Warren Spector's new game is... well, it's a secret

What's Warren Spector's secret new project? That was the question GamePro editor Sid Shuman wanted to find out. Read on for GamePro's full interview with Warren Spector, creator of legendary games like System Shock and Deus Ex.

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MK_Red3945d ago

You have no idea about who is, do you?
This man made Deus Ex, named THE number one best PC game of all time and considered to be among top 10 best video games ever. This secret game is his dream project, much like BioShock was Ken Levine's.

MK_Red3945d ago

Dammit, I can't wait to see this game. Ken Levine's dream project was BioShock and we all know how awesome and great it was. Specter is the Deus Ex man and his dream project could be THE best game of all time.

Skerj3944d ago

I really want to know, I hope Eidos does what he wants and gives him creative input on Deus Ex 3. We saw what happened when the team didn't listen to him in Invisible War. But if he's given full creative control over his own dream game? Freaking awesomeness will be had by all.

kwicksandz3944d ago

i think my avatar sums up my emotions nicely