothered.

The XBOT3521d ago

This review answers the question.

"If you're looking to play this game, you might be better served on one of the other systems than the PS3 version"

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3521d ago
ELite_Ghost3521d ago

definitly not getting this

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