Opinion: What to Expect in GTA V Multiplayer

GTA 5 Cheats takes a look at what we might see in the various multiplayer modes of GTA V.

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Wuket1664d ago

What about co-op... will that be in GTA V?

Y_51501664d ago

Yeah similar to how GTA: SA was but with online capabilities.

FlyingFoxy1663d ago

GTA: SA has online on the PC version, you just download the multiplayer mod and can play on 100+ player servers. Even though it's a mod it's a lot better than what R* did with GTA IV and is actually a lot of fun.

There's still 1000's of people who play it today.

Y_51501663d ago

@FlyingFoxy I know SA had online multiplayer on PC. But you went off topic, I was talking about San Andreas co-op.

Tonester9251663d ago

NO. Rockstar already said they won't have it

Whitey2k1663d ago

What about gang warz? include that!!where u all join 4 pacific gangs and fight it out for areas n places :-)

FarCryLover1821663d ago

I hope there is 64 player on console like rumored and I hope they have all mini-games included in free roam. Basketball, bicycle races, etc.

stage881663d ago

Is the 360 even capable of that? I'm not trolling but I've never seen more that 16 on the xbox.

FarCryLover1821663d ago

I really am not sure, but with some clever programming it might be possible? Maybe?? hopefully.

FlyingFoxy1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I doubt console can, but PC would easily handle it. I've seen San Andreas servers with 100-150 players per server, even though the game has dated fast it's a lot of fun.

stage881663d ago

Ps3 would have no problem either. For example, Resistance 2, MAG, Dust 514 etc.

Tonester9251663d ago

All we know now is that GTA 5 will have gangs like in Max Payne 3

ApolloTheBoss1663d ago

No doubt it's gonna be way better than Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. And was that multiplayer was super fun.

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